This tree has done its best.

When the hurricane hit, it abandoned its leaves, branches and branches.
But now I can’t even keep the trunk.
There was another gust of wind mixed with splashing water, and an elderly refugee suddenly screamed and was thrown out.
"Help … help!"
The waves rose and fell, and he was thrown high and then rolled over and disappeared.
Others still don’t say anything about another huge wave. After the huge wave, everything disappears.
The refugees struggled to surface, but were dragged down by the sea.
Suddenly what sound did they hear in the deep sea?
Like an angel singing and like a siren whispering.
Open your eyes, the sea is undercurrent, but it is not as violent as the sea.
A group of whales are swimming from a distance.
That’s a pack of killer whales.
But these killer whales are so big that they are many times bigger than ordinary whales.
They are covered with beautiful lines and shine brightly on the sea.
The dark and cold sea floor has become gorgeous and colorful because of this light.
At that moment, if the refugees could cheer, they would definitely scream.
That’s the messenger of Poseidon!
It’s whale fat whales!
They are still on earth!
The killer whales gradually approached a killer whale and swam to the refugee side, spewing huge bubbles from their nostrils.
"Goo goo goo …"
Every bubble is almost the size of a person.
The bubble rose and wrapped a person in it. At that moment, the refugees quickly took a big breath.
Then the killer whales swam over, and the refugees saw that there were others in the killer whales.
They stretched out their hands and pointed out that these refugees suddenly swam desperately and landed on the back of killer whales.
Every time killer whales spit out bubbles, they quickly take a breath and hold it.
These killer whales have amazing lung capacity for a long time before they go to the surface to take a breath.
When they rose to the surface, the violent sea surface and surface currents made them desperately hold on to it so as not to be washed away by the sea.
It was the cold sea that kept swimming in the sea, and soon the body lost a lot of heat.
Suddenly the whales dived.
The pressure of seawater has increased dramatically, and most people have no diving training and are almost crushed by this seawater.
Just when they can’t stand it, it suddenly turns dark and then lights up.
They entered a cave.