Goethe asked curiously.

"I’m sorry to tell you this."
The girl shook her head.
"That is so I refuse …"
"There are two weapons in our organization that have been stained with the blood of’ Wu Sheng’."
The girl said first
"I promised."
"When will the two weapons be given to me?"
Goethe asked
"I’ll give you an observation when you become a fighting consultant of German Real Estate."
With that, the girl put the’ cowhide gloves’ in her backpack and left after camouflage again.
Goethe looked at the closed door and frowned slightly.
What did the’ Chivalrous Man’ organize?
What does’ German Real Estate’ hide?
Doubt appeared in my heart, but Goethe remained silent when the representative of’ German Real Estate’ knocked on the door.
"Goethe’s Pavilion, this is the palm of your secret fire."
"And we have already discussed with Xie Gu that one day we can go and watch the evil Dao."
The other party will be equipped with a "flame palm" box and carefully put it in front of Goethe, then respectfully said
"Xie Jia?"
"’Big Yin and Yang Hand’ Thank God?"
"Didn’t they sell the Bing Dao?"
Goethe thought of the news he had found before.
"You can buy it back if you sell it."
"Thankfully, the Xie family of the two pavilions has become increasingly powerful in their later years, and their power has long been far from the same. The two pavilions bought back the’ Dao Evil’ knives they sold before."
"Our boss’s family had business dealings with Xie Gu, and when they learned of your request, they immediately contacted Xie Gu-they also agreed."
"Our boss will visit Xie Gu in the next city with you in person."
The representative said
"I see."
Goethe suddenly nodded.