Speaking of which, Zhao Yining evoked a bright smile. Her pink dress will definitely go well!

She is his wife and his eleventh princess on the 16th of next month!
Wish for many years
Finally, it’s like a taste!
Zhen ‘er sighed lightly and was not in a good mood as Zhao Yining. After all, her young lady married in the past and was afraid that she would be widowed in two years, which was a generation that would suffer!
"Princess … handmaiden still thinks you should wait for the report to come back … Alas, princess, you just don’t know the mind of the report. Handmaiden will follow you here. If the report comes back, the housekeeper will definitely tell the report!"
Zhao Yining turned around and took Zhen’s arm.
"Don’t worry that the princess won’t treat you badly. When the time comes, you will be my servant girl and the princess will not be bullied!"
Zhen son followed Zhao Yining out of Anping Wangfu with a sad face.
When Zhao Yining came to the Eleventh Palace with Zhen ‘er, they were greeted by the maid inside. Zhao Yining looked at the girl with fine eyes and couldn’t help frowning.
"Where is your sovereign?"
The servant girl smiled. "If you return to the princess, the prince has entered the palace!"
"What about Yi Lee?" Zhao Yining asked what Li Yi’s personal bodyguard said in the palace.
"Back to the country, Li’s adult also entered the palace with the report! Princess, just wait here. When the report comes back, the handmaiden will tell the report! "
Where did Zhao Yining sit still and grunted coldly? "The princess has just received the imperial edict to stay in eleven palaces and eleven princes to cultivate feelings. The princess who got married 16 months ago came from Anping Wangfu and is tired now. Aren’t you going to arrange accommodation for the princess? Remember that since the princess entered the Wangfu Prince at the behest of the emperor to cultivate her feelings, try to arrange it near Fenghua Building! "
It is best to let her stay in Fenghua Building, but Zhao Yining is also embarrassed to say this, otherwise she is afraid of leaving a bad impression on Fengjiang Clothes.
The servant girl is just a little servant girl in the palace. Now Yi Lee is in charge, and she can’t be the master.
"If you go back to the princess, the handmaiden’s status is too low to arrange. You can’t make a decision until Li’s return to Wangfu. Please take a nap here for a while. Li’s adult will come back later!"
Zhao Yining thinks that the other party is just a little handmaiden, and she will be the princess here in the future, and then train these handmaiden well!
So it’s better to endure and wait here.
Zhen son beside her eyes a bitterness.
Feng Lisu threw the imperial edict in his hand at your father-in-law’s side. "You tried it twice with your father-in-law, but you didn’t let him take it. What’s the reason this time?"
He exhaled bitterly, and Feng Jiang Yi defied the decree openly. Is this a rebellion?
No, he won’t dare to do anything with him until he has a few years left to live!
And your father-in-law also felt wronged. He knelt on the ground and told everything one by one.
"Back to the emperor, the slave has not yet spoken to the eleventh Wangfu after declaring the imperial edict. Unexpectedly, the eleventh report directly expressed his attitude and said that he would not pick up this imperial edict! Then the eleventh prince threw a slave and a slave to give the message to the princess Zhao Yining. He was very happy and said that he would immediately stay in the eleventh palace today. The princess’s temper is estimated to have stayed in the eleventh palace at this time! "
It’s better to hear Zhao Yining’s face when he has checked into the eleventh Wangfu Feng Li Su. These days, the number of times he went to Xiangfu has decreased a lot because of his busy business.
Every day, he learned from the news of the people arranged inside that everything was even more clear. Feng Jiangyi would go to see him every day. Once they stayed together, they would never leave for an hour!
A few days ago, Feng Jiang Yi suddenly left Xiangfu and returned to his palace. After he learned the news, he asked your father-in-law to declare the imperial edict. I didn’t expect him to be so bold and refuse to accept the imperial edict!
"Hegui ordered eleven princes to openly defy the decree and immediately go to Wangfu to break eleven princes into the prison. I’m going to fuck him this time!"
And your father-in-law immediately said, "I obey orders!"
At this time, a dark guard knocked on the royal door, "The eleventh emperor asks for an audience!"
With a cold smile floating on his lips, Feng Jiang’s clothes were delivered by himself this time, saving him from sending someone to arrest him!
Feng Li Su Shen said, "Xuan!"
"Yes!" Dark guard immediately leave.
And your father-in-law got up. "The emperor’s slave excused himself first, and the slave stayed outside!"
Feng Li Su sat in it for a moment and gulped down the remaining tea, trying to go.
Get rid of this anger
It didn’t take long for the royal door to be pushed open, and Feng Jiang’s clothes came in, still dressed in a gorgeous double crimson robe and a face full of elegance and charm.
Especially because of this period of time, he has kept a good body and his complexion is even better than before. Many lips are as red as rouge.
Feng Li Su saw that he was flamboyant and didn’t recognize the light frown as he was other.
Feng Jiang’s clothes saluted, "My brother will meet the emperor!"
Feng Lisu didn’t let him get up and speak coldly. "Eleven, you are so bold that you dare to resist the purport!"
"My brother came over consciously after resisting the decree!"
Feng Jiang’s clothes were supercilious and looked up at a suit of yellow. He felt that Feng Li Su looked cold at this time.