Only by making him resolve his obsession and turn around and start over again can he be complete.

In the future, she will have the opportunity to return to the true spirit. "
Lingqing asked again, "I want to come to my brother’s uncle’s plan, and everyone knows it."
Although I’m nice, I’m not arrogant enough to really count you guys.
So … "
"Your mind is white," Yuan Jun laughed. "Don’t worry, you can play this game with yourself."
It just allows us to watch a lively event at leisure. "
Ling Qing thanked him and said, "Thank you, Uncle!"
Chapter one hundred and twenty Spiritual achievements
See the most know-how place said Lingqing also rest assured.
Don’t look at how he doesn’t take Master Xuandu seriously when he talks to Zang Ling.
It seems that if you want your own trick or two, you can make it lose, and you can make the Tibetan spirit win the Xuandu mage’s landing on the Three Realms.
But his own superficial calculations such as white are simply not enough to see in front of the Jade Emperor and Xuandu Master.
I don’t know how many times longer he has lived and how many worlds he has experienced.
Unless it’s a robbery, the god is blinded.
Otherwise, even if you are more knowledgeable about calculating your generation, you can see through the calculation root.
When you can’t calculate the strength of others and compare with others, Ling Qing can’t think of the second result except losing.
Now all the difficulties come down to two aspects, such as resolving this demon robbery and making the Tibetan spirit accept the transfer robbery.
However, for this spiritual youth, I have already planned.
This time, when he returned to Fairy’s side, he not only wanted to act according to the plan, but also wanted to ask the Xuandu mage for his consent.
Now, with Yuan Jun’s assurance, he will be able to hide his spirit and help himself.
Now that we have said that, there is nothing to say about this doom. Let Ling Qing do it.
Then Ling Qing took the opportunity to ask Yuan Jun for practice.
Yuan Jun fights the stars and mothers, and the water spirits dominate the world.
Although Miaoling Emperor and Xinghe map are not around, it is still beneficial to consult Lingqing.
When this pair comes out in the future, you can instantly summon the stars to go further.
And because it is the master of the universe, it also makes Lingqing feel something in it.
This time, Yuan Jun didn’t teach surgery, didn’t say anything, and didn’t teach any avatar sermons.
Listen to your own truth and answer his doubts one by one.
This so-called "self-pity" is precisely because she values Lingqing that she doesn’t want to be bound by the law.
If the immortals follow the teachings and practice step by step, they can always practice.
It’s even easier to live in the world if you take Shinto.
But when it comes to the fairy method, everything is waiting, and things must be put face to face with heaven and earth in order to continue to improve.
What can a fairy do to protect yourself from robbery?
But an immortal who can make his own way will be obliterated spiritually and lose his talent if he learns everything.
Lingqing did not have this concern.
All his roots are innate.
Whether it’s the Druidism, the Jade Canon of the Qing Emperor or the Great Dharma of the Xuantian Nine are all rooted in the same nature.
This integration is the root of the road.
He is crazy about learning Taoism here, but there is a trace of gloom in the palace.
Don’t say that the long room was bitten by a hundred ghosts. Even if there is a remnant of the soul, Master Xuandu can restore it in an instant.
When it will sweep away the dust, it will restore its original spirit and wake up at the same time.
However, the long room has not been subjected to the death penalty, and the body has not been retired. This life is a method of becoming immortal.