"How do you ask … handmaiden …" Indigo turned red in the face.

"Call glide" Sue cotton laughed.
Linglong should have gone quickly, and Qingdela couldn’t hold back.
I don’t care if I’m anxious and ashamed, just hide in the back. Chapter 3 I want to have children.
Feng Ling came in still thinking about how to push it off because of Princess Zuoya.
Listen to Su Mian and say, "I saw Sun Su in front of Qingdai. Why don’t you ask him?"
Feng Ling was stunned. "Ah?" Why did this turn to miss indigo again? Touch your head. Oh, I’m out
Feng Ling out of the room far see Han Yun and GongSunSu two talk, he walked over with a straight face.
"Sun ….." Feng Ling deliberately made a painful sample "Princess means to give you a daughter-in-law."
"I don’t! I don’t want that princess! Absolutely not! I asked the princess to beg her! " GongSunSu one leng will go to Sue cotton.
"Not the princess … is indigo naturalis girl have you seen? Good-looking, much more beautiful than that princess. Do you want it? " Feng Ling laughed.
GongSunSu silence seems to be wanted to think who is indigo naturalis to want to clear or shake the rattle "I don’t want to! If I want to have a baby, can I have a baby with a thin skin and a thin waist in front of Princess Wang? I don’t want it! Don’t! "
"Hey you this fellow princess in front of that a few more beautiful, especially the indigo girl also saved the princess several times? You still can’t see! Really! " Han Yun stared at him.
"I don’t want you to go!" GongSunSu still shook his head.
Feng Ling, don’t laugh? Can you still want it if you are targeted by the princess? "Then I’ll reply," he said, and left as expected.
Is to look at a Han Yun one leng and go?
Feng Ling entered the room and said awkwardly, "That … he won’t allow it."
“?” Sue cotton asked once looked at the screen over there.
Feng Ling knowing way "that fellow is really … said that indigo girl can’t have children … what’s this fucking talk …"
I blushed when I said this in front of Princess Glide.
"Well, you go first." Su Mian laughed.
Stay glide go indigo naturalis annoyed "Lord! Who is this? Good gift! " It is too much to say that an unmarried girl can’t have children.
Indigo’s face is white and red, and I don’t know whether it is more angry or more shy.
"That you like? Still married or not? " Sue cotton took a sip of tea rest looked at her and asked.
Indigo bit her lip as if making a big decision. "Lord … handmaiden will ask in person?"
Su Mian raised her eyebrows and didn’t see it. She’s bold. "Go now."
Indigo replied, blushing and ran away.
"Lord … this …" Linglong was embarrassed to ask himself all his life?
"It’s okay, she’s bold." Su Mian laughed.
Here indigo naturalis took a deep breath out of the door before going to three places.
Glide saw her and knew it was angry. She took Han Yun and left without hesitation. Han Yun didn’t know what to say, but she also disappeared into the front yard with a few cooperation.
GongSunSu also want to hide but indigo naturalis has a pull on his sleeve "good you GongSunSu! You bandit head! I look at you. Do you still dislike me? Go with me! "
Hiding in the dark, Feng Ling and Han Yun lost their eyes. Is this the princess? Old niang’? Oh, my God!
Gong Sunsu was so stupid that she was dragged out by indigo naturalis for a long time before she remembered that it was wrong. "I said, girl, what are you doing with me?"
"have children! Aren’t you afraid I won’t give birth? Let’s try it! I won’t marry until I’m born! If you give birth, you have to carry the big sedan chair and the old lady into the door! " Indigo flush a vicious pull GongSunSu way
Even if he is a clown, Gong Sunsu is stupid, and his face is not white and he is flushed. Just talk about it yourself and ask a girl to say it. It’s a scandal.
He took hold of indigo naturalis. "Well, it’s my fault … I shouldn’t have said that. Gong Sunsu is a rough man. You … are tender and tender, and you suffer with me, aren’t you?" Gongsunsu stuttered for a while, and I’ll talk to you later.
"I do! I think it’s you. Tell me if you want me! I’ll give you a concubine if you don’t have children for three years! If I give birth to a child, you will never marry again in this life! " Indigo one hand rested on her hips poking GongSunSu way
It’s a ghost that Gong Sunsu is a seven-foot man and martial arts, but he can’t be poked at this moment.
He said to himself, this girl is fierce, and it’s not bad to have a baby if she marries … That’s pure fiction. A woman will have a baby! Yeah, it’s out. It’s not good to talk back.
"I … I’m still a mountain king now … how can I get married?" Gongsunsu bowed their heads and said
There is a smile in indigo naturalis’s eyes, so I can’t believe it. It’s a bull! Isn’t that good?
"What do you want? You be your mountain king, I will be my handmaiden, and I have to be twenty-four to get married! You wait for these five years! If you answer me, you can’t go back on your word. I don’t care what you did in the past five years. You broke it for me when you got married! "
Indigo is wondering that Gongsun Su is also 2067, and you can’t ask others to make love.
GongSunSu more embarrassed for so many years also didn’t …
"You this … you … the Lord promised?" GongSunSu completely tempted.