"But Leimou has never been secretive." Reluctantly, he is eager to rectify. There are already some scattered military forces, and he is proudly complacent with his hands. "Dawn King, if you really have sincerity, you should speak positively. If you don’t even have this tolerance, you might as well find a cooler place to live in seclusion earlier."

"Hum little goad annoyed the king, don’t blame the king for leaving all of you regardless of the consequences." Speaking slightly, a slight ripple spread at the door of the temple, and the figure of the king in the morning was gradually revealed, but behind him, it was like a constellation, surrounded by a group of white soldiers with very strong breath. Obviously, every elite in this group even had the peak strength of Yuan Ying.
This level of Bai Jiabing can barely resist a dozen or twenty rounds even if he is alone in the initial stage of the gods. Theoretically speaking, it is one step away from the gods, but it is extremely difficult to take this step.
I don’t know how many people have achieved the peak of Yuanying in history, but less than eleven can really reach the top.
Of course, Yuan Ying’s peak is barely a figure even in the eyes of God. It takes some effort to pack it up, and it is difficult to slap people to death.
Thus, it is not brain-dead that King Chenxi is so bold to go to the forefront. Although there are four deities in that line of people, I am afraid it is difficult to beat him instantly in this level of guards. It is very difficult for King Chenxi to be a deified strong person. There is still confidence in this.
Don’t say "malicious words". Willy doesn’t show his breath at all, but there is a slight fluctuation. "But it’s worthwhile for you to have a good talk with Lei Mou. As you said, there is no irreconcilable contradiction between us. The reason why Lei Mou came to your site to cause trouble is also very simple."
When the morning king heard that he was humiliated, he felt that he had a good life. Do you want the life water? Do you have to turn the old site that has been struggling for so long upside down?
However, he doesn’t want to think that if this name is Lei Xiao, he doesn’t stir up the Dawn mainland to almost subvert the direct door to ask for the water of life, or he wants to trade the Dawn King. It is estimated that birds can’t bird him. Don’t say that this is a small place, even if the devil in purgatory wants to trade the water of life, the Dawn King will probably not be willing unless the other party has chaotic elixirs.
But how is it possible to trade the water of life with a chaotic panacea? Although both of them have the effect of strengthening the mind or tempering the soul, the greatest water of life is healing, especially treating the trauma of the soul.
Besides, the Wing Terran has always been arrogant and regards the water of life as very important. Unless it costs something unimaginable, it is even more difficult to find a bottle of water of life from the Wing Terran.
Unless it’s so wrong, how can it be possible to spend so much effort to come and grab it directly? Hard robbery is also very good. Not only has it exercised the actual combat capability of the army, but it can also get a lot of benefits. It didn’t take long for the resources gained by the thunder to surge, not counting the five bottles of life water. If the department changes out, it can at least afford a complete cultivation in the paradise.
Where can I find a good thing that can achieve my goal without paying a huge price and human feelings and make a fortune to increase my own strength?
"Well, it turns out that you came from the water of life." Dawn King laughed instead of anger and looked full of patience. "In fact, this is a trivial matter. We should have as much water of life as we want."
Willy to really believe this is to see a ghost, but do not make a pretense of it or show some greedy look. "Are you serious? Tell me how we are legal? "
"Unifying the Light Sanctuary" Dawn King said surprisingly, "You and I are both strong. We want you and I to unite the Light Sanctuary sincerely, and all the resources are 30% yours."
Willy stare big eyes surprised is not frightened by this matter, but really feel too funny. The light sanctuary has the comprehensive strength and prestige of the king of territory. This morning king is also the penultimate, if it comes from the glory of the two kings, it is reasonable. It is also reasonable for this morning king to say this, but I don’t blame Willy for laughing and cramping my heart. Seeing that he is serious, is Willy even more startled? Is this guy serious?
Why should he? Rely on what? Is this number thousands of white armor soldiers? Maybe it’s really unexpected that he can assemble this formed white armored soldier, but it’s not too arrogant to unify the light sanctuary by this. Is he a vegetarian when others in the light sanctuary? In particular, the glory of the two kings is not even sure that the ghost emperor thinks that he is single-to-single, and he will certainly win his support. It is also estimated that the comprehensive strength is ten times greater than that of this morning king.
Willy picked this morning king’s hand after comprehensive consideration. The main reason is simple: this morning king has the weakest heel and is best to deal with. Now this guy who is recognized by Willy as the best to deal with is thinking about unifying the light field.
"The king knows your heart doubts" dawn king hey hey sneer up "you also see Wang Baijia chosen men strength, such as? According to your estimate, how much is needed so that the white-armored elite king is qualified to win the light field? "
Is this guy really using abnormal means to cultivate these white armor soldiers? Willy’s heart is keen to move, and I have found some different places in those elite soldiers with white armor. Willy has also seen a lot of them. However, these elite soldiers with white armor seem to be quite strange when they look carefully.
One by one, the expressions and eyes are missing a smart breath, only a fanaticism that can’t be concealed, and their breath is also less angry than that of normal Yuanying wing people. Puppets seem to have some similar feelings.
So I’m afraid this morning king really has some special means? Willy also can’t help but move. It’s not that I want to be so moved with the dawn king, but that I really want to get his hands on these Bai Jiabing abilities or means. "Dawn king, if you can have an army of ten thousand people at this level, you can’t really say that you can unify the light field, but at least you have the qualification."
"It’s almost the same as Wang’s estimate," said Dawn Wang confidently. "Even if it’s as good as the glory of the two kings, it will be obedient to Wang Baijia."
"Can you really make 10,000 white armored soldiers?" I’m really surprised that the thunder is half intentional and half intentional. If the Dawn King can really do it, it’s quite amazing to say that he has a way or a baby in his hand.
"Of course," the morning king looked at throb proudly. "Otherwise, are you really a brain idiot? If you don’t have some confidence, are you a vegetarian when you are a strong man like the Glory King? " But at the same time, I have been paying attention to the reaction of four levels of deification. For him, this name is Lei Xiao, but those deification are really worth wooing. He has something to cultivate Bai Jiabing, but it is nothing to make the strong deification. Therefore, even if he wants to unify the light sanctuary, it will be very disadvantageous in high-end combat power.
Sure enough, those strong deities are also showing real surprise in succession, which makes the morning king’s heart must continue to add, "We need to unify the light field together, and then everyone will share resources. I believe that with a lot of resources, even the high-order deities are not hopeless." Now he is not afraid to reveal some secrets. After the morning temple is closed, thousands of soldiers are eyeing up. These people are just chopping block and refuse to surrender, so it is also a dead end.
Willy’s heart is already thinking about it. The morning king is so arrogant that he should be really rich, but no matter what kind of means he makes, the process of making this elite Bai Jiabing will certainly not be too simple or too easy. Otherwise, I’m afraid it will not be as simple as just a thousand Bai Jiabing today. He really wants to get more people to estimate that it is this level of Bai Jiabing. Then, let alone unifying the light sanctuary, even unifying six domains and nine continents, there will be almost no big obstacles.
But even so, throb is also a big action for that thing. Once I read it, the whole person has entered a mysterious state overlooking the sky. A change in tolerance is exactly what throb’s killer weapon, Mundus, has become the second change.
Before I had a good attitude, I always focused on the four deities, and the morning king responded. I spit out a few majestic words in my mouth, "I said it was solidification."
"Big advance ….." Dawn Wang Dun secretly shouted in his heart that it was not good for the other party to display what seemed to be a great prophecy, but in the eyes of outsiders, he just spit out two words and froze on the spot like a puppet.
Chapter six hundred and forty-nine Morning King Tragedy
? ……
Of course, it is not a great prophecy, but a prophecy from Mundus, but its principle is similar to that of the great prophecy, and it is not so easy to master this kind of spell, even if you have the practice method of prophecy, you need talent and perseverance.
Just as there are nine deities in this light sanctuary, but not everyone knows the great prophecy, and the morning king just won’t win that one. Of course, the fur still understands that it’s those great prophecies that scare the low-ranking monks. It’s okay to want to come out in the battle of the strong in the same order, but it will be ridiculous not to say it.
Willy doesn’t know if his talent is very suitable for learning the mantra, but he really didn’t spend much effort in learning the mantra. The reason is simple: he learned the mantra through a generation of Mundus, and it took him a lot of time to understand and cultivate it.
This time, the use of Mundus’s mantra is a thunder power to strike. After all, although the dawn king is weak in the deification, it is all open and honest. The strong in the initial stage of an authentic deification dare not dismiss him from the root. However, it is not the first time to use the mantra to deal with the insect emperor and the evil phoenix. All of them have made me know how powerful the strong from the deification level are.
But at this time, the thunder is not what it used to be. Wu méng has successfully advanced to Yuan Ying’s higher order with the practice, and his mental intensity is not inferior to that of the generalized Godsworn. The mantra is displayed in a good way, and his choice of command law is also the most familiar with the higher order law.
The understanding and comprehension of the law is more powerful than that of most deities, and the attainments of those deities beside him who are pure to the law are far less powerful.
Needless to say, the command of willy has already communicated well through the spirit force B. Lei Long and other four people launched the most violent attack at the first time. Lei Long took the lead in blasting out a red dragon gun and the morning king, and the guys who entered the temple were blown out one by one.
Except, of course, the king of the morning, whose side was as condensed as substance, helped him a lot, but it was not through solidification that dàngbō handed it to the king of the morning without mercy. Although it attenuated a lot, it was too shocking to defend him. He was hurt a lot.
The other three deities are also quick to make moves, but it is the group that desperately wants to take the dawn king back to the camp. The white armor soldiers are furious in air billow, and all kinds of forces are intertwined and collide with the strength of the deity level to suddenly explode, forming a force that rivals the earth.
But this key lies in the fact that the Xuan snake body that guy instantly turned from a face, Se y: n: Uncle Jude’s middle-aged man turned into a dark serpent, and then combined with that solid state, he rolled up the morning king.
As soon as the snake body was tightened, it cracked into several sharp fragments in a solid state, and the snake body was cut with wounds, but the dawn king was even bleaker. He was cut all over by sharp fragments, and I don’t know how many bones were broken when the snake body was squeezed.
Theoretically, with the imprisonment of the Dawn King, he has already obtained Ziyó u, but at this time, he is caught by the mysterious snake, which is the best way to catch prey. Once the prey is caught and squeezed by the snake’s powerful force, it is extremely difficult to escape and survive.
The poor dawn king felt that his bones had been crushed and roared with pain.
The whole process is just a few minutes’ effort. Wang Wanwan didn’t expect that it was the humble physical strength that was the main force of the other party’s action, but he always focused on those deified bodies, and he didn’t expect that the other party was in such a weak position that he suddenly dared to do such a desperate attempt. He was too confident. He thought that even if the other four deified strong men started work together, he could react instantly and escape smoothly. Why was his heart too proud after saying that, and he never really paid attention to it? It was a big prophecy. Or the Oracle of Hades? What is this ghost art and the ghost emperor?
I’m afraid he won’t know these answers for a generation.
"Stop it, or you Dawn King will immediately destroy God Hun." Seeing the dense Bai Jiabing rushing in, he drank a lot.
However, those Bai Jiabing actually like didn’t hear throbbing, and they continued to go crazy. They had to rush inside, and the suicidal ghosts rushed on and on, and the fierce firepower of the pot-bellied guns and ghosts stopped them from moving forward for the time being.
Look at the sample button should still be in the morning. The king is thunderous. He is crushed to death by the Xuan snake. The king of the morning suddenly and violently drinks, "If you don’t want to destroy the horse, the king of the morning will let you stop immediately." The attitude resolutely cooperates with the thunder, and it is still in the state of reigns. It is particularly dignified and unquestionable to speak out, and it feels chilly and murderous.
We don’t rule out that there are people who really care about death, but they have always been pampered. The King of Dawn is obviously not one of them. Immediately, he hastily issued a command from God húnbō not to move to stop those puppet Bai Jiajun from continuing to attack.
Those Bai Jiabing were really forbidden to stand on the spot like stone statues, but their eyes were still so crazy that they were abruptly bombarded by ghost fire shells and suicide ghosts.
I don’t want to nullify these very J and NG sharp white soldiers unless I have to throb. Seeing that they stopped throb, I also issued a command to stop the ghost soldiers from attacking. At this time, I can see in my heart that the dawn king is a guy who cherishes his life very much. This throb likes to make him really like Liu Hulan Jiang Jie. I really can’t call out my own army, the fierce ghost army, and I want to recklessly, but that kind of damage is not throb.