"Look, look, that foreign ghost was dragged into the lake just now, and he didn’t give up and came with such a big fishing rod!"

"These foreign ghosts are too greedy!"
"I don’t know how to die if I offend the lake god!"
Also don’t blame everyone beside whisper.
There are not one or two fishermen dragged into the lake today.
Old men and old ladies found a rule.
Fishermen will be fine if they throw the fish back into the lake after fishing.
It’s okay if you don’t catch more than three after fishing.
If there are more than three, you will definitely be dragged into the lake, and even the caught fish will not escape.
Even old Jia doesn’t think there are other possibilities now.
What monster can still count?
This is too exaggerated.
It must be the lake god!
And this is a high IQ lake god.
Just now Dahu was dragged into the lake and drank a lot of water before he lost all his fish. Why don’t you give up?
Everyone was there watching his jokes.
There is nothing to say about Dahu’s fishing skills. Adding all kinds of equipment, what kind of fish detectors, and all kinds of equipment take turns, and it will soon be harvested.
"One" old man and old lady count together.
"Two are coming soon"
"Three …" Look!
Sure enough, a few people’s words did not fall, and the huge fishing rod was suddenly stretched.
"Aha!" Hu gave an excited laugh. He grabbed the fishing rod in his hand but was dragged to the lake step by step by great power. "I’m going to catch you!" Come and help! "
"Don’t just watch and help!"
The old men and women are unwilling to help, but the fishermen are unwilling to watch the fun in the water next to them.
A group of people hugged Hu Yao and Hu made great efforts to cling to the fishing rod and not let go.
One second …
"Burst … loud gurgling …"
"You’ll know it when you see it." The old man and the old ladies have a look that I told you so long ago.
Dad in the winery stopped him when he saw Zhuang not far away. "Xiaoyuan, go to the lake to see if Dahu is still alive and didn’t let him come back for dinner."
"Ao" Zhuang went out with a small fishing rod not far away. "I stopped by to fish some food for Xiao Guai."
Not far from Zhuang, the fishing rod simply hung a fishing line with the branches. Don’t be so simple. It seems that the fishing rod was made by the ink-rubbing people for Dot to play with, but there is actually no fish in the manor. Dot was thrown aside and brought it not far from Zhuang.
Although the rod is original, it is polished by Yinhe maple, and the grip position is also non-slip threaded. It feels great in your hand, and Zhuang likes it not far away.
Not far from Zhuang, I saw that Dahu was fighting with the "water monster" and refused to give up.
Not far from Zhuang, don’t rush him to grab a Mazar-e-Mazar directly from the side and sit down with the hook and bait in his hand. Just throw it into the water and watch the fun while fishing.
"Young man, it’s not right for you to fish like this." There is an old fisherman who can’t see the past. "You didn’t even put the bait …"
"What?" Not far from Zhuang, with a fishing rod, a fish grows up in two slaps and reaches the shore.
Fisherman, I didn’t say anything
Not far from Zhuang, another fishing rod and hook flew off in the shallow water on the shore.
"This hook …" The old fisherman still can’t see how there can be fish in a place like this.
"What hook?" Not far from Zhuang, he threw a fish ashore and then threw the hook back.
Fisherman …
Next to the old man and the old lady, "Stop fishing, young man!" Too many! "
"What?" Wow, a village didn’t fall into the lake not far away, but it caught another fish
"All right, that’s enough." Zhuang has seen three fish not far away. It’s estimated that he’s had enough snacks and is going to close his pole.
"Wow!" There was no water in the hook and there was a fish bank.
"Wow …" The scene of seven fish jumping ashore is also spectacular.
Don’t talk about the old fishermen. Even the old ladies and gentlemen are stupid.
Zhuang not far from Nai "Enough is enough!"
Xiaomao, take it, take it, take it all!
I really can’t carry too much!
"Alas," he said to the fisherman not far from the packed bucket village, "It’s so nice to fish …"
Fishermen …