Then a minister took the initiative to say, "Why did Lord Yuan come now?"

Chiyuan couldn’t help but feel slightly embarrassed. Can he say that he is sleeping?
If it’s not too humiliating to say so.
The excuse replied, "Wang guessed that this kind of thing would be crowded with people as soon as it happened. It is better to wait until you are tired of being crowded and Wang will appear again."
Smell speech some people can’t help but smile, some people feel that Chiyuan is too competitive, and some people feel that Chiyuan is satirizing them.
"Then don’t talk about it, Lord Yuan. Try to see if you can walk?" Someone asked
Chiyuan can’t help but look at the side wave Jingjing obviously not white what do you mean?
Bo Jingjing immediately replied, "Here, the emperor went in first, then the toffee and the prince, then the general Tiefan and the general’s wife went in one after another, and these people are outside, so they are asking you to try and see the dragon and the phoenix."
After Bo Jingjing explained Chiyuan immediately knew what it meant.
And everyone is watching him here. If he doesn’t leave, it may make people think he has no confidence.
And, of course, in front of your lover, you have to join in the fun to prove that you actually have some culvert.
"Well, then the king will go for a walk." After that, Chi Yuan turned towards the enchantment and left.
Seeing that there were other people, they immediately got together and took money to bet that "I can’t get in with Yuan Wang Ye."
Another group of people said, "That’s not necessarily. Haven’t you thought about it? If the emperor can go to Wang Ye, if he can go to Yuan Ye, it is also forbidden for royalty and relatives. "
Such a thought makes some people feel very reasonable.
So he nodded frequently and said, "Then you can get in with Yuan Wang Ye."
671 Chapter 671 Try it.
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Chi Yuan also heard that they regarded whether he could get in or not as a matter of betting and gambling, and felt that his mouth was pumping, and at the same time he felt that he was still recognized by others.
So he lifted his head back and held his head high, and walked directly forward than he was confident.
He looked at all the people staring at Chi Yuan unblinkingly.
This is the first time that Chiyuan has received the attention of all people.
But I never thought that an earth-shattering scream like killing a pig suddenly sounded "Ah!"
Chi Yuan’s bellow proves that he has no fate!
See chi yuan look like someone can’t help but snow a smile.
Bo Jingjing immediately worried that the sound of knocking down the wall just before Chi Yuan was so clear that it must be very painful.
"Yuan, are you all right?" Wave jingjing worry before asked
Chi Yuan slowly loosened his nose and found himself bleeding.
Hou Chiyuan was very sissy and shouted, "Blood is bleeding!"
It’s really good for everyone to behave again, Empress!
On the side Xiao Tian looked at could not help secretly shook his head.
At the same time, I also feel that I am the same grandfather and grandchildren. Why are they so different from each other?
But Xiao Tian also remembers that Chiyuan was worried about Yunzui after Yunzui disappeared and sent someone to look for it. He should be friendly to Chiyuan.
Bo Jingjing immediately took out her handkerchief and said, "O Yuan’s handkerchief covers her nose."
So Chi Yuan withdrew to one side to wipe the nosebleed.
I can’t help but want to put my eyes in front of my money. What a vision! I can’t believe I feel Chiyuan can go in! It really blew my eyes and my heart.
Chiyuan is disappointing, contemptuous and happy to receive money.
It can be said that he really has feelings, but it is just entertaining.
"Yuan Wang Ye is surrounded by Bo Jingjing?" Someone suddenly said 1
Bo Jingjing looked at the speaker but didn’t feel anything wrong.
It is well known that she and Chiyuan are going to get married, and Chixuan personally agreed.
She said she was Bo Jingjing. Even if she came from Xiangge, who dares to say three?
So Bo Jingjing immediately replied, "It is my daughter."
I heard Bo Jingjing admit that officials talked about it one after another, and then someone suggested, "Why don’t you go first and have a try?"
Let Bo Jingjing have a try. That’s because Bo Jingjing looks at others with special respect. Maybe there is something extraordinary.
"She’s just a woman. Are you waiting for a joke if you let her go?" Chiyuan was just proud, but after being laughed at, he didn’t want everyone to laugh at Bo Jingjing.
However, some people said, "Lord Yuan, calm down. We’re just talking about one thing. We didn’t mean to target it. Since we don’t want to leave once, let it be."
Wen Yan Bo Jingjing couldn’t help flashing her eyes, and then her eyes fell on the height of Shenlong and Fenghuang, and she replied brightly, "Since I’m here, isn’t it a wave?"
Say jaw lift expression is very cold and aloof, like a pure orchid.
She wants to go. Chi Yuan shakes her head, but Bo Jingjing says, "I’m just a woman. What if I can’t get in?"? So many ministers are not the same? "
Then push ChiYuan hand goes to the enchantment.
672 Chapter 672 Accidents
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