And he knew it was just the beginning. The big dragon buff lasted for 4 seconds!

At this time, gg teams have to finish their defensive posture to be wretched. Once they get out of the highlands, eg is likely to seize the opportunity and force them to succeed.
And if you lose again, it will not only be a big dragon, but it will probably be directly finished.
"After pushing off the middle road, eg four people directly turned to the road and turned to the horses to see that gdeyes has also brought the line of soldiers to the second tower. It should be a chance to tear down this road and the second tower gdeyes. This wave of treatment is very beautiful. After eg got the big dragon buff, he could even find a chance to tear down a road and the second tower, but he had to go back after the demolition!"
When the eg team and the big dragon buff went straight to the road after tearing down the two outer towers in the middle road, the pilot shot suddenly jumped to the second tower of the eg team. gdeyes Mantis actually seized this opportunity and began to tear down the second tower of the eg road.
"Mantis tore down the second tower on the road."
"It’s okay, it’s okay. Don’t pull out the off-road tower."
Ku, the eg team here, saw Lu Mantis tearing down the second tower of their house, which is also a fast way.
Kai then took one look and immediately calmly replied.
It’s true that at this time, the mantis on the other side sent people back after the road was demolished, but it couldn’t come. Instead, it would destroy its own rhythm of dismantling towers. It’s just that they took the big dragon buff and they could give it up. Instead, they wanted to tear down the opposite defense tower as much as possible to narrow the gap in economy!
"Mantis directly opened the second tower of eg Road back to the city, and there was still a trace of blood, but this wave of lines should be able to dismantle this silk blood defense tower. eg people dismantled the tower very quickly, and at the same time directly dismantled the second tower of gg side to return to the city. That is to push the road line!"
The big screen was directly opened back to the city after the night maple mantis took off the second tower of eg Road alone. At the same time, the eg people also demolished the second tower of gg team.
Two towers in the middle and two towers in the road!
Eg couldn’t get his hands on the four outer towers exactly twenty-seven minutes before he got the big dragon buff, and it was demolished by the Ministry in less than two minutes after he got the big dragon buff!
At the same time, the eg team didn’t hesitate to finish spending in the highlands, and the ku team immediately started to return to the city. The other four people also began to return to the city after scraping half of the gg team’s wild areas.
Then go straight to the road!
"It’s still sophisticated. After the eg team dismantled the Chinese and foreign towers, they won’t entangle themselves. I just want to maximize Li Dalong buff and unplug all your outer towers!"
After pulling out the second tower of the road, the eg team returned to the city one after another and then went straight to the road
"You keep me to collect the lines."
After the eg team returned to the city, Yefeng also set off from the spring again and went straight to the road.
Without any hesitation and waves, he began to involve the eg team to advance.
"Mantis took advantage of the eg team to push the opportunity from the road, and also directly started to quickly push the road line out to see the eg team’s big dragon buff. There are still less than two minutes left, and the gg team’s defensive handling is still very beautiful. Although the outer tower is about to be pulled out, there is still a chance to hold the game in the highlands."
"There is indeed a chance, but now the gg team mainly can’t make another mistake. This highland is still difficult to keep. Let’s see if this wave of gg can hold up."
In the picture, when the eg team was advancing at full speed, Ye Feng also controlled the mantis to push out the road line directly. When the eg five started to dismantle the second tower of the road, he also pushed the road line into one tower!
"The blood volume of one tower is very low, and gdeyes is flat. This line should be able to be pushed off, but mantis must go back. eg has already started to push the highlands!"
On the big screen, when the eg team retreated all the way and even dismantled the second tower of the road again, Lu Yefeng Mantis also tried his best to bring the soldier line into the first tower of the eg team, where the incoming blood volume was extremely low, and then opened the back city.
Two defense towers have broken the sound, and the second tower of their home road and the tower of eg road have been pushed away at the same time.
"It’s going to force the highland, and there are almost a quarter of five people tweeting that this highland is still difficult to keep. The advantage of the main policewoman is too great."
"Really see if you can keep it."
Reggie and gaga looked at the eg wave with about a quarter left. When Dalong buff bathed the small soldiers with a wave of dragon blood, he was also deeply aware that gg was difficult to defend.
It is really a torment for gg team to let eg, a powerful tower-pushing array, get the big dragon buff.
"Mantis has come back, but the policewoman directly started to raise the heights. The policewoman’s hand is too long. The gg team soldiers are very slow. The hand is also very short. Do you want to drive? Is there a chance? "
With the dragon buffeg team advancing directly, vn and Bingnugen couldn’t cope with the eg team forcibly ordering towers, and the alpacas and eg people didn’t rush forward. They were stable and not prepared to drop the road after the first wave of pushing the highland line. The highland tower was intended to drop half of the defensive tower’s blood volume. After the line was cleared, the big tree and the bull’s head were ready to move, they directly retreated to an position, waiting for the arrival of the second wave of lines!
"eg is still stable, such a big advantage still has no meaning of quick success and instant benefit. Immediately after the first wave of soldiers was cleared, they retreated and waited for the arrival of the second wave of soldiers."
Twenty seconds later, when the second wave pushed the highland with artillery lines, the gg team road highland tower was directly breached!
In the whole process of pushing the tower, eg five people are like the thickest iron plate, and there should be no chance for gg team to push forward.
Chapter four hundred and seventy To lose? (the leader is more! )
"Super Barracks were also broken when eg Dalong buff was broken, but this wave of eg team Lidalong buff got too much economy!"
Five seconds before Dalong buff, the eg team Li Dalong buff still dropped the super soldier crystal!
It’s thirty-two minutes!
Eg team Li Dalong buff got 7,000 economic advantages in one fell swoop!
And then the people directly back to the city.
"This game gg team is going to be difficult!"
"It’s really difficult. The highland is broken and hurt. The eg team can help the super soldiers to do too much."
This wave of eg team Li Dalong buff has almost created an unbeaten advantage by pulling out all the outer towers and outer heights of gg team.
"gg team cleared the line of soldiers entering the highlands, gdeyes mantis made a big drinking knife and a pickaxe mantis equipment. But the overall economic equipment of both sides has been distanced. The most important thing is that eg team demolished the road defense tower, which is definitely to facilitate the involvement of super soldiers. You may not even be given a chance to fight in the 5v5 team."
"There is nothing wrong with eg’s sophistication. It is inevitable that the super soldiers will be involved in grinding the blood of your highland tower. When the second dragon is refreshed, the gg team will have no chance again."
The big screen, with the eg team pushing off the road, left the highland in front of Dalong buff and returned to the city, and the situation between the two sides entered a brief silence.
Reggie and gaga also took this opportunity to tell the various forms of the game in a word.
There is no doubt that for gg team now, they have almost entered a desperate situation. For eg team now, they need to be involved in the road-grinding defense tower. It is best to remove the blood volume even if it can’t be removed. You can wait until the second big dragon is refreshed, and then take the second big dragon with the advantages of road super soldiers and their own equipment.
At that time, they knew that the gg team would never be able to make a comeback.
"Let’s see how eg chooses to go home. After ad and ap get red and blue buff, they go straight to the road. It’s really to benefit the super soldiers and involve the ku team alone. In this case, it’s even more dangerous to involve the gg team at the same time."
After this wave of going home, the eg team almost made the most perfect decision to send men to the road to bring the line pushed out by the gg team back to the highlands, and at the same time, Luqi No.4 manpower pushed forward and began to grind the highland blood volume.
"My day eg team this play is too shameful? Dare to face up to us? "
"This is called stability is not shame floor a look is gg team powder? Why do you want to join your group when there are super soldiers who can benefit? "
"That’s right. Why didn’t I see you clamoring for a tour when there was a big dragon buff just now?"
The live broadcast platform has also started a heated discussion on this wave of eg’s attempt to defeat people without fighting.
"To grind the high ground and push the super soldier to the high ground at the same time, the gg team must send someone back to guard the front teeth. vn went back, and the policewoman here in eg directly ordered three shots."