A 156-inch semi-transparent screen hung in front of his eyes.

There happened to be a couple passing by in front of Baishi, but they leaned together and looked at each other. They didn’t hear the sound effect on his side or see anything unusual.
Sure enough, I can see it … Baishi takes back the sight of passers-by and looks at the screen again.
At first glance, this interface looks like a rough 3D game.
There is a thin arm and thin leg in the center of the screen. The small print on the top of stick figure’s head is marked "White Stone", and the modeling of the nearby street view is better than the scaling.
In addition, like most game interfaces, the left corner is hung with the name of Baishi, blood bar and status.
The blood streaks and the state are all normal. At a glance, Baishi moved his eyes and turned to the "bar" floating on the right.
There is a message hanging inside.
[Save the bear kid from watching the ball] [Completed]
This is when he just crossed over and was still forced to trigger. The way to trigger is to take a few steps casually.
Yes, he landed at the gate of the park. In other words, if all this is a game, this bench sitting at the bottom of his ass is his "birth point"
When I first saw it, Baishi didn’t really have a clue. I happened to see a ball jumping into the road and stopped it. I didn’t expect it to be done by mistake …
Click on the box marked [Completed] to display the reward.
[10,000 yen]
This reward is too real … Please come more later.
Click to get a small change in your pocket immediately.
Baishi reached in and took out a piece of paper money from his pocket as expected.
Good. Three minutes after landing, he managed to get rid of his penniless state.
It’s not a lot of money, but Baishi just picked up a ball at random, so this self-proclaimed "good man system" thing is quite generous
But I can’t believe I didn’t give a new guy directions. What should he do? Baishi leaned against the bench in deep thought.
In the real world, he is not dead and almost disabled. According to the regulations given by the former system, he has to save 9999 people before he can apply for a safe return with the golden finger.
….. so many people are enough to break through the troposphere. It can’t be done in a few days or months.
And if you want to settle in this new world where Japanese is spoken everywhere, this money is definitely not enough.
Can we make do with sleeping in the park until we receive more …
After a while, Baishi got up silently.
Sitting at the place of birth all the time, money won’t fall from the sky
You still have to take the initiative to go shopping by yourself-what if you meet something new?
Having said that, Baishi knows in his heart that in a peaceful world, an ordinary person actually doesn’t have that many opportunities to meet the dead.
That little girl just now may be giving welfare to the newcomers, but it’s hard to say what will happen in the future.
Baishi is ready to take a walk for a day, but he has just stepped out of his ear for more than ten meters and sounded like a rain dripping into water.
He was surprised that there was really one more screen bar.
[Save the infatuated girl who has gone astray 1;
Save the sentimental man who was beheaded.
[Countdown: 16:15]
[Recommended Prop 1 Dolobica Paradise VIP Ticket /1]
[Recommended Prop 2[ Made …]]
[Location: Left seat in the second row of the roller coaster project in Dolobica Paradise [map]]
….. save two at a time?
Besides, it’s getting longer
In the first box, there is no countdown to recommend props, location information, just a bare title.
In this case, there will be more rewards, right?
Stop and think for a moment, then look up and the countdown will become 15 minutes.
Baishi didn’t delay the point [map] any longer. After confirming that the location was nearby, he turned the map to the naked eye to find the location of the amusement park.
It’s really easy to find, whether it’s the Ferris wheel or the flying mouse, it stands out as a crowd in this area without six-story buildings