They have a feeling from their hearts that they can’t wait to hug Wentao before. Think about these people, who are the worst and the ones who have been cultivating truth for thousands of years. But at this time, their hearts are expanding, and those people who have just arrived are not white.

When they look at Wentao, it’s a little strange that they don’t understand who this person is. I don’t remember that there is such a person in the pie! !
At this time, there are already more than 100 micro-people around, and even some infants and repose periods have just happened. Although the explosion killed several people, none of them were affected by that. If you miss it, you will regret it for life.
Wentao returned to the thunder and returned to the team. Everyone’s eyes and comments followed him.
At this time, the dialogue between Thunder and Dongye Liang became secondary, just as all the lights on the whole stage were in Wentao’s place. Although he wore a mask and lowered his head and didn’t even talk, he was still the protagonist.
And Dongye Liang said that he would talk to Thunder again, and they were also supporting the lights.
"Dongye Liang, do you still want to stop?"
"Ah …" It’s one thing for Dongye Lianggen to laugh inappropriately, just like a friend. "Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always said that I want to invite the elder or the leader of the thunder to visit the island. How can I stop it? It’s not easy for the leader of the thunder to come once …"
Alas, Wen Tao is in a good mood now, otherwise he will have the urge to slap people just by listening to his words. How can a person be so shameful?
And ashamed to say it like a true story.
"Hum …" Thunder snorted "Go"
Thunder again before the crowd to protect the window all the way to the secular world.
"We’ll meet again later!" Dong Ye Liang looked at Jiang Shanjian and remembered that Jiang Shanpen was taken away by Wentao. The mystery and strangeness of this person are only seen in his life. It seems that he has to go back to the island before returning to the secular world.
At this point, I really told the island owner, but Dongye was bright and sunny. I smiled and looked at the hundreds of people around me and pushed my eyes. I haven’t come out for hundreds of years. It seems that no one remembers me. Okay.
Now that the troops are out, you have to practice.
"Kill one and leave no one"
"Yes" was suddenly rushed by Dongye Liang’s controller.
"Run …"
It’s too late for everyone to find out that something is wrong. The strongest micro around is just three Du Jie’s later period and Dongye’s bright hands. There is no way to compare with a tragic massacre in the exhibition.
Chapter three hundred and thirty The Sword Sect of Shushan is in trouble
"Can Mr. Wen go to the headquarters of the secular world in Shushan first and make a slight adjustment first?" This matter is too big to get back to the secular world as soon as Dongye is bright, and now it has reached the secular world
At this time, dozens of elders behind the thunder have exchanged views with each other for a long time through spiritual recognition. It has been confirmed that Mr. Wen is helping seven Shushan Sword Sect to survive the natural disaster before and after Henghou Sword.
Goodbye, thunder’s attitude towards Wentao is not as surprising as before, and it is a matter of course to have a look of relief.
Hearing the thunder to retain Wentao, their hearts were not nervous, and they couldn’t wait to stay with Wentao all the time now.
"Come on, I still have a lot of things to do over there, and after this incident, you, the Shushan Sword Sect, will bear some pressure, and we will both go about our own business first."
The distance has been drawn, so you need to say something special at this time, just speak normally.
When it comes to pressure, Thunder can imagine that even if he wants to prop up this matter, he will make great efforts. He has long thought that not only overseas repairs, but also all major factions in shushan will come out.
"Mr. Xie Wen’s mind is everything according to what Mr. Wen said. If Mr. Wen goes to the place where the Sword Sect of Shushan is located, he can call the thunder at any time." But those things are another story. Now, it is the most important thing to keep good relations with Mr. Wen. It is not necessarily too bad to use proper methods to strengthen the Sword Sect of Shushan.
"Ah …" Wentao smiled at the thunder. "I promised you that things still count. It’s everything. If I decide the time and place, you should prepare for this visit."
"Well …" Diagnosis … Thunder leng one.
"Oh!" Thunder immediately reacted and nodded, "Mr. Wen, please rest assured that you can tell me how many consultations you need."
"I have collected a part of it from the soaring person before, but recently it has cost a lot. I can earn some extra money from this at present, and the price has also been reduced. Please prepare some elixirs for me."
"A panacea?" Thunder doesn’t understand whether Mr. Wen wants to be an alchemist
An alchemist is in urgent need, and it has developed special properties. Now the needle-banning technique can separate the aura contained in those elixirs and guide them into the body. In this way, under normal circumstances, although it is slower, it takes a lot of effort to keep pace with each guidance, but the effect is much stronger than that of an alchemist.
The most important point is that alchemy takes time, and the original aura of the elixir is damaged. The principle of guiding needles in Wentao’s needle-forbidden technique does not have this shortcoming, like gathering the spirit elixir to increase the strength in peacetime when it is quick in healing, and making the elixir work in the secular world with high aura.
"If you have enough aura, you can have as many elixirs as possible. If you don’t have enough, you can have someone pick more. Let me know when it’s done, and I’ll have someone pick it up." After that, Wentao flew away.