"How did it hurt like this?"

"I never thought that after being bitten by my poisonous centipede, he could resist and was not affected by the centipede venom at all."
You Yan Qi Mu picked his eyebrows. "Poisoned, it won’t run long, but where did you catch him?"
"I was surprised to be in a dark prison in the queen’s bedroom."
Yuheng shook his head. "They have not wavered. After all, for them, Ruoshui has painful memories, and many of them were not here when they were young. Many people were bought by Ruoshui when they were eleven or twelve years old, and they also cherish their anxious memories."
Even people who nod their heads are actually normal people after they are born. They have experienced problems. The palace has been rich and luxurious for a long time, and because they can be said to be the heroes of the past, they are worried that they will expose the secrets of the past. Even people who let Shelley and Yang arrange maids are very trustworthy.
"Then what hasn’t caught Ruoshui?"
"It’s the handmaiden who can. The two of us didn’t stop him, and it seems that he has a maid-in-waiting to meet out of Fengqi Palace. Even the guards didn’t notice it, and then there was no trace. The terrain in this palace is complex, and he must have a response."
You Yan Qimu looked at Yuheng and asked a sentence that should never be asked. "It shouldn’t be you. I’m a few pounds and two pounds in this wetland. In fact, I still know that even Frost is a worm master. It’s just a solo effort, but you’re not there."
Yuheng heard the meaning of Ruyan Qimu, but didn’t say much. Anyway, if you argue, believe it or not.
Even pulled a Ru Yan Qimu sleeve "didn’t those snake ladies give it to Yuheng?" If Yuheng is as fine as you say, then those snake ladies are even ready to control the harem with this water now. "
"It’s just talk. I just think how could I have trained such a loser? This time, I can’t let Ruoshui leave or I’m always harassed by flies like him. It’s really annoying!"
Even Jia Jian feels the same way. If the water was provocative at that time, it was actually a kind of nature. In fact, if you were too concerned about even Iraqis, you would not dare to start work. If the water was bound to make a condition, what would happen in this period would be calculated by the root method. Today, if the snake ladies chose rebellion, even the palace would be bleeding.
The guards searched almost the whole palace, but they couldn’t find Ruoshui. After all, the guards are limited in manpower, but the palace is full of complex terrain, so it’s hard to find anyone anyway.
After two hours of searching, even if the palace is blocked, it doesn’t mean that you can find it unless you find someone to help!
Even after a little discussion with Ru Yan Qimu, it’s very simple now, and one person may know.
"Yuheng, you should make sure that those snake ladies are thinking again. If they are really willing, they are willing to abandon the dark cast and ask if they know who is like them. After all, there are always people in these snake ladies, right? They are all independent."
Yu Heng said and went, but in order to prevent the more dangerous the place is, the more secure it is. Qi Mu asked Yaoguang to accompany her personally.
Yuheng and Yaoguang went to the dungeon, and the key was still in the first cell by the stairs.
"I’m very satisfied with your performance, and you are bound to prosper in the future, but now the sage needs you to do one thing." Shake the light, and this squeaky voice makes Yuheng feel a little queasy, but it can put on a serious look.
The snake lady replied that it was neat and tidy. Yu Heng saw the key thrown on the ground. "If you agree, you can knock on the door. Please remember one sentence. Sometimes it is fatal to follow the wrong person."
The snake ladies actually formed a row at the cloister in front of the cell without any hesitation.
"Sage needs you to tell sage that besides the people who are here now, you also know that there is a snake lady in this palace, and all the people have reported it!"
The snake lady who answered the key before said, "Shang Gong Bureau SiDeng Han Yuan Yanxi Palace ZhangYuan Zhao Fen and Shi Fang Tian Nv Shi Shanqi …"
Shake the light while recording, nodding and remembering almost more than 30 names, and then suddenly quiet. Shake the light and wait for a while and say, "This is your greatest achievement, even if there are clues or if you are bought, you’d better say it."
When screening here, even Jianji and Ruyan Qimu came to Princess Purple Smoke Palace, where there was no one, and there was a strange feeling everywhere.
"Why do I feel that we are no longer looking for it?"
"What do you think we should do with this princess Purple Smoke?"
"If we don’t dispose of it, let’s put it aside. Maybe we can see that Princess Purple Smoke is a hostage."
You Yan Qimu snorted coldly. "Maybe she thinks we will believe that she is surrounded by koo and searched closely here!"
Princess Ziyan is really at a loss now. When the maid-in-waiting came in with Ruoshui just now, she was a little confused. She didn’t know if Ruoshui was there, and she didn’t know what rock snake was in a mess. She didn’t know who she begged for help, but it was always a fire.
She wanted to sneak out of the palace to tell the guard, but if the water threatened the maid-in-waiting, she advised herself to hold back. If she said it, it would be tantamount to admitting that she was crooked and a man was in her own palace … This is all unclear.
When she was hesitating, she heard the outer armor and the sound of the wood.
"If Brother Shui has had enough fun, come out and give up. Maybe I will give you the antidote to poisonous insects!"
An Yan’s heart jerked up, but she suddenly reacted. She will make amends now. In which maid-in-waiting is very wary of whether there will be a master who breaks the window and enters, An Yan crept to the door and then went straight to the door.
The imperial guard rushed in from the door, and if the water insect poison was found in the root, the maid-in-waiting who had been guarding him was killed on the spot, and if the water was not accidentally captured.
Chapter 644 Crazy Hailing
All three people were caught so easily, and there was nothing redundant this time, or they felt something bad, like it was really over.
Even if you don’t care about the final outcome of Ruoshui and Moling, if you don’t give up like this, you will definitely want to struggle in the end. If you are good at talking, you are likely to pose as if you are dying, and then take the opportunity to provoke you.
"Empress Wang said that Princess Hailing needed to be dealt with as soon as possible. It seems that someone told the story about Princess Hailing. The envoy of the sea country came to the palace this morning. There are still words to be questioned. Let him go back first."
"Yes, but I’ve already figured out what to do with it before. Go to the palace and find a tattoo artist."
"Shelley, you’re going to prepare a pen and paper, and you’re going to directly judge this princess hall in Fengqi Palace. You’re responsible for recording what she said verbatim. I’d like to see what this princess hall has done."
Hailing was still indifferent when she was brought to Lianjia.
"Well, Princess Hailing is not a prisoner. There is no need to tie her up and give her a seat."
Before the Qing Dynasty, hidden weapons directly broke the rope of Hailing and moved one side of the plush chair.
Even looking at her, "I can see that Princess Hailing seems to care nothing about Moling’s life and death."
Hailing doesn’t want to talk to her, and she even feels that the Princess Hall is 100% unwilling to chat with her now. It’s not good to say, "What’s the secret of Yucheng? What happened after that? You disappeared inexplicably."
"Didn’t I explain it to you before?"
"That’s all lies. What kind of lies have been attacked have long been broken."
"Then what can’t you guess directly?"
Even looking at Hailing, "Moling and Yucheng are all women, but in fact, I have always been curious about how snake women can keep coming, but after Yucheng, I think I understand that some of them are Yucheng women."
"Hum know so much and what? It is true that I have been following Mo Ling since I met him in Yucheng. "
"Because he has a similar hobby to you, or because he can understand why you like to do this kind of thing?"
Hailing looked at Lianjian with a bit of irony. "Wrong, he can give me the material, and it is true that he and I like it relatively well, but there are not many people like us, but there are so many materials to have him."
"There may be a lot of materials that can tolerate your temper, but there are very few. In fact, I am curious about how you are the only princess in the country."
Hailing looked at her with a snort. "Do you want to know? It’s very simple. I’m the only living princess in the sea country. Everyone should obey me. I just don’t like people like you. I just don’t care much about people but I’m surrounded by people! "
"Now that you mention it, it really occurred to me that there was a person named Hemmer before you. It seems to be you and the seagull sister. That’s what she is … child?"
"Not only her, but also those people around her are things I like. Why do they crowd me out when they are different from them?" Hailing talked about her great achievements. Who did she hurt in Haiguo and why?