"I drank a little wine and blew a song for a new school."

Glared at the old village head didn’t good the spirit suluo.
"What do you think of flattening this adobe house and building a new building as a school?"
Suluo pointed to the shabby adobe house with a little drunk and went on talking.
"Well, when you build a new building with ten floors, you need to install fans and tap water. Every classroom should have a brain projector and a real playground, basketball court and football field so that all the children in Shili Township can come here to study."
"Well, in that case, we should also repair the nearby roads, otherwise the roads will be too difficult to walk. If we don’t add a dormitory, it is necessary to let the distant children live in the school."
The five-star red flag is flying in the small playground, and there are stars in the sky. The villagers are in high spirits listening to suluo’s drunken nonsense.
This guy can really blow.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-five Goodbye, Dashan
DreamWorks holiday is coming to an end, and Yang Baobei, Bao Ge and others have returned to the big room a few days ago.
Suluo’s mobile phone has been disconnected for several days, which makes Gong Yu a little fidgety.
"This guy who doesn’t let people worry won’t really get lost, will he?" Xia Han is also very upset.
"Don’t worry, if anyone has something, he will be fine. I guess I was so upset that I was chased by fans and hid in some mountain corner."
Knife with a toothpick and feet on the tea table, said the mass at the right hypochondrium.
"Well, how could Brother Luo get lost? He must be in a good place."
Yang Baobei smiled and said
The tall manager sighed, "What can we do now? We can’t reach him."
During this period, when suluo went to a place, he sang fire and a place made a lot of people pay attention to it.
The peak worker’s mobile phone can be used to ask for a door, but people can’t see it. But it’s not common to find someone else this time. It’s almost impossible to refuse. He certainly won’t refuse to urinate according to suluo
"Wait. He’s always punctual."
"Can wait? Our captain always doesn’t make people worry." Brother Bao smiled and looked at his watch and then got up and went out of the door.
"I’ll go and take the elder martial sister over. The Prime Minister named her for the Spring Festival Evening."
"But I left my car keys at the windshield," cried the knife.
"You idiot, I’ll take two sports cars to pick up the baby’s family." Brother Bao turned back and raised his middle finger at the knife.
Fans can’t wait. It seems like a long time since the owner disappeared. Why haven’t there been any headlines? It’s unscientific.
"Hey, where did you say the pit owner went?"
"Don’t guess, brother. Let’s count it. DreamWorks’ two-month holiday is almost over. It’s probably home."
"Hey, is that right to watch the new masked king of songs?"
"That’s the truth, but you haven’t come to my hometown yet, pit owner."
"Guilin people say no"
"Hangzhou people say no"
"My big Guangzhou is also very bad."
In the remote mountainous areas of Guizhou
Early in the morning, suluo was awakened by Xiao Wupu knocking at the door again.
"Giggle, you were so embarrassed last night." Xiao Wupu kept laughing when he saw suluo.
"How can it be embarrassing?"
"The adults in the village say that you have drunk too much, and your bragging skills are flying all over the sky."
"Hey, you don’t care what the villagers say. When the old village head wanted to build a primary school, the villagers also said that he couldn’t do it, right? He said that he was fooling around with money when running a school, right? It’s better to farm well than read nothing, right?"
"How do you know that many people laughed at him before?"
"I guess"
"How do you guess?"
"Haha, it will be natural to see the wider world when you are older and know more."
Suluo looked at him with a smile.
"when something is beyond their own understanding, it is hard for people to believe that it exists, and then they will like their own eyes to judge what you say.
You see, most of the older generation here are illiterate, right? It’s normal for generations to rely on mountains to farm in the fields, but it’s normal for them to live without reading.
In fact, poverty mostly comes from ignorance and knowledge. To some extent, the old village head is a wise man who saw this first. "
"But the village chief can’t read as much as me."
"Ha ha, don’t be such a measure. Genius is always half a step ahead of the world. Although he can’t read, he can see a little farther than most people in the village, which is a realm."
"Is the old village head a genius?"
"Uh-huh, an illiterate genius and great wisdom, you see, so many people laughed at him before, and now he has told you who is right and who is wrong when he is trying his best to let you learn."
Holding his little hand to climb the mountain, I watched a sunrise and saw the mountains and picturesque terraces in the fog in the morning.
I went back to the small room and got my backpack and guitar.
"You lied to me"
"How did I lie to you?"
"The law of attraction is a lie. I thought about it all night last night. You won’t leave. You still have to leave."