It’s the first time that I’ve seen so many cattle. I’ve seen Hong Hao hurriedly pick up the bank card. It’s not that special card, it’s the most common commercial bank card.

I took two steps with Wentao. "Sir, please put your card away. You need to join the club first and fill in some information for our financial department to count. It’s not too late for you to hand it in. You are a big shot. These are insignificant for the year, but I still know your password with the card now. If anything happens, this responsibility is really unbearable."
With a modest smile, Hong Hao laughed at himself and said, "This card is too heavy and hot. A little person like me really can’t carry it. You’d better put it away first."
It’s different when different people say it.
Wentao didn’t take back the bank card. He insisted on doing things indifferently. "Since I can give it to you, I won’t be afraid of something. Can’t you afford this small card in such a big place as the imperial court? In that case, I don’t have to be a member here. Fill in the information at your discretion."
Not to mention the imperial court, even those characters at the highest level, Wen Tao, have also been exposed to the so-called necessary procedures and materials, which are all told to ordinary people
Wentao didn’t stop. At this time, Honghao was out of the imperial court. He was holding a thin bank card in his hands, but he really felt heavy. He could watch Wentao leave. If he chased it again, it would be embarrassing for the imperial court.
It seems that this matter needs to be notified immediately and checked carefully. Is it that the big family is too public, but its appearance is too … unless he is deliberately pretending but doesn’t like it, it is definitely not like an outbreak when he talks with it.
Ah … When I watched Wentao walk out of the square in front of the imperial court and went to the street, reaching for a taxi, Hong Hao found that his brain was in a mess.
The simplest and most practical way to solve the problem is that Wen Taofeng occasionally has some things in the secular world, and Wen Taofeng is not afraid to get involved in his biggest secret from time to time, so he will be fine.
What’s more, Wentao knows that he wants this condition, and whatever he does will attract the attention of the club.
In this luxury club, it is better to be higher and more mysterious than to be poorly dressed, so as to be more convenient. With such consideration, Wentao will make such a shocking move.
Che Wentao leaned against his heart with his eyes closed, calculating his own training plan. Now he is an innate first-class fighter. The mid-term goal is to reach the innate first-class fighter in two months and prepare for his own impact on the innate second-class fighter in the later period.
Practicing is more and more difficult later, and it is even more difficult to think about it.
But fortunately, now I have reached the innate state, especially the innate state of external work, which has enabled Master Gu Han to make those instruments for himself in the past, and Wentao was very excited at the thought of challenging these devices.
At this time, the bell suddenly remembered that Wentao saw a little nurse Yanlin.
As soon as the words were connected, Yan Lin immediately exclaimed, "Dr. Wen, where are you?"
Something happened. Wen Tao sat up straight. "I’ll be back at the clinic in a few minutes. What’s the matter?"
Yanlin brought into tears and said, "Doctor Wen, come back quickly. Aunt Zheng seems to have had an accident. His children are now outside saying they want to settle accounts with you … blocking me in the house … I dare not go out."
"What about Aunt Zheng? What’s the situation now?" Zheng Xiulan and Mrs. Zheng Wentao certainly remember.
"… I don’t know … they’ve been banging on the door, kicking and cursing. I’m afraid to go out. They say that Zheng Daniang is going to die … and it seems to be dead …"
It’s impossible for Wen Tao to frown slightly. Mrs. Zheng’s illness is serious, but it will never be so fast
Wen Tao comforted, "Don’t worry and don’t be afraid to lock the door. I’ll be there soon."
Talking, the car has turned to the door of the community.
"No change" Wentao threw a piece of one hundred to the driver and went directly to the driver. The driver shouted for money. Wentao replied that people have entered the two-person community.
Hong Hao, the general manager’s office of Huangting, was there with care and respect.