Hanging up the "Heavenly Erection Road", hou zhuang immediately redeemed the "Heavenly Erection Road Novice Gift Package".

Surprised after the fight
It is said that the smaller the organization, the more United it is and the friendlier it is to the newcomers, which seems to be also suitable for the Covenant.
The niche Covenant of Heaven’s Celestial Road is really generous to novices.
There are some things and utensils in this novice gift bag. Although most of them are not far away, they can’t even understand what they say. It’s estimated that the special tools for erecting roads in the sky may have been sent out, but something is better than nothing.
Moreover, those kinds of plants make Zhuang not far away, which is very surprising.
Not far from Zhuang, pick and choose and then hold out a ball like a cotton ball.
This thing looks the size of a watermelon, but its weight is very light, and it is as light as a thing in your hand.
"Cloud hyphae everything originated from the earth or from the sky? Do all plants have to absorb soil from the soil? No, genius is the cradle of life. Everything comes from rain, wind, thunder, … cloud hyphae can grow in air without attaching to the earth. It can absorb water vapor and drift in the air, and it can also be used to water things. "
"When the hypha spore is diluted, it can germinate by blood irrigation to generate the first-order hypha. Please go to Tianqiao Lidao Law Tower to learn the follow-up culture method …"
"This is it!" Zhuang not far away happily called Zhao Min "to try to plant this thing."
Don’t plant plants that float directly in the soil. Don’t say that you have planted them. You haven’t even seen them. Soon, many people came to watch the fun.
When Zhao Min diluted the blood, he hesitated, "Is it poured like this?"
Make sure it’s not the feeling that marshmallows always melt when poured.
"Hey, wait …" Nong Lixin suddenly said, "Master Zhuang, do you think this cloud mycelium is getting bigger?"
Not far from Zhuang, he bowed his head and saw that the cloud hyphae in his hand had indeed become bigger.
Beside the original cotton mycelium, there appeared a thread that looked like clouds, fog and solid.
It floated slowly from the hands not far from Zhuang, and slowly floated around Zhuang in a circle.
"Uh …" Not far from Zhuang, he looked down at his hands and couldn’t help but increase his forehead.
I’m afraid this cloud mycelium has actually germinated when I meet it.
Cloud hyphae grow a little when they are touched near Zhuang.
For all kinds of plants, Zhuang is not far away, and it is simply a humanoid Tang monk meat.
This cloud mycelium has no facial features, no hands and feet, and seems to be completely foggy, but it can feel some magical connection and attachment not far from Zhuang.
He feels the same as Daniel, Erniu, Xiaofu and Xiaomao.
The cloud mycelium flew around the village not far, and it has become the size of a tire. A circle of small protrusions appeared on its edge, like small spores, and then these small circles drifted away from the body
"Uh ….." Not far from glaring zhuang this is just born to breed?
Spores are as light as table tennis balls, like catkins floating in the middle. They seem to be chasing the water source slowly. One ball falls on the cup not far from Zhuang. It doesn’t touch the water surface, but the evaporation rate of the water surface is getting faster. After a few minutes, the liquid surface is visible to the naked eye, and the speed has dropped by several millimeters.
And the clouds in the sky expanded to the size of a football.
But this cloud floated to Zhao Min’s hand, and that pot diluted outdated blood.
It stretched out like a wisp of smoke and mycelium into the pot, and Zhao Min felt that the pot in his hand was getting lighter and lighter, and the cloud was getting bigger and bigger until it became a cloud of more than ten meters above everyone’s head.
This cloud fell over the crowd, and then not far from Zhuang, I felt a soft force holding me back and floating from the ground.
He could feel a little jumping voice shaking as if to say, "I’m so awesome, praise me, praise me!" "
Not far away, Zhuang was carried to the middle of the river and shouted with surprise, "Look at my somersault cloud!" "
This feeling in the cloud is really amazing.
He can feel the air flow in the cloud, and I don’t know how this cloud can control the air flow and make himself fly.