As far as Mo Yan, Lan Xue and Qing Yuan are concerned, Feng Yang found that their strength levels were all their own and they all had high-order Wushu, which was extremely effective.

In fact, others thought so before the game, but today’s battle changed everyone’s mind. Mo Yan was able to compete with the wind, but the sudden emergence of the sword and the blue snow made everyone marvel that his younger brother was crouching tiger, hidden dragon.
There was no suspense in the original final, and the rise of these three people became confusing, which made people can’t help but look forward to the final result. genius doctor can choose three people to participate in the Gulai Imperial Martial Arts Meeting. Who will be the winner?
Hand-written novels
Chapter two hundred and thirty-six Night into the girl’s room
Welcome you to come.
Binhan bubble _ bar (WWPShU8CO
Although the warfare will be in full swing, now Bingham people are in no mood to watch any warfare.
Yesterday, the wind swept through Bin Han and took away Xia Ying’s affairs, and the two guys, Yun Hai and Yang Tianding, made a great sensation.
Moreover, Yun Hai and Yang Tianding were a little divorced from reality when they announced that Bingham was bullying, bullying more and bullying less, and a group of big men bullied a weak woman, and then the wind blew one person to break into Bingham and kill a three-in-three-out-of-the-way enemy, Bingham’s boss You Bingham, who was beaten by the wind and took the girl away from Bingham.
The two of them will brag about the wind, make a move, shake the mountains, and make an ordinary move, and then belittle Bingham as shit.
At this time, it is estimated that this exaggeration has spread all over Feiyun Gate, leading to a rising tide, while Bingham has plummeted, and his reputation and prestige have been greatly affected.
"Brother John, we can’t just forget it. Battle Hall and our Binghan are not in the same class. When is it his turn to be so arrogant?" Bo Yuan said angrily.
Yesterday, it was defeated by the wind, which made Bo Yuan, an elite fighter with a high prestige, face Chang Boyuan now hates the wind, but he didn’t curse it.
"Although Zhantang is a force, it is undeniable that Fengyang’s personal combat effectiveness is really strong. Yesterday, you also saw that his momentum is no less than that of Fan Tong and Hua Sheng Xue." You Binhan said with a dim look that although the words of the sea of clouds and Yang Tianding are exaggerated, it is not a complete fabrication. In Fengyang’s hand, he was beaten back by a punch.
Thoughtfully for a moment, Yu Binhan’s dog head strategist Cheng Yi suddenly said, "I think the wind was blowing yesterday."
You Binhan and Bo Yuan suddenly looked puzzled and waited for him to go on.
"If you think about it, he exudes momentum as much as flowers win snow. If he really has the strength and fears our character and means, he should directly defeat us yesterday, but he didn’t, and it is well known that Fengyang has the secret skill of forcibly increasing strength. I conclude that Fengyang only relied on secret skill or his special martial arts to temporarily exude Wu Huang’s strong momentum, but it can’t last long. He didn’t continue fighting because he knew that he would never make it if he forced us to fight back." A calm analysis will analyze the real situation.
You Binhan nodded thoughtfully. "What you said makes sense. What do you think we should do now?"
"Destroying the wind and raising one person is not enough to restore our reputation and prestige. What we have to do is to completely defeat the war hall, and after the wind and raising, we have enough reason to find trouble in the war hall." A face reveals a cold smile. "Wind and raising treachery and stealing people’s love and Xia Ying are in cahoots to win all the completed values of Huamen."
"That’s a good idea. This time, they will be notorious. It’s not a shame that there are many ghosts." Bo Yuan was excited and shouted, and this force immediately affected yesterday’s pain.
Today, the game went smoothly and quickly. It was a person with strong fighting capacity who met an opponent with mediocre fighting capacity, which caused the battle to become suspenseful. Usually, it was one or two moves to win or lose. Feng Yang, Hua Tian, Mo Yan, Qing Yuan, Lan Xue and others fought quickly, and the foundation was one move to understand.
Many people still stay in a game and the game is over when they are stunned. Then, when everyone enters the end of the game, a game is over. This cycle has led to the fighting between several people, such as Feng Yang, which makes people somewhat out of rhythm.
Feng Yang’s record of five wins and one loss ranks fifth, while Huatian, Mo Yan, Qingyuan, Lan Xue and other four people’s records are all six wins and losses. Relatively speaking, other people’s records are relatively common: three wins and three losses, four wins and two losses, and one win and five losses abound.
"Number 7 vs. Number 1"
As soon as the deacon announced the onlookers, everyone suddenly became very quiet. Everyone could not help but feel a thrill. After the dull battle, there was finally a battle that could make people excited. The arrangement of Feiyun Gate really won’t always be dull. It is certain that people will enter the top 30 after the last four battles.
It is estimated that the deacon elders don’t want to keep this boring and dull, and even the battle in the sky has finally released a pair of drama that can be regarded as the finale.
No.7 Fengyang and No.1 love is almost the same time. Everyone on the flight platform can’t help but stare big eyes and eagerly note their every move.
One is that the swordsman’s single-handed swordsmanship is incredible, and even the speed of his hand is unpredictable, which makes it impossible to prevent people from killing people, but it is enough to make people collapse, and the warfare will suddenly rise and clear up.
One is Feiyun Gate, which was famous for several sensational events. The fighting between the two men has always been expected by everyone, but I didn’t expect to come here. It was a surprise and expectation.
"Qingyuan, I love you, and we have come to support you with our brothers and sisters. You beat Fengyang with your sword." The supporters of Flash Sword are howling like estrus bulls, which seems to be shocking and exciting.
"Feng Yang’s arrow is also very important, and the flashing sword is all a cloud and an arrow shoots through him." Feng Yang’s supporters are not to be outdone. The two have not yet fought in the battle platform, and the supporters are already at daggers drawn.
"Let’s shout for a ball and beat him up." Rowling used sonic martial arts waves to ripple around like ripples, stirring and shocking people. Many weak people were directly shocked to vomit blood.