Even some people secretly whisper and wonder if there is anything wrong with her body, which is why there has been no man for so many years.

A few years ago, Chen Ying also said that the increase in strength is enough to see the eyes of others.
In the last two years, I have been stagnant and my heart has gradually given birth to something strange.
Especially when I saw my playmates of the same age getting married and having children, she gradually alienated and lost contact, which made me feel lonely.
Even the elder Chen seldom takes a serious attitude to urge her to get married as soon as possible.
Make a list.
Thunder prisoner
Is one of them.
Wang loves his identity, so it’s more than enough to match her.
However, the practice of the thunder prisoner can’t be a woman for a strange day, which makes Chen Yingfa endure that others have the same big or small problems.
Therefore, it has never been possible.
After a long time, she gradually lowered her requirements.
Enter one’s eyes on one day
And introduced by Yuan Xi.
According to her previous vision, she looks so ordinary and has a dull personality that she hardly looks at it, so she is not a candidate.
Now I don’t mind getting to know one or two.
After all, first impressions are not annoying.
But to be honest, in Chen Ying’s view, Zhou Jia’s personality is not pleasing, but it is hard to be annoying.
Just one person!
"Miss Chen, wait a moment"
The house is not small but slightly broken, and the corner is overgrown with weeds. Obviously, it is neglected to take care of Sanshui, which leads Chen Ying to the courtyard.
"Miss Chen is here."
"Wait a minute!"
Zhou Jia’s face was somber, and he gently squeezed something similar to a dropper to mix the liquid medicine and ointment inside.
"Hmmm …"
Smoke rises, and a strong medicinal fragrance comes to the nose.
Zhou Jia’s eyes remain unchanged, and his hands slide gently. The source force is like a rapidly rotating millstone, rubbing the ointment in front of him into pills one by one.
More than a dozen pills of the same size are neatly packed in front of you.
Chalcedony Dan!
The appearance of the Tiger Sect is similar, but the color is deeper.
Slightly thoughtfully, he put one in his mouth.
"Blare …"
The indescribable strange smell pervaded his mouth, which also made his expression distorted and forced him to spit it out and swallowed his desire.
It’s just bad, and it’s over
Dan medicine enters the abdomen
A warm warm current quietly emerged from the belly and swept through the body instantly, and a sense of euphoria and comfort floated to my heart.
Every inch of skin and every cell seems to be permeated with mild water, which washes away filar silk impurities.
It seems to be a long time, it seems to be a moment.
Thoughts and consciousness have already brightened up when they fell to the sea.
It’s done!
And the effect is unexpectedly good.
"Three years!"
Meditate for a moment and Zhou Jia gets an answer.
"At most, it will take three years to achieve a satisfactory progress. If what Yuan Xi said is the norm, it will be a special case."
If you want to hit black iron, it will take seven years to accumulate, and it will take more than ten years and three years. It is incredible.
Even Dan, who has extremely chalcedony, should not be justified.
Others don’t have Zhou Jia’s knowledge of the sea screen. It’s impossible to break through most of them when the progress is satisfactory. Seventy percent will try.
And Zhou Jiakou said that three years is to push the progress of ten hundred percent.
In the previous Dalin dynasty, even if it was not superior to the original quality, it was very likely to achieve the black iron, that is, the innate realm
By …
"Dragon, tiger and mysterious fetus!"