"Ah, that’s the Chengdu Alliance." Xiaojing sighed out of the silver convention venue. This sigh is not sad, but no one can hear it.

"I think we should leave here." It’s only a little after two o’clock in the afternoon when the group came to the intersection, and everyone is also preparing to leave today. First, Kang said that he was with Jiantai Marina Junichi. "We will go directly this way to Ruoye Town."
"Then we are here. I want to go to the tobacco and ink market with Xiaoyong." Ah Jun said, pointing to Aaron and Xiaojing to come that way.
"That’s true. I haven’t had a family reunion for a long time. I’ll go back, too." Suddenly something flew in and landed and crossed.
"Xiaoyong, you can also call out the fast dragon, right? Ah Jun is sitting on my side, so it’s much faster. I don’t want the waves to be on my way when I ask for leave." Du said and then directly pulled Ah Jun to his fast dragon back.
"Ah, ah, ah, ah, it’s really the unique action method of the royal dragon clan." Kang said that it caused a burst of laughter.
"I’d better go back to Zhenxin Town. There are many things to sort out," said Gary Oak.
"Then let’s go together!" Xiao Zhi immediately said.
"No, I’m still used to being alone. Let’s go with Grandpa and Aaron. Goodbye!" Gary Oak said and waved away.
"It’s really that guy. It’s really hateful to think about it. He finally lost!" Xiao Zhi said that it seems very unwilling.
"There is no way to attribute advantage." Xiao Xia enlightened Xiao Zhi on the side.
"If I don’t make the dragon, maybe I will lose! Even if you want to talk to me when you become a researcher, I will definitely accompany you! " Gary Oak sound came in the distance. Xiao Zhi heard it and immediately waved to Gary Oak. "Good appointment!" Also shouting
"Then let’s go," Aaron called Xiaojing and said Xiaojing nodded his head.
"aye? Aaron, won’t you come with us? " Xiao Zhi was also surprised.
"Yes, because we are not directly involved in Zhenxin Town, there are still some things to do." Aaron said that it was just an excuse …
Back in Zhenxin Town, Aaron Xiaojing …
Say goodbye to the crowd, although it is said that Aaron and Xiaojing still have somewhere to go, in fact, they either want to create more time for two people to be together. Xiaojing and that person agreed to be the Chengdu Alliance, in other words, Aaron and Xiaojing are running out of time to get along.
Aaron didn’t talk much on the road. In fact, now Aaron knows very well that he should talk to Xiaojing more, so it will be difficult to meet again. But anyway, he told himself in his heart that he was not in the mood and his mind was a mess, and he couldn’t think of any topic.
"By the way, Aaron, how was your duel with Du?" Xiaojing asked that Xiaojing was also trying to find a topic.
"Well, I still lost, but this time I finally hurt Dui Poké mon. Dui deliberately sent attributes to Poké mon so that I wouldn’t change Poké mon, and then I tried to divide the battle into small battles. In the end, I didn’t beat him with a Poké mon, but his Poké mon was a big step forward." Aaron said with a smile, but there was no vitality in this smile.
"I can’t understand that you humans are so sad, but you have to separate and travel like this all the time." The dream came out and looked at the two people and said.
"Don’t be so irresponsible, it’s impossible, and you know it, right?" Aaron said it unconsciously this time, and it won’t make people feel like he was talking to himself, just like usual.
"aye? Did I say anything? " Xiaojing looked wronged.
"No, it’s not that you’re not that …" Aaron said just now, but he couldn’t think of any reason to look at Xiaojing’s expression. Aaron finally had to sigh. "Forget it. I’m tired of keeping it from you. I was just talking to this guy." Aaron pointed to the master ball in his neck. "Although you may not believe it, now it’s outside and you can see it with me." Aaron honestly doesn’t want to lie to Xiaojing anymore, but he really wants to be a teacher. It’s really uncomfortable to keep it in my heart all the time. Aaron has long wanted to find someone to talk to, but Lian Chao Dream hasn’t told Aaron yet. He thinks he is a coward and doesn’t even have the courage. "But what is it? I’m sorry I can’t tell you this guy’s things need to be kept secret, and I hope Xiaojing won’t tell anyone." Aaron continued to say that he still wanted Xiaojing to help keep secrets, and he really felt very timid.
"Well, Aaron, of course I believe what you say." Xiaojing suddenly laughed, but the smile was not usual. "Before Aaron, you often talked to yourself and talked to this Poké mon. It must be a very powerful Poké mon." Xiaojing looked at the master ball on Aaron’s chest and said.
In the Super League, Dream didn’t say anything and didn’t seem to mind Aaron telling Xiaojing himself.
People chose to sit in flying boat and finally returned to Zhenxin Town after two days. Thanks to Baiyin Town, it is not far from Zhenxin Town. Although it is two areas, Aaron must have hoped to move as fast as possible at ordinary times. Now he unconsciously turned into hope as slow as possible, but Aaron didn’t come out and just walked back to Zhenxin Town. This case is because Aaron also felt that the longer this situation dragged on, it would interfere with Xiaojing’s determination and choice.
Xiaojing has to go home first. A Long’s family is Dr. Damu Institute, and it will directly go to the Institute.
"Oh, Aaron, you’re back." Dr. Damu was cooking instant noodles and Xiaojian was with him, while Dr. Gary Oak was squatting in the yard teasing his Poké mon. Dr. Damu and Xiao Zhi and others all chose the fastest way to come back-taking the high-speed train and Gary Oak had already come back. It seems that they also took any fast means of transportation. I didn’t see Yong Tse. It is estimated that Dr. Damu was sitting in front of the gate somewhere and saw Aaron.
"Oh, it’s Aaron. Welcome back," Xiaojian said. Gary Oak heard Aaron come back and came from the yard.
"I’m back," Aaron said as if he had entered his home. Aaron really made this place his home, and people here are willing to make Aaron a family. It should be said that Aaron really feels lucky to meet someone like Dr. Damu now. Why do you feel this way at this time? Maybe it’s because I’ve been correcting something sad these days.
It didn’t take long for Xiaojing to come over, and it didn’t take long for Yongji to come back. Near dinner time, two people and two old acquaintances came again.
"Hey, Aaron Xiaojing!" Just preparing dinner, two people came in. It was Sunda and Hao! It was Hao calling just now.
"Oh, really, Ah Long Xiaojing, you’re back. It’s been a long time." Sunda said immediately when he saw Aaron and Xiaojing.
"Well, it’s been a long time. How is it now?" Aaron asked
Others have been asked-Xiaojian is still going to stay in this institute with this Dr. Damu, but Yong Ji said that he can almost get off to a good start according to Dr. Damu. Yong Ji said that he wants to have a good fight with Aaron, but after watching the final between Aaron and Xiaoyong, it is clear that he can’t win now, and he is going to find a place to continue practicing Gary Oak. It is very clear that he will not say much about his goal. This time he is coming back to give himself a short vacation.
"We? My words will stay here with Mr. Damu and continue to study, "said Sunda, as if when I heard someone say that Sunda is studying as hard as Xiaojian here as a researcher.
"My words are to attend the Poké mon breeder in Zhenxin Town, and I will be promoted from level 5 to level. But I heard, Xiaojing, that you won the first place in the Poké mon beauty contest in Bro Town. It’s amazing that one of the top ten is a level 5 breeder, and Aaron also wants to congratulate you on winning the Chengdu Alliance Silver Conference. By the way, Xiaojing, will you attend the breeding competition to be held nearby?" Ah Hao said what Aaron thought. Ah Hao regarded himself a little.
"Poké mon breeder competition? In this really new town? " Xiaojing seems very surprised.
"aye? Xiaojing, you don’t know. This time, the scale is also very large. It’s not much smaller than that in Bro Town. Xiaogang is also staying for the competition. Now he is at Xiao Zhi’s house. "Ah Hao said that Aaron only found out that Xiaogang had little feeling and had been beside Xiao Zhi and Xiao Xia."
"But Aaron, you have become handsome again." Suddenly, the sundae said that Aaron almost choked to death …
"Hey, hey, sundae, you know I’m most afraid of this kind of joke, right?" Aaron just wanted to refute it. Listen to Hao over there.
"Oh ~" Aaron and Xiaojing and Gary Oak and Yongji both made this sound, then narrowed their eyes and looked at Hao and Sunda at a 45-degree angle to the left (right) … Everyone knows in their hearts … Dr. Damu and Xiaojian couldn’t help coughing …
"You guys’ oh’ what?" Hao looked at the crowd and said that his eyes were a little too much.
"Nothing, what are you thinking? I’m just’ oh’ something," Gary Oak said. To be honest, sometimes I really can’t see that Gary Oak is so interested in this kind of thing.
"That what Aaron when my boyfriend!" Sunda ignored Hao and continued, but Aaron already knew that Sunda was joking. If it was the former one, he would blush when he saw himself, Aaron might fall for it …