"If you say such a thing, you may anger other believers … Even so, we are satisfied with this life now, aren’t we, Irina?"

Genova smiled and looked at Irina. At this moment, she was obsessed with dissipating Irina and Elsa together.
"I don’t want to admit it, but it is. Let’s give sacred punishment to the infatuation with depraved life, Lord Michael!"
Leah looked pious and contrite, but Michael shook his head gently.
"Let’s bear this sin. I can rest assured that I can hear you say so."
At this time, Elsa finally raised his head to face Michael with tears of joy.
"Lord Michael, I feel very happy now because I have many important people and I feel very honored to be able to talk to Lord Michael for a long time!"
"I’m very sorry. I sincerely thank you for being more tolerant of prayer habits. If you can’t change it for a while, you will have a headache and the problem will be solved very well. I will eliminate the three of you from the system and you will live happily with the devil in your new identity."
Michael said with a smile, so that things were solved for Genova, Irina and Elsa, and the hearts of the three girls were finally released.
"Then all the things that need to be solved are solved. Let’s talk about this soldier’s things." Azazeru said and narrowed his eyes slightly and immediately stared at Ye Yu with malicious intent.
"I’m really curious. Can you tell me the name in your hand?"
"Azazeru, what do you want to do?"
Listen to Azazeru’s words, Sussex has some dissatisfaction, frowning slightly and protecting Ye Yu’s posture.
"Ah, ah, ah, don’t be so nervous. It’s curious. You know my interest is collecting artifacts. It’s normal for me to be so curious when I look at such a powerful unknown artifact in front of me."
Azazeru so naturally said Ye Yu’s so-called sample is just a name, even if let him know it’s nothing, anyway, Frostmourne is not the weapon of this world.
"The name is Frostmourne."
Ye Yu said casually with a face of Asa Shel, but bowed his head and fell into thinking.
"Well, have you never heard the name in the killer? Is it a lost killer?"
"Then I don’t know. My understanding of this weapon is only such a name."
Ye Yu said that after that, he was lazy and leaned back in the chair. He didn’t get the answer he wanted. Asacher shrugged his shoulders.
Everything that should be said has been said. Seeing that this meeting is about to be a complete moment, suddenly there is a huge explosion outside.
"What happened? !” Everyone in the meeting room was shocked that there would be an explosion on such an important occasion? Generally speaking, this kind of thing can’t happen at all, right?
"It seems that something unexpected has happened!" Asacher was the first to go to the window and observe the situation outside.
"Ha ha this is really unexpected. We seem to be surrounded …"
At the same time, Sussex and Michael got up from their seats. The situation outside the window really looks like what Asahel said. Everyone here is surrounded by more guys wearing black robes.
"It’s interesting that someone attacked while talking with the leaders of the three clans. What on earth gave them such courage?"
Azazeru gently spoke with an interested look.
Just after Azazeru’s voice fell, the explosion rang more violently, and the dazzling flash flashed across the whole school building in front of the glass, shaking violently.
"It’s true that no matter in what era, there will be some guys who don’t know where to get in the way."
Michael looked at the magicians who were suspended in the school court to attack the magic bombs and wondered which side they would be.
Chapter 75 Disaster Group
"These people should be wizards, right?"
"That’s right. The group of magicians said that the magician’ Merlin Ambrose’ analyzed the demon magic body alone and formed something similar to magic … From the released magic power, everyone has an intermediate demon level."
Azazeru, a face of fear, explained that everyone present in this respect, even the Lord Archangel, could not compare with this idle study of the governor all day.
"So it’s a terrorist attack?" Although it’s incredible, the word’ terrorist attack’ didn’t come to everyone’s mind.
"Well, sort of, but those guys’ attacks are the law, which hurts this school building, because Saskatchewan and Michael and I have already launched a stronger defense industry. I think the world can break the three of us, and there will never be more than one hand."
This is better than self-confidence. Of course, no one in the audience will doubt that the strongest demon king in the underworld, Lucifer, the strongest angel in heaven, Michael and the degenerate angel governor Azazeru have teamed up with the defense industry to call it "absolute defense"
"It’s really annoying to cut it at a time like this …" As he spoke, the degenerate angel governor frowned impatiently and casually opened the window with an overwhelming horror light gun, which almost instantly killed those annoying wizards.
But it wasn’t long before a large number of wizards appeared in the world.
"Is it endless?" What’s wrong? At the same time, I’m shy to kill again, but the situation is still the same. Magicians seem to be exhausted. How many times they are destroyed, a new batch will flood the whole school.
"It seems that this is not a simple terrorist attack." Watching the situation from the side, Sazex made a serious analysis.
"It’s not easy to kill the other leader of the three-party standby force!"
"And it is also clear that we can’t remove the boundary, otherwise the towns outside will instantly turn into ruins." It is worthy that every leader of all parties can make analysis and judgment at the fastest time.
"Oh, what a surprise! There will be traitors here."
"Betrayer?" Except for a few people, some other family members don’t have that analytical ability, so even if they are shy, they look at each other and are shocked to say so
"Isn’t it? On how many times those guys can keep coming in, if there is no connection to the outside and the Rubik’s Cube guy is here, how can these miscellaneous fish get in? "