His eyes are full of Wang Fengyu’s consideration of Wang Fengyu, and there is no reason not to agree.

After marriage, herding Yunyang really didn’t interfere with Wang Fengyu’s raising men in the princess house, which can meet the conditions of herding Yunyang and Wang Fengyu. There are few men.
"Misconduct can’t into the house …"
"No appearance can’t into the house …"
"It’s the most important thing that you can’t enter the government if you are not big!" Wang Fengyu added a way
Pasturing Yunyang "… plus people voluntarily"
There are few men who can meet the requirements.
Wang Fengyu can’t help but feel lost. "Why is it so difficult? Why are there so many men in Sister Lanxiang’s house? "
"Because Lanxiang infanta doesn’t choose, but also because many of those men are in charge of intelligence, unlike our princess’s house, there is nothing to do." Pastoral Yunyang said.
How many men have been screened out just by the size? Wang Fengyu is not a man. I don’t know this. How can a man who grazes Yunyang not know?
"Oh, am I going to find a job, too?" Wang Fengyu couldn’t help but fail, but if you think about it, the strongest men of her mother emperor all have their own achievements, that is, she is the one who has won her sister’s favor and her brother-in-law is also very busy. Men not only have faces.
And what about her? Have a good reputation without a proper position.
Wang Fengyu realized that if a woman wants to look good and be honest, a man must also become stronger, otherwise, what makes those men who have something to look at?
Do you want a lot of mediocre men? Or a small number of Junjie? Wang Fengyu pondered and corrected Yunyang for a night, and finally gritted his teeth and decided to take the less but better route.
After all, looking for those mediocre men to suffer, but she
In this way, no one can think of leaving many achievements in history. The original purpose of Feng Wang was only to favor more men.
In the end, of course, Wang Fengyu got his wish and attracted a lot of Junjie’s attention. Although the size of men is large, the proportion is small, and other conditions are added to screen out a large number, even so, people still have it.
But after the initial goal was achieved, Wang Fengyu was not as happy as he thought, not because he didn’t like beauty, but because he had the heart.
During the day, she had to be busy with her office to help Huang Jie sleep in the early hours of the night. At this moment, Wang Fengyu finally realized the benefits of monogamy.
But let her give up the men she already has, and she can’t bear to be so involved.
Pasturing Yunyang often helps Wang Fengyu press his waist and looks at Wang Fengyu. He always feels that Wang Fengyu’s road has gone wrong.
What did Wang Fengyu want to look good at when he was eating, drinking, and having fun?
Now Wang Fengyu has to deal with men at work during the day and at night. How long has it been since she had a good time eating, drinking and having fun?
Wang Fengyu’s smile faded away when listening to Mu Yunyang’s words. She suddenly remembered that she once threw herself into Mu Yunyang’s arms with remorse. "You might as well not tell me. Now I can’t stop."
Even if she remembered the real intention, she couldn’t go back. Her sister gave it to her, and it had been piled up in, and Wang Fengyu didn’t want to let it go after running errands in these years.
However, what is lost must be gained. Her other wish was achieved, and I don’t know whether it is lucky or unfortunate.
"It’s hard for the temple to run errands, so let Yunyang help the temple to relax." According to their grazing Yunyang, Wang Fengyu exhaled hot air in his neck.
Wang Fengyu finally realized that if other men are wolves, then Mu Yunyang is the wolf king.
[End! 】
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It is in
"Discipline cute little sweet cat/person: Jian Lingyou"
"Status: Finished"
"Kitten ~ I want to eat sweet ~" Mo Jingfeng stared at her with watery lips, which means deceiving the past. "If you like sweet, you won’t buy sugar! Get out of here! " Collateral small research hands and feet and out of danger "I have a captive can carry"
Chapter start
Chaper1 I have never been a good person.
This is a palace belonging to Mohist school. The expensive marble walls are carved with fine pattern columns to support this large room. The glazed windows are ringing in the wind, and there are many lush plants on the way, and the decorations beside them are also full of luxury.
Today is the 16th birthday of Mo Jingchen, the second young master of IS group. pary, many families are bringing their children and daughters to attend this event. pary has a good wish to be in-laws with Mohism.
At this time, several soft footsteps on the third floor of the palace sounded rhythmically in the silent corridor, listening to’ creaking’. A thick and gorgeous door was opened one by one.
"Not to say that master MoJing sealing came back today to attend MoEr less birthday? Why not? "
"I heard that Shaoshao is not only handsome but also talented. The IS group has identified the heir. This is a rich man."
"The ceremony will be held in an hour, and I want to take the lead and see less."
"Shit, it’s not that it’s been hooked by some seductive moth, is it?"
"Oh, it is possible! The Mohist school is not small but so excellent this time. There must be many people who want to seduce the younger one. We must be careful! "
"Yes, let’s go and find it. We must not let others get the lead."
The two women who secretly left it on the third floor of the main house from the banquet scene quickly left for other places to look for the ink seal after looking around the fruit. However, they never dreamed that they had been talking about Mohism in the closet of their room.
"Kitten, you said that they knew that you, a seductive moth, would come here and strangle you." When a sound like running water came out of the closet, there was a little more teasing in the low sexy voice, which made people feel weak.
"Hook up your sister, you imprisoned me." First, there was a violent roar, then the wardrobe was creaked and finally knocked open by two people pushing and shoving in it.
"I’m sorry I don’t have a sister, but I have a younger brother." Mojingfeng stretched out his hand and surrounded the little wildcat trying to escape, provoked her delicate, slender pupils and locked her amber eyes, which made people feel that he was a gentle and clear person who spoke with an evil spirit that people could not ignore. "How do you want to seduce two young masters of Mohism?"
"I … I’m really blind to think you’re a good man." The girl who was involved bared her teeth was somewhat wild cats.
"Ha ha, I never said I was a good man." Mojing Seal gently lifted the winding small grind delicate face, and the evil spirit smile in amber eyes bowed their heads and slowly approached each other until the two people’s lips were printed together.
Chaper, I shouldn’t have bad eyes
"Well … what are you doing … well …" Being attacked suddenly, Xiao Yanli wanted to push him away. He usually felt that he had great strength. At this moment, Xiao Yanli seemed to be drawn out, and his strength could not escape from the ink scene.
"What for?" I feel that my arms are weak and cuddled up in my arms. Mojing sealed this kiss. Looking at the winding face, a faint glow emerged. He couldn’t help but peck at something. "Of course I’m eating sugar. Well, it’s very sweet." At the end, I posted it with a glossy lip.
Red through the face winding small research force stepped on the ink scene seal one foot nu way "if you want to eat sugar, you won’t buy a can. What’s the good kiss if you always kiss?" !”
"The taste is not a word to express." Mojing Feng doesn’t care about being trampled by her. After all, he has changed a lot of shoes these days and doesn’t care about this pair.
He said that he reached out and wanted to have a look at this posture once. The tone immediately changed and swallowed. He said wryly, "Mo Mo Jing sealed your brother’s birthday party and the horse started. You, your brother, are you late?"
Smell speech ink scene closed to move "also to the scene Chen that small long time no see" said is to take out from the closet to change clothes in front of the fitting mirror is changed.
Seeing the wolf’s paw released is also a relaxation in Xiaoyan’s heart. Looking at the ink scene sealed in front of the fitting mirror, I began to move a small step and prepare to sneak out secretly and quietly.
"Kitten for this" is obviously changing clothes. Mojingfeng still pays attention to the situation here. Seeing that she is constantly moving, the corners of her mouth can’t help but evoke a three-point arc. She took a set of prepared dresses from the closet and threw them to her.