"I go to this kind of thing seems to have to hand it over to Dai Fengtian. Let him jointly estimate the management of the whole Terran with Xiong Dahong and others." Qin Na secretly pondered.

But for a moment Qin Na was coming from all around to find someone.
The first to arrive was Xiong Dahong and others. Qin Nan was telling them that this Xuanyuan thing was not finished yet. The rain teacher of Fengbo, a witch family of Longfeng and two ethnic groups, also came to the Dragon. She was a fairy named Jade Bird.
In addition to the underworld Asura gens alliance all ethnic groups are here.
Eye in addition to the phoenix family that Qin Na is not familiar with others for Qin Na is an acquaintance, Qin Na also don’t beat around the bush directly to Xuanyuan gods list things said again Xuanyuan soaring is a happy event, but the gods list news directly to the crowd.
"God-sealing war should involve the whole universe. The most consequence of that theory is that if we are afraid that the power of heaven will skyrocket, then we will be afraid that the alliance of all ethnic groups will be wiped out." Ying Long’s vision is the strongest. After Qin Na finished, Ma thought of the final result of God-sealing war
"Qin Na patriarch, if you say that God-sealing war will really happen, I think it is necessary for us three clans to move together as far as possible. With our group together, we won’t be divide-and-conquer. This matter still needs Qin Na patriarch to discuss with our two clans, Longfeng." Phoenix Jade Bird frowned.
The appearance of the gods list is too abrupt, even if Qin Na is caught off guard.
This is because the whole Terran is not allowed to make mistakes in details at important moments in the future.
Qin Na and Ying Long and others discussed it for a while, and then everyone hurried to the list of gods. Things still need to be handed from their mouths to Zulong and Phoenix. When the time comes, if you make a decision, it depends on Zulong and Phoenix.
Dahong and others have been busy unifying the Terran Xuanyuan at this time, and it will be a great blow to the original Xiong clan. If Dahong and other Xiong elders don’t appear, it will easily lead to riots in Xiong.
The list of gods has kept everyone busy, except Fengbo, a witch wizard, and Rain Master. Now almost all the witches have merged into the Terran. Now they know that there is almost nothing to worry about, and their only concern is their new leader, Chiyou, namely Chen Hongbin.
After everyone dispersed, Fengbo and the rain teacher asked the leader around Qin Na that Chen Hongbin had not appeared for many days and returned to reality. Naturally, Fengbo and the rain teacher could not be told.
Being entangled by two people, Nai Qinnan can finally promise them to get the leader of the Wu clan, Chi You, back as soon as possible.
Very not easy to fool two people Qin Na quickly caught Dai Fengtian and told him to call himself Qin Na back to reality.
Chapter three hundred and forty Return to Earth
Qin Nan tore back to reality.
Chen Hongbin, if you don’t get Fengbo and Rain Master back, they are afraid that they will go away. The God-sealing war is just around the corner, and Qin Na can’t afford this risk.
Ice spirit instrument is all right. After Qin Na came back, Master Liu met him.
"What happened in the granddaughter’s husband’s game?"
"Everything’s all right. Did Grandpa come back? Did I say that friend came here?" Qin Na eagerly asked.
"Poetry has not come back many times recently. Anyway, there is nothing wrong with the ice instrument. I am very satisfied with your saying that I have never seen that friend today." Master Liu smiled and replied.
"I’m going to Chen Hongbin. Why don’t I enter the game or come over quickly?" Qin Na turned to look outside.
The surface of the moon is quiet and everything is normal, but there is Chen Hongbin on the vast star.
"No, this time, I can’t wait to go to the real world with the universe. The velocity is too great. I have to get Chen Hongbin back quickly." Looking out the window, Qin Na made a decision.
He is already in Jin Xian at the moment, and when Luo Jinxian and Kong Xuan return to the earth, there will be no waves at all.
"Granddaughter-in-law, are you careful?" See Qin Na ready to return to earth alone master liu immediately worry way
"Don’t worry, grandpa’s poem came out and told her never to leave here, let alone drive the ice instrument to the earth to find us. The ice instrument is our last retreat." Qin Na told Master Liu and then called out Kong Xuan to leave the ice instrument together.
The surface of the moon is still like that. Qin Na looked up at the blue planet above her head and Kong Xuan went up toward the earth.
This is the first time he flew in the universe by his own strength, and he felt a little bit of this feeling. Qin Na accelerated his flight to the earth, and his Jin Xian-level strength flew from the moon to the earth when there were not many roots.
But halfway through the flight, Qin Na suddenly felt a frightening feeling.
Then Qin Na saw an incredible scene. An arrow came from the direction of the earth towards Qin Na. This arrow was made of ordinary materials, not even a magic weapon, but it was able to lock Qin Na through such a long distance.
Arrows are like the wind, and they are instantly in front of Qinnan. Kong Xuan’s five-color divine light spreads out and the arrows are included in it.
"Master, this arrow contains a powerful divine power, and the earth has also appeared such a strongman." Just received the arrow, and Kong Xuan sighed.
The power of this arrow was so terrible that it flew from so far away from the earth, which still shocked Kong Xuan.
Qin Na stop figure frowning at the earth.
At the moment, he instantly appeared in his mind when he saw the scene in Yi Palace, the big fellow, the middle-aged man and the handsome boy … Plus now this sudden arrow Qin Naxin sank.
"Chen Hongbin, I’m afraid something has happened."
It is conceivable that Chen Hongbin was late and did not enter the wild world. Now there are such strongmen on the earth. If there is a conflict between the two sides, Chen Hongbin himself will certainly not be afraid. However, he still has family to drag Chen Hongbin down. It is absolutely impossible for him to abandon his family and fly to the moon.
Think for a moment in the virtual Qin Na grind commanded Kong Xuandao.
"Kong Xuan, we must fly back to Earth."
"Well, the master should be careful that one arrow can appear, and it is very likely that there will be more, and his goal seems to be that the master or I will fly with the master. If those arrows appear again, it will be easy to escape." Kong Xuan looked serious
Just receiving that arrow made him feel a lot of pressure.
Those arrows are nothing, but the arrows contain a strange force that makes Kong Xuan’s five-color shekinah vaguely unacceptable
"Well, let’s fly as fast as possible." In this kind of thing, Qin Na dare not try to be brave and ride directly on Kong Xuanshen and then fly towards the earth.
This time, Kong Xuan just flew not far, and suddenly several arrows flew out of the earth. At the same time, Qin Na heard a cold hum in her ear.
Without medium, the universe will not transmit sound, that is to say, the sound is directly transmitted by people and gods, and those arrows are divided one by one, which is a very high archery method
Kong Xuan dodged these arrows, but these arrows turned a corner behind Kong Xuan as if they would aim automatically, and shot at Kong Xuanhe Qin Na again.
"Holy cow!" Looking at this scene, Qin Na had a funny feeling.
It’s normal if there are missiles behind them at the moment, but now it’s just a few seemingly unremarkable arrows that force Kong Xuan to retreat
"Kong Xuan, you can fly and I’ll deal with these arrows." Qin Na frowned and told Kong Xuan, and then with a wave of his hands, the real fire spewed out and turned a few arrows into ashes
This time, Qin Na clearly felt a surprise sound coming from the direction of the earth again, and then it seemed that there was no arrow coming because she saw the sky fire in Qin Na’s hand.
Kong Xuan spread his wings for a few minutes and then went out of the earth’s atmosphere.