In the mind is nai and funny.

It’s a miracle that a man who can control the life and death of several people has no choice but to take a little woman.
At this time, the sun outside the window was strong, and a little more crowded in, and it fell squarely on the man’s lip radian, which just set off his handsome appearance more perfectly.
It is also such a perfect man who repeatedly proposed in disguise and was rejected by a little woman again and again. Can he feel better?
Hard, huh?
Breathe heavily and pick your eyebrows lightly
He looked at her and couldn’t wait to bite her directly and eat it in his stomach!
"The second uncle has recovered his soul?" Bao Qi waved his hand in front of his eyes, hooked his lips and looked at him. There were waves in his eyes, and slowly he burst into laughter. His head was soft and soft, and he leaned against his shoulder and pouted his pink lips.
"You haven’t kissed me for a long time. I want you to kiss me …"
This requires …
The man twisted his eyebrows and slipped his throat but didn’t move.
Bite bite lips Bao Qi held his head high and leaned forward to kiss him mainly.
Little girl! Cold owl’s cold eyes are slightly narrowed
He meant to cool her down for a while and then settle accounts after she came back from training. I don’t know that this woman can’t stand being cool. If he doesn’t provoke her, she will also provoke her …
The smell of cigarette smoke permeates the air, and when two people touch each other’s four lips, it spreads incredibly quickly in the entanglement of lips and teeth.
The warm smell of love lingers in each other’s lips-
When it seems to stop, I don’t know how long it took …
Breathing softly, Bao Qi bit a piece of cold hard lip against the man’s lip and murmured, "Don’t be angry, Uncle, huh? You know! I can’t do it. "
The man’s Adam’s apple is slipping, and it’s stuck and stuck.
After all, the big hand fell on her, Barto got up and pecked at him coldly.
"heartless dog!"
Staring at his cold face, Bao Qi’s eyes seem to have crossed the lines of time, and his mind has been turned around. He has found the mind of the little girl who loves her second uncle many years ago. She licked her lips and pasted them in a unique way, gently stroking his lips slightly, narrowing her eyes and being clever, like a spoiled kitten holding his neck with one paw and scratching his chest with one paw.
"SEC. Uncle … kiss me …"
"You little bastard!"
The man’s iron palm suddenly held down the back of her head and quickly mastered the kiss, actively pressing her whole person into his arms and sucking her sweet lips over and over again.
He likes kissing her, and he never kisses her enough!
"SEC. Uncle …" Whispering lips treasure and pure hands tightly around his neck, panting to the body against the past …
A kiss spread in the car again …
It’s really a small enemy.
I want to do something more in my heart, but I have to stop because of her quiz
Leng Xiao, who raised his eyes and ignored the sparks inside, decided that when she finished the quiz, she must be severely cleaned up. She was cruel once, but he didn’t know that it was his greed, but it was not just her enchanting when she was touching herself.
More want to lock this woman for a long time.
"Is that enough?"
"Well …" Long sound treasure and pure strange red in the face.
"I know that the diaphragm should be old!" Cold owl bitterly scold a son.
Bao Qi didn’t know whether he had lost his breath or not, but a second later, the car launched a powerful explosive force, and the car rushed to the national highway not far away.
Wind the man’s outline, cold and hard, Yan Bao and Qi laughed internally.
It’s okay to scold her, right? Prove that he has figured it out again, right?
But she knows that this man is really a patient advocate, and he has decided that few people can change things.
According to his unconventional personality, he still has the patience to get her some special marriage notes. I’m afraid that one day after his reason is wiped out, will he directly drag her to the civil affairs bureau or throw a marriage certificate in her face? !
Civil affairs bureau aunts should not ask them?
Does she think too much …
Section 36
When Lengxiao suddenly stepped on the brakes, Baoqi held her forehead and came to her senses in regret.
Looking at the present situation, she really doubted that she owed the Duke of Zhou money. She slept all the way and hardly woke up. Now the car has entered the downtown area of Kyoto.
Look around again …
There was a big gray sports car parked next to Lengxiao’s parking place. Just as she was looking around, a big, tall man came to the cab of the sports car, dressed in a green military uniform. It was handsome and good material to be tall and straight like a man.
However, a proper military cap didn’t cover him. It’s a bald fact.
The bald man is quite handsome. Who else can there be in this capital except Fan Daguan?
The gorgeous treasure can’t understand the situation!
Approached and knocked on the window. Fan Daguan sounded a little weird and hoarse today. "Do you want me to come to the car and you two sit in the back to love each other?"
"No," Lengxiao replied faintly. Looking at Fan Tie next to her, she didn’t turn her eyes and get dementia. Little women have nothing to be angry about.
Of course, he didn’t know that Bao Qi wasn’t making a fool of himself, but was thinking about what was the intention of Fan Daguan when he abandoned his car halfway. Or is she more concerned that she is going to be threatened by men?
It’s not another brutal training, is it?
Damn it!
Seeing that the atmosphere of the two people was not right, Fan Tie smiled and soon got a handsome elbow in the back seat. He teased and teased him, "Well, what a good leader to be a driver!"
"Poverty!" Cold owl should be equivalent to not responding.
Bao Qi touched Ba’s eyes slightly narrowed to guess what they were going to do. He put his knee up against the front of the car and kept glancing at the cold-faced man next to him out of the corner of his eye for a long time or asked.
"Uncle, where are we going?"
Continue to start the car with a straight face. The cold owl said simply, "Look after the children."
Babysitting? Look at the light rain?
On receiving this message, Bao Qi’s cells are all excited!
Being able to see the little girl the day before her quiz is a driving force for her to take the quiz. !