Chatting with people who are chatting, doing things in front of you, being responsible for yourself, not telling others what to do in their lives, and not being easily influenced.

It’s very difficult to follow the heart sound. I can’t do it before the peak. I’m always in a panic when I meet something. The situation is very bad. What should we do?
Actually, it’s very simple. Listen to your inner voice and tell yourself to go north, then journey to the south, and then you should eat and sleep.
I didn’t understand before. suluo thought he was a crazy place. Every time things developed to the end, he always felt that he was actually a fool, but he seemed to have really said it.
When everything has been appreciated, the most lively time of DreamWorks is when someone broadcasts live in the live broadcast area.
Or it’s a live broadcast in Yuxuan Leng to chat with fans, or it’s Tang Yike’s baby coming out and blinking a few watery eyes to sell cute.
If you want to broadcast a dozen live, it will be a barrage explosion. Who told you that Weibo didn’t come back and didn’t set up a comment area? We have nothing to say about barrage bombing.
"Oh, did you come to see me or ask about suluo? Say it again, you suluo went to direct filming. Now it’s your cold sister’s special performance. Ask him if I will ban the barrage and chat."
Yuxuan Leng, roll your eyes, okay? Cold Goddess, it’s also beautiful to roll your eyes.
"Let’s stop singing. Let’s chat for a while, and then I will continue to fight. Fight for the secret."
In fact, Yuxuan Leng really wanted to sing because of her crazy efforts. She made rapid progress and wanted to show it to her fans. However, she resisted the idea of suluo Plan.
Xia Han Gong Yu will also broadcast the popularity of the Queen from time to time, which is full and especially hateful. The background of the live broadcast is definitely traveling in scenic spots, either beautiful scenery or delicious food. Who makes people rich in summer? This comfortable life envies the dead.
"Ah, ah, ah, don’t turn your back on Sue if you ask again. I don’t know what that dead bitch is doing."
"Well, I’ll give you a call and ask suluo, the crooked idiot, what are you doing? Oh, I’m filming. Fans ask when you’ll finish filming. I’m trying to get it done as soon as possible. You can get out of here."
"Ha ha ha", "Domineering" and "The Queen is mighty"
So as soon as possible, more than two months passed quickly.
9 directors are casting roles. If the actors choose the right director, it will be very easy. After a short and painful running-in period at first, suluo has made rapid progress.
And the outside world is wonderful, and waves of heavy news keep coming, and the whole network is almost dominated by the new peak.
"Fans crazy magic colleges are not far from the broadcast. This film has already attracted TV stations to rob the big system before it is finished. According to the source, it will be broadcast simultaneously by four TV stations and several ground channels."
"It is necessary to pay attention to the record-breaking ratings of off the charts Magic University."
"Almost at the same time, Liang Shanbo’s Zhu Yingtai ratings are slightly inferior to those of magic universities, but their reputation is excellent."
"The entertainment industry has not achieved the same results in the same period except for the recent fierce screening of two large-scale movies.
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Wrong can be described as a hundred flowers blossom. "
And suluo and his TV plays will certainly not be forgotten, because the new heyday and DreamWorks grievances are always being raised, of course, not expecting more but mocking.
Other people’s dramas have been broadcast, and DreamWorks is still as quiet as a dead fish. suluo fans are dying.
Can you take your time? What is the bombing of Weibo? It’s another large-scale speech on the fire-breathing and incident message area. I don’t know how DreamWorks Weibo Xiaobian wants to be ridiculed by others but doesn’t respond.
DreamWorks official Weibo, which has specialized management of Xiaobian, will not respond now even if it does.
Because suluo and the knife finally came back.
The members are waiting at DreamWorks headquarters, waiting for the captain who has lost a whole circle to give a counterattack order.
"I heard that it is a situation of letting a hundred flowers blossom."
"Well, it’s wonderful."
"Then how can we be less?"
Chapter two hundred and twenty-two Stay in Qiu Lai in September
"We talked to many TV stations before, and you also reported to you when shooting outside. We can’t wait until we make a film before we make a decision. Because we have too many unfavorable comments, we are cautious and dare to make an appointment to buy it casually. We have just sent someone to talk to the TV station and wait for feedback."
After the report, Gao Feng went on to say, "You should take a good rest for a few days and wait for the news."
"It’s okay, it’s not urgent. The samples have been submitted for trial for a week at the earliest, so we are all desperate to see you." The knife said to Gao Feng.