It is rare …

Don’t call him a profiteer
Lin Yu solved the problem and walked a lot faster. Like a sparrow, she easily realized that something was wrong with Nangong and forgot it.
In her heart, everyone commented on Nangong Yi with that eternal saying-the disaster will last for a thousand years!
He will definitely not die young with such an IQ surplus and calculating all day long!
Manager Sheng packed everything and asked Nangong, "Young Master, are you leaving now?"
The Nangong Yi coughed for two times, covered her mouth with a handkerchief, and the face was filled with deep red blood. The housekeeper hurriedly took it and handed it a clean handkerchief to him.
The nangongshan have wiped the nose and mouth bleeding to cover your chest with strength, saying, "Let’s go after half a month."
Sheng housekeeper worried pinched his blood handkerchief nervous way "not master! You even … "
"It won’t last that long, will it?"
There was a cold meaning in his words, and there was a cold front in his sharp eyes. The housekeeper had to retreat and tactfully said, "But the man told the young master that you have to go there on time. It’s been more than two months since this eye was calculated …"
"Calculate the distance but also a day! All right, I said go in half a month! " Nangong Yi showed impatience before the first cold, but he didn’t refute it.
I’m worried about the cold, but I can’t persuade him to help his’ sex’ master delay for another half a month.
Ouyang Jun envied getting along with Tang Jinfeng, and the whole people laughed a lot and didn’t bother Jun Chen and Mu Junze. They sneaked out of the palace and went to Tang Jinfeng to play.
Both of them are boys and girls of similar age. If it is too difficult to play together, they will play a very deep friendship.
Ouyang Jun admires Tang Jinfeng occasionally telling interesting stories about his dynasty. I heard that Jun Chen pulled him out of his post in the temporary department. She planned to congratulate him, but before he left his palace, he was stopped by an emperor.
Jun Chen and Mu Junze came to sit together for a while and didn’t say a word, so they slowly took a long time to sit still. At this time, she felt on pins and needles.
She passed Tang Jinfeng’s appointment!
But the atmosphere in the temple was quiet and strange, and the needles could be heard. She couldn’t help but walk up to Jun Chen holding her skirt and asked, "Brother Chen, why are you so busy … why have I been sitting here for so long?"
Ouyang Jun’s envy is not very good at talking because she has been favored by this pet since childhood. That pet has raised a charming temper and hasn’t learned much. It’s not so obvious that she will be flustered and behave so obviously.
If you don’t test her, she won’t be pressed.
Jun Chen asked her faintly, "Did you pass the meeting?" She was shocked. "How do you know?"
As soon as Ouyang Jun envied this, he regretted it. He quickly covered his mouth and shook his head desperately. His heart secretly scolded her for being so stupid!
Jun Chen smiled. "You have had a lot of contact with Tang Jinfeng recently. I’m afraid it has attracted more than my attention."
"What about that?" Ouyang Jun envies a pair of nothing. Now that Jun Chen already knows, she doesn’t hide it.
She knows best that her brother Chen, the emperor, has mastered and planned everything.
That is to say, Jun Chen hurts her and won’t do anything with her.
Jun Chen really didn’t want to do anything with her. He did have a little thing. "Recently, you’d better restrain yourself. Have you figured out how to deal with it in the fourth year after the arrival of the envoys of Chu during the Yuan Festival?"
Ouyang Jun envied that a firecracker was lit in her head, as if she had played with herself and forgot the most troublesome day of the year.