Torture the forgotten, remember the most sincere waiting in the depths of the soul, give up and go to rest.

Sink in pain
What can be forgotten even by the forgotten?
The flesh and blood engraved the pain and brought strength.
When there is a soul left, I still hope to feel warm embrace.
Death doesn’t come back one day to bring destruction!
Forgotten … Forgotten by who?
I was at a loss in my heart, so I asked, the suppository leaves covered with ice and snow have undergone earth-shaking changes, and his long black hair has gradually lost all its colors and turned as pale as death.
The unclean frost spread from the man’s feet, and something like that strange burning stick returned to Ye Yu’s palm, and then it was different every time. This time, the frost around Ye Yu did not reveal a spark like the outside world, but slowly gathered in his master’s palm and dedicated all the biting cold to his master.
A moment later, the sword that grew from frost appeared in Ye Yu’s palm.
"Come on, Ace, I’ll beat you at your best."
Pentium endless element force!
Terrible taboo power!
Ye Yu slightly wide corners of the mouth with a strange smile.
Ace frowned slightly. She keenly felt what had happened to Ye Yushen in front of her eyes, but she couldn’t determine what it was.
But it is certain that such a change is dangerous, and it is as deadly as a poisonous snake.
"This is not the power of ice and snow … but the power of frost!"
One of the gods who knows the goods said so.
"What’s the difference between ice and snow … and frost?"
Hessia is slightly puzzled by one leng and one face.
"Ice and snow are magic and frost … that is to exert strength directly with one’s own body."
The god spoke and explained, paused slightly, and confirmed that the gods present spoke again after casting their eyes.
"Although ice magic is rare, it is not special. Normal care teachers can make Rivera, for example, proud of her magic. It seems that ice magic is it?"
"Ecstasy Finbourdon and the little almost unreasonable frozen in front of a large area of magic."
Loki pie pie said that god nodded and continued.
"Ice magic is not uncommon, but the frost power is different. If you have to speak after frost, it should be a certain talent race that inherits the general power."
"Oh … what race is it?"
The gods were so curious and asked, but the god’s expression became serious
"Dead people!"
Only undead can have frost power!
The body of the living is Fana, an element that can freeze even blood. Only the unclean undead can accept it.
"Are you kidding? How can Ye Yu be undead? He is a human being. Even if he is not human, he is a living person with body temperature, heartbeat and blood flowing!"
However, this view of God was soon refuted by Hessia.
"Well … I don’t know this. I’m just giving you a little science. Anyway, his power is absolutely frost power. There is nothing wrong with frost power. Is it a patent for undead? I’m afraid there is a god of death or a ghost god to know? Hmm … Of course, it should be very easy for death and ghost blood to make such power? "
As the god said this, there was a sudden silence in the hall. Whether it was death or ghost in his mouth was a guy who didn’t like God.
A ghost god, Hades, a god of death, Hella. Seriously, the gods don’t even want to get up their names.
"Ha, ha, ha ….. how could it be the two crazy descendants? It’s impossible. The two of them were driven back soon after they came."
One of the gods said with a smile, and the rest of the gods echoed with haha.
At the beginning, the god of death and the ghost god were idle all day long and wanted to make a massacre, so the fruit was thrown back to the divine world by the gods, and people still didn’t know what was going to happen.
"Well … it’s better to keep watching the game than to think about all this mess. The situation of Esme may not be so objective."
The atmosphere gradually eased, and with the opening of a god, the gods once again set their sights on the mirror.
Chapter 85 Burning shenhuo
The sword, which grew from the condensation of ice, is not as fragile as it looks, feeling the pressure from all directions and being numb by the shock. Aisi’s face shows a little difficult expression.
Aisi is not a strong swordsman, but her speed advantage is weakened by the frost in the air, so she has to confront Ye Yu head-on.
Once again, fight against Esther’s body and fly out. The girl gritted her teeth and half of her body was covered with a thin layer of frost.
As the battle went on, the situation became more and more unfavorable to Esther. The biting cold filled every corner, and even the audience could not help shivering through the mirror.