Everyone in the celestial world wants to find a good backer with his back against a big tree to enjoy the cool, but it is not easy to rely on a big tree. Every sect has its own way of attracting talents, and talents like Fat Wanbao are highly valued in Wentao’s eyes.

But in the celestial world, he can’t find a backer.
"There is no need to talk nonsense with you about this kind of thing. You can think about it yourself. You stay with me until the end of the warfare conference. Whether you follow me or not, I will compensate you for the same value of Wanbaoge." Let Wentao get a Wanbaoge for Fat Wanbao again, especially with so many strange treasures. Wentao really doesn’t have the patience.
Things of equal value are different. Even now, it is not a problem for Wentao. What’s more, Wentao is ready to make a good profit at this warfare conference.
Talking to Congren is simple. After Wentao said this, Wanbao no longer said anything.
"Fat said originally didn’t see that you can have this set. Usually, we are all oppressed by a lot of Qizong. This time, you are in the same boat with us. I didn’t expect you to give Qizong a loud slap in the face. I also listened to your theory just now. It’s amazing. Let’s learn from each other. You are always welcome to come to our joint venture if you want."
It’s a coincidence that someone even threw an olive branch at Wanbao at this time.
"How much is this …"
"Help me remember that I am looking for the Arabian Birds and find me."
Others have come to inquire, come to see and order.
Fat Wanbao is preoccupied, and 90% of his mind is thinking about Wentao, but it still seems to be dealing with things on the surface.
For the man who wants to pick up the cheap treasure hall, Wan Bao didn’t even take a reason. He said that from a commercial point of view, there is no one worth taking refuge in unless … His eyes glanced at Wen Tao, who is a master of the immortal emperor and weird. Normally, even if he is a immortal emperor, it is impossible to control Yunying to that extent in such a short time.
Although I did not dare to mess around casually just now, it is not impossible for the warfare conference to find a reason to let myself have an accident once it is really the warfare conference.
Even if this matter goes out, there is a certain range of his own fame, and it is unlikely that he will attract the active attention of the criminal law department.
This person wants to collect himself and taste that he doesn’t need a backer to tide over this crisis, and it is better to have a fairy emperor backer.
"It’s very simple for me to agree. I have a small request. My Wanbaoge was destroyed by a clan of weapons. The clan of weapons is just a small sect that doesn’t belong to the third class. It may not be eye-catching for you, but it’s the enemy of my life. Their succession ceremony is about to make me plan to stir it up in the past. I think it’s better to wait until after this, if I still have my life, to go to you."
This is not a requirement, but it really gives Wentao a condition.
Even if you are immortal and not afraid of Qizong, I really want to accept you now, Master Bao, to see if you have the tolerance and responsibility.
"I haven’t met anything lively for a long time. Now there is excitement, and naturally I won’t let you clean up. We used to be so lively and didn’t prepare for it." In Wanbao’s view, even the immortal emperor will consider this kind of thing. After all, he wants a sect enemy, but Wentao replied without thinking.
Wentao is willing to accompany himself on this mixed water trip, which Wanbao didn’t expect. Businessmen are used to it. Just now, he said that it left room for Wentao to bargain, but he didn’t expect Wentao to agree directly.
Since Wentao said so, Wanbao immediately closed the shop and followed Wentao to the headquarters.
Many times, many things are not things that you don’t want to do. Even if you find various reasons, the real reason is that you are willing but unable to do it. Take Wanbao and Qizong. Wanbao has thought about how to vent his anger hundreds of times.
But it can be fantasy, imagination, no power, no enough strength. Everything is fantasy in your mind.
Wanbao is better. He doesn’t need to say anything against his will to the people around him, for example, what is the reason for not retaliating? What is the consideration? If this is a strong person, a high person says it is generosity, a decision-making decision or other reasons.
For most people, energy is a kind of nai nai.
Although the celestial world is on other planets and even other worlds with high levels, some things are still the same
There are so many sects in the celestial world that they are just like shops in the secular world. There are more shops in the secular world every day. The difference is that they do business in the secular world. They can come back after a while today, but they are different in the celestial world.
The disappearance of a force and a sect in the celestial world means that there are few opportunities to be eliminated, uprooted and come back.
And how long a sect can stand in the celestial world has almost become a symbol of its strength. In the celestial world, it may be supported by fame for a while, but it is absolutely impossible for it to last for a long time. There will always be several bold people in the celestial world to challenge it.
Even if the Nine Immortals and the Imperial Capital often face the challenge of super genius.
The history of Qizong in the fairy world is not short, but it is longer than that of the nine immortals, but they are not recognized because they are in the city of Wudou
There are rules, rules and protection in the Wudou City. The truly powerful sects send people to stay here for a long time, but they never build their headquarters here. Only when they are outside can they feel the storm, the threat and the pressure.
Qizong walks in the opposite direction to other sects. They set up several garrisons outside Wudou City to send people to stay for a long time, and then send a group of people out for trial practice every once in a while before they are allowed to come back after a period of tempering.
Although this method is safe, it has always been despised.
Lu Wentao agreed with Wan Bao, but doubted whether Qizong could do well. If they are cruel enough, it will definitely help the early development.
Hall of the Sect and Refiner