In a daze, she let her body drown in the water, and the lack of oxygen weakened her thirst.

Xiao Linchu suddenly felt that something was wrong when she saw that she was sinking and no longer floating.
Jumping into the cold water, he scooped her up. Fengyun turned pale but snored with blood. The surging blood overflowed from her tiny nostrils like two caterpillars.
She raised her wet eyes and gave Xiao Linchu a look of bitterness and abstinence. Xiao Linchu suddenly felt itchy.
He was angry and hate "Feng Yun light with me to do that kind of thing so hard for you? You would rather soak yourself in cold water than ask me? "
Fengyun gently moved her mouth, and her breath was hot. She put her arms around Xiao Linchu’s neck and clung to his strong but slender body. Two pieces of soft lips stuck to his thin lips. Her own breath told him that her choice at the moment was-him.
The fireworks in Xiao Linchu’s mind were instantly lit "bang"-all reason was bombed.
He put his arm around her shoulder and his arm around her waist and bowed his head and kissed her.
The two men breathed together, and the atmosphere around them was ignited by this warm kiss. His tongue jumped into her mouth and she couldn’t wait to accept it.
Xiao Linchu felt a cold shoulder, only to find that I don’t know when this girl actually tore off her blouse.
His knife-shaped eyebrows slightly wrinkled and he grabbed the small hand struggling with the rest of his underwear and left her red and swollen lip. He whispered, "You’ll catch cold here if you go back and do it!"
He picked her up in the tasikmalaya, and the two of them walked toward the shore dripping with rain, and their eyes were full of autumn water. That dishonest little hand was tossing in his chest again, trying to tear him out of his clothes.
Xiao Linchu can spare one hand to hold her little frown "endure-"
Fengyun is caught by him with one hand and can pull his belt with the other.
Her cheek gently dawdled in his real abdomen. Xiao Linchu almost bit a silver tooth, and she didn’t intend to let her light the fire at random and climb the wall on her shoulder.
By the time they got to bed, she was exhausted and her head tilted and she passed out.
Xiao Linchu looked at the bed that looked pale and snorted with blood. A female Zhang Jun’s face was tense and her eyes were overcast.
So she passed out before it started?
Xiao Linchu’s heart is shaking at the moment, and he can’t wait to strangle this woman who is not normal, but he can’t bear it.
If she doesn’t pass out, he will let her go.
It turns out that she not only fainted, but also lost her mind. He never knew that women had such a cruel side.
His handsome face was scratched by her with five fingerprints, and his blood was dripping from his right cheek to his jaw.
There are scratches all over his back, and the deep and clear impression on his shoulder position is branded on him like a seal.
When she got out of control, she screamed and almost opened the roof. Her recently grown nails were severely pinched in his back.
Xiao Linchu sweated and bowed his head and kissed her soft lips, but she almost bit off his tongue.
He found that it was better to abstain from sex or soak in a cold water lake after drinking a tonic.
Early the next day, Xiao Linchu didn’t even ask her to go to a private school.
When she opened her eyes, she saw that the sun had reached the head of the bed and propped up her whole body. She intuitively went to see the man around her.
Only to see his somber face, his beautiful and perfect face with five nails scratched and printed.
Because the seal is too fresh, it is still oozing blood.
And his sexy lips are slightly swollen by broken skin, which is even more terrible. The tooth marks on his shoulder are showing that she was malignant last night.
She couldn’t help laughing when she saw his abdomen scratched.
Because the scratch gradually disappeared into his pajamas from deep to shallow like a shooting star.
Fengyun light made no secret of laughing and staring at his ruined handsome face and pounding the bed. "Xiao Linchu, you seem to have been ruined by me. Oh haha …"
He saw her smiling and trembling, and her face became more gloomy. He suddenly got up and gnashed his teeth and stared at her finger. "Who allowed you to keep your nails?"
Fengyun smiled lightly. "It’s my mother-in-law who told me that women must keep their nails so that they can be feminine!"
She stretched out her hands and saw that there was faint blood under her fingernails.
Mother-in-law is really a master. This nail is easy to carry and put away freely. It is simply the best weapon to deal with birds and animals like Xiao Linchu.
Xiao Linchu was so angry when she saw her. "Feng Yunqing, did you mean it last night?"
Fengyun light hurriedly shook his head a face of koo "I which have intentionally? If I am awake, I dare not scratch you if you give me ten guts! "
Xiao Linchu glared at her angrily and got up and dressed next to her.
He was so angry that he shouldn’t have kindly made her an antidote last night. If he was scarred, the most important thing was how could he go out to meet people?
Fengyun lightly saw that he was really angry and hurriedly ran over to persuade "Xiao Linchu, I didn’t mean it. I really didn’t mean it …"
She grabbed his clothes and refused to let him get dressed. He looked at her thin lips coldly and spit out two words, "Let go!" "
Fengyun gently bit her lip and shook her head and looked at him. "I won’t scratch you after that, okay?" Besides, I really don’t have any memory last night … "
He frowned and stared at her with hatred and anger, but her heart cringed, but her little hand clutching his clothes never let go.
"Or I’ll scratch it back for you?" Fengyun is careful.
He doesn’t give a damn about the feminine way of blowing his nose.
"Don’t be angry. It’s not good for me to get a medicine box to treat you with a scar on your face!" Fengyun retreated with a guilty conscience. If she hadn’t remembered something last night, she couldn’t believe that all his wounds were evidence of her case.
Seeing her carefully, he couldn’t bear to be critical, frowning and turning his eyes. She was clumsy and took the medicine box to treat his wounds.
When there was a knock at the door outside, the two were sitting with a phoenix cloud and a full face of guilt. Xiao Linchu sat with a cold face and put the medicine box down. Feng Yun ran to open the door and there was a white wish outside.
Bai Jin was followed by Mammy and two rows of maids, Feng Yun, with her head down and a look of doing something wrong.
"What happened to Yunqing?" She was surprised at the smell of entering the room, which made her very satisfied. It seems that the young couple must have sex last night.
Feng Yunqing didn’t reply, but Bai Jin received her son’s murderous eyes.
He sat without saying a word, and his face hurt his neck, his shoulders, and even more funny, his lower abdomen was hurt.
Bai Jin couldn’t help but "poof" laugh. The girl behind her was even more shy and didn’t dare to look again with her head down.
Xiao Linchu grind teeth "roll for me all-"
Bai Jin dare not laugh again at Feng Yun’s light thumbs up and then turn around and float away.
It’s a great pleasure to see her never close to a woman like ice, covered in traces of being abused by women and with a crazy expression.
But don’t appear in front of him for three days, because the volcano will erupt if he can’t be saved.
Watching everyone follow Jin Guifei away from Fengyun with a light face, "Just leave?"
She was counting on them to save her …
At such a dangerous time, it is twice as stressful for her to stay alone with Xiao Linchu.
What’s more important is the culprit or herself.
Help him change his clothes. Xiao Linchu’s face still hasn’t eased. Hold that frozen person’s eyes firmly locked on her.
Fengyun is so guilty that he knows that men have to face her and leave such a deep impression on his face. It is a miracle for her and him that he has not caught her and beaten her up yet.
Timidly, she said, "Are you hungry? Can I go out and help you eat?"
Xiao Linchu’s eyes, Sen Lengsen, stared at her coldly and said nothing.
She took a sip of her lip to please her in another way. "Shall I punish myself for pulling my ear?"
She grabbed her ears with both hands and stared at him piteously.