Her heart is white, and when she doesn’t want to say it, she will force her to say it, and she won’t say it either.

Deah33 It was really happy before I remembered it.
So she’s not going to ask. Wait until my sister wants to say it.
"Who told you not obedient? The fight should be played. "
"I’m not obedient, sister. You talk nonsense. I’m very good."
Xia Yibing spoiled Xia Yixi’s hair, and the breeze blew through it and fluttered.
Xia Yixi relies on lying down to bask in the sun on Xia Yibing’s thigh.
It feels so good, as if it were America again.
Xia Yibing always loves and pampers her sister.
If Xia Yibing dresses up as a boy at this time, the two sisters will envy others.
The so-called envy, jealousy and hatred
Xia Yibing closed her eyes and looked up to enjoy the sunshine. She was so warm.
"Yi Xi, should we also push grandma out to bask in the sunshine?" Xia Yibing suddenly remembered and said
There’s grandma at home. How could she forget that they want to be warm? So does grandma.
"Yes, sister, how did we forget grandma?" Xia Yixi woke up with his eyes open and said.
"Sister, let’s go home now and push grandma to bask in the sun."
"Do you remember the sunseeker? When we were young, grandma would take our two sisters for a walk in the park to bask in the sun and tell us fairy tales. "
Xia Yibing remembers that when she was a child, her grandmother was in great pain. In winter, they would take their two sisters to the park to bask in the sun and tell fairy tales.
"And mommy takes us to the swing every Saturday and Sunday."
There are not only moms but also daddies. Is their daddies daddy or not?
"Well, I remember we were worried about the happiness of our family before, but now …"
No mommy, no daddy, no grandma, but grandma was hurt.
A faint sadness flooded my heart.
They arrived home before they knew it.
The two sisters dressed grandma and then put a hat on her.
Then carry grandma to the wheelchair, and then help grandma to send milk and put on socks, holding a big hat to cover grandma’s feet.
The two sisters are so careful.
Look at grandma. Will it be cold here? Will it be cold there? Will it be drafty? After everything is done.
"Grandma Europe pushes you out to bask in the sun" Xia Yibing bent down and leaned against grandma’s ear and said softly.
Xia Yibing pushed grandma out of the room accompanied by Xia Yixiu.
At this time, the third granddaughter has gone outside to bask in the sun.
"Grandma, how do you feel? Is it very warm and feels good? "
Xia Yibing squatted in front of grandma to help grandma fix her cotton-padded jacket and asked with a smile.