The old man, of course, is none other than the ancestor of the ghost family-Dragon Emperor No.1. Although he didn’t make moves, he is always paying attention to the form of the field. Now he actually sees his own two gods and kings fleeing back, and his anger will slowly rise in his heart.

"This kind of thing is not big, but it is very important to affect their morale. It is necessary to avoid seeing more people leave Dragon Emperor No.1 and then show their action figure. A flash has reached the escape, not far behind the two men, and then the right hand gently grabs them and traps them in the cage.
Glancing at two people coldly, Dragon Emperor No.1 grunted: "Two timid guys are just thinking about running away before the danger comes. It’s really two wastes and useless." The level masters of the God King are very proud to be told by Dragon Emperor No.1. If others say that the two of them have already hacked them to death, but now they say that they are Dragon Emperor No.1. Although they are very angry, they dare to be angry but dare not say that …
"Alas, it seems that I have to make moves, or the outside form will become more chaotic." After thinking, the old man jumped out of the car and looked around.
Especially when I saw Du Yun, the old man was even more excited. "Hehehe really got along well with Amaranth. Since you are in Gran City, it also saves me from looking for it one by one."
"Ha ha, Long Huang No.1 has not seen you for a long time. I wonder what you are doing here this time?" Du Yun said casually, but the worry in his heart spread slowly. Although he also played against the old man several times and knew that he was a strong man in the middle of longing, he was not very clear about his real strength, such as him and Du Yun. Now the old man is ready to make a move. Du Yun quickly made the strictest defense.
Of course, I can see clearly the color change of Du Yun’s appearance, Dragon Emperor No.1, but although Du Yun fled before his eyes, the war also made him see clearly the strength of Du Yun. Although it is the only master among his peers, it is a threat to Dragon Emperor No.1, an antique that has lived for thousands of years …
After thinking about these, Dragon Emperor No.1 roared, "Du Yun’s life is small!" Have a cold drink to the shadow man not far from you. "You watch your opponent and don’t let him affect this side. This time I must put out Du Yun’s eternal troubles."
The old man said to do it, and then the palm of his hand was gently held with a touch of irresistible force, and he had put his palm on Du Yun and smiled fiercely, and then he pushed the force he controlled to Du Yun.
Dragon Emperor No.1 is a strong man in the middle period of the God King. In his eyes, the weaving department of the God King in the middle period is a worm. Although Du Yun is not bad, the possibility of resisting the victory of Dragon Emperor No.1 is almost limited. However, he forgot that there is this purple rock shenhuo around Du Yun. When the wipe force controls Du Yun, Du Yunti Ziyan Shenhuo automatically runs and directly burns it around him, which is constantly changing.
Flame baking continued to force finally gave in to the collapse to see that Du Yun had blocked his first wave of attacks on Dragon Emperor No.1, slightly one leng. "This Du Yun teenager really has some things. It seems that if he wants to accept it, he must increase his energy."
Dragon Emperor No.1 once again gently condensed the output of his palm and then quickly shot at Du Yun. At this time, this binding force gradually became stronger. Even Du Yunli insisted that he could hardly hold on. He felt that the strength around him was getting stronger and stronger. Almost all of them were about to squeeze him into a piece. As a result, two masked men in black appeared in front of Du Yun and waved magic weapons at will to cut off the pressure and Du Yun directly.
Seeing that someone dares to ruin their own good deeds, Dragon Emperor No.1 snorted and asked, "Who the hell are you to dare to meddle in my business? Are you impatient?"
"Ha ha ha who am I? It’s not important, but the important thing is that I want to wake you up. The mainland rules stipulate that the mainland can’t take the initiative to easily make the mid-term strength of the God King, otherwise people who shouldn’t know will know. Then whoever you are will die." The black dress person has no confidence in the threat of Dragon Emperor No.1. Chapter 456 Mainland sanctions
"I shouldn’t know who the man is, so I can see if he is sacred?" Dragon Emperor No.1 mainland has been walking for many years, and I have never heard that the black dress person said those forces "I am the arbiter, so it is difficult for you not to find it!" You are the first offender. For the first time, I am warning you that you must never take the initiative to make the King of God’s medium-term strength, especially when there are civilians around. If I find you, don’t blame me for the second time. "The black man covered his eyes and face with a veil, so that people can see him clearly.
"The decider? I have never heard of it. "Dragon Emperor No.1 said calmly. Real Dragon Emperor No.1 knew that the arbiter had told him something about the arbiter.
"But knowing that they are all very high represents that the mainland has handled some things, but they have never met them. I don’t know if it is happy or sad to be met by myself today?"
Nai smiled wryly at Yi Long Emperor No.1 and looked very calm. He snorted, "Although you are the arbiter, can you just mind your own business?"
"Ha ha ha, of course, I don’t want to take care of your imperial struggle, but you can move the mid-term power of the God King at will and violate the mainland rules. This is what I want to take care of," said the black dress person, who still sounded very smooth.
"Ha ha, you all have to take care of the mid-term power of the King of God at will, so a few years ago, the Jingwu Academy War was not a person who moved the mid-term power of the King of God at that time, so how could you not be seen?" Dragon Emperor No.1 said with some disdain.
"Whatever the reason is because I don’t know, it’s as simple as that." The adjudicator saw that Dragon Emperor No.1 had the intention of singling out the blame, but he still answered calmly without any emotional fluctuations.
"I don’t know, no matter hum, I think you’re not an arbiter, but meddling." When saying these words, Dragon Emperor No.1′ s breath instantly rose and shocked Du Yun and the people around him …
"hmm?" The adjudicator coldly swept the Dragon Emperor No.1 for a few eyes and continued, "Originally, I wanted to start work! For many years, no one dared to start work in front of me. You are the first one. "Before the voice is finished, the arbiter’s body momentum is also slowly rising. After a few blinks, it has reached a level different from Dragon Emperor No.1, and after reaching that point, the momentum will rise abruptly.
Seeing that the decider’s body momentum turned out to be so strong, Dragon Emperor No.1 secretly regretted that he should not be so impulsive.
Although he didn’t burst into the strongest strength, it seems that the arbiter is also comfortable and didn’t try his best to really fight. It’s still hard to predict who wins and who loses. If he wins, it will be even worse if he loses. I think that these Dragon Emperor No.1 are a little embarrassed and smile. "You misunderstood where I dare to fight with you. Since mainland rules stipulate that it is not easy to make the King of God’s mid-term strength, then I will not move." After that, the momentum of Dragon Emperor No.1 slowly shrank until the peak of the King of God was at the beginning, and I didn’t stop to say hello to the
At this time, Dragon Emperor No.1 has a good idea, the referee. Didn’t you say that you were not allowed to move the middle-level strength of the God King casually? Then I won’t move.
According to their own peak strength, the King of God wants to tidy up Du Yun, which is definitely more than enough. Moreover, during the war, while the energy fluctuates during the war, it is difficult to find that the middle-term energy of the King of God is occasionally moved. It is also difficult to find that the heart is secretly proud of its own plan, but when he is about to jump on Du Yunbian, he sees the shadow flashing in front of him. The decider once again stopped the pace of Dragon Emperor No.1.
Dragon Emperor No.1 felt a flash of shadow in front of him, then twisted his body and finally bumped into him. He took a glance at the man who was actually the arbiter. The anger in Dragon Emperor No.1′ s heart immediately rose, but he knew that if he wanted to successfully destroy the three families today, he must not have a little friction with the arbiter, otherwise it would be absolutely unexpected for him if he really intervened in the matter.
Dragon Emperor No.1 forcibly suppressed his anger and pretended to be very calm. He asked, "Judge, I don’t have the middle-level energy of the King of God now. What do you mean by intercepting me?"
"I just found out that your breath is exactly the same as that of one person in the mid-term level war of the God King in Jingwu College, which means that you once violated the mainland rules. Although there was no ruling at that time, according to Article 170 of the ruling code, you are not allowed to make moves for three years or you will be abolished for a hundred years!" The adjudicator keeps reading the code like a machine!
"Don’t shoot for three years. I don’t think this code is stipulated by mainland rules, but by yourself?" I heard that the adjudicator said that he was not allowed to start work for three years. The anger in Dragon Emperor No.1 was finally stimulated. It turned out that he was forced to suppress the anger in his heart and now it broke out at one time, just like a volcanic eruption!
"I always do things according to the continental code. I don’t care and don’t want to care about what you think, but one thing you’d better not do today, or don’t blame me for not being polite." When the referee said the last few words, his voice became a little cold.
"Ha, ha, ha, I just do it, but you can come to see me. You are a judge, so everything I do is so difficult that you are really afraid of you?" Dragon Emperor No.1, with all colors folded, was compressed and the momentum rose again, and soon reached the five levels in the middle of the God King.
"Ha, ha, ha, so there is really a daredevil. In that case, I don’t have to show mercy." The decider’s body momentum is also rising rapidly, and behind him, a dark and strange cross magic swoosh automatically flies out of his hand!
Gently stroked a few men in black, sneered and murmured, "You haven’t been stained with blood for ten years, old chap. I think you should be very hungry, too. Today I will drink the freshest blood!"
Dragon Emperor No.1 took a look at the decider and immediately roared that the magic was fierce and fancy. Although this one didn’t make the lighter, the middle-level strength of the God King was stronger than that of the lighter. Although he only made a halberd at will, the sword mans tore everything he had passed and several small black holes appeared.
Seeing Dragon Emperor No.1 casually wielding a halberd is so powerful that Du Yun is in awe. Although he once competed with Dragon Emperor No.1 before, the real battle is Liu Lao’s real induction to Dragon Emperor No.1′ s sharp Du Yun’s heart filled with emotion.
When the adjudicator saw that Dragon Emperor No.1 really attacked her, he didn’t have the slightest fear, but a sarcastic smile appeared on his mouth. "It’s really overreaching!" Then shot a golden light in the eyes just hit the sharp than the sword in the center of the mans, then broke and walked for a long distance and then dissipated!
"Good terrorist strength is only one round, but Dragon Emperor No.1 knows that the strength of this decider is definitely much higher than that of him. If you really start your hands, the consequences will be absolutely unimaginable." I thought that these Dragon Emperor No.1 took one look and prepared to push again. The decider hurried out; "If you don’t do it, I won’t do it!"
Hear the Dragon Emperor No.1 promise not to start work. The adjudicator also withdrew his own momentum with a cold hum. Everyone in the whole area on the edge of Grand City felt the pressure drop around him and returned to normal again.
The adjudicator glanced at Dragon Emperor No.1 again and said in a dismissive tone, "You have made a very wise choice or you will die today!"
For the decider’s naked contempt for Dragon Emperor No.1, his anger has long been on the verge of breaking out, but his strength is weak. Although he is absolutely unwilling, there is no way to be somewhat wronged. "Today’s humiliation will be repaid twice after I remember it."
"Ha ha, if you are not afraid of death, I welcome you at any time." The decider calmly replied in the face of some threatening words from Dragon Emperor No.1.
Now do it yourself. Although there are still three strong gods, Du Yun’s ice and fire magic lotus is still a losing battle. They just glanced at Du Yun’s hand, which is ready to throw out the ice and fire magic lotus dragon emperor No.1 Nai sighed and said to everyone behind him, "Everybody retreat!" Say that finish is with three people out of the distance.
However, just after a few steps, a man in black ran to Dragon Emperor No.1 and whispered something. At this time, he was very lost. At this time, he regained his confidence and said coldly to the three families who were preparing to celebrate not far away. "It is still unknown who will win or lose this war."
The decider saw that Dragon Emperor No.1 had led people to leave without stopping, and then there was a distortion around his body. His black figure suddenly disappeared. Chapter four hundred and fifty-seven Dragon Emperor conspiracy
See five families allied forces and the strange decider are already depressed for a long time, and the people in the three families are screaming as if to release all the depression in their hearts at one time!