"Well, I’ll thank you instead of them …" I came to Du Jiang because I was seriously injured, and now I’ve said so many words in a row, and I’m surprised that he will faint when I see him. Du Jiangyuan wanted to close his eyes, but suddenly he opened his eyes again. "I still have one thing in Du Ping that Du Li and Du Qing are family-made materials. I hope you can treat them well and don’t ruin their future …"

Looking at Du Jiang Du Ping, whose breath is already very weak, he solemnly said, "You can rest assured that I am still the master, and I will treat them like Du Yun and Du Xiao one day."
"Ha ha ha you talk, I believe … I believe …" Before the last letter was finished, Du Jiang’s only chance of survival was finally cut off, and then he came to Du Li for a heartbreaking cry "big elder … big elder …"
For Du Jiang’s fall, Du Ping felt very complicated, very excited and a little lost. He struggled with himself for a generation, so how much he went made him feel a little unbelievable, but some of them are no longer important. Now the most important thing is to deal with the aftermath, and the upcoming alliance meeting is coming.
Du Ping promised to forgive the two elders and the three elders, and he did so. He just eliminated their elders and let them go back to reflect. There was no other punishment. After knowing that there was still a simple arrangement at the Alliance Conference, Du Ping asked everyone to go back to rest
When everyone has already dispersed the whole party hall to leave Du Yun and Du Ping, Du Pingcai sometimes asks Du Yun about the situation of chasing the old man in black. "Is that man dead or has he escaped?"
Du Yun deadpan replied, "Dead!"
"You kill?" Du Ping was surprised and asked.
"Yes!" Du Yun’s face is still calm, and he can’t see any change. It’s just like killing an immortal, a fifth-order peak and a strong root is a very casual thing.
After a moment of silence, Du Ping took a deep breath to suppress his surprise and continued to ask, "Although the boss in black has been seriously injured, can you kill him with your strength?"
"I gently cut a halberd. Who knew he was so intolerant and died?" Du Yun shrugged and made a very nai expression.
Looking at Du Yun’s performance, Du Ping had an impulse to smoke Du Yun and died easily. It was easy to say that it was an immortal fifth-order peak. Although the strong man was badly injured, it was not a simple thing to kill him himself. Now Du Yun actually said that it was so easy. Of course, it is unbelievable. Knowing that Du Yun could not get the result in his mouth, he quickly changed the subject. "The day is the alliance meeting. I guess the ghost family will not move again, so I think we can relax for the time being."
Du Yun thought for a moment and quite agreed with Du Ping’s judgment. "I also think that there should be no changes in the ghost family recently. Our nerves are not so tight, but it is necessary to guard against one thousand in the family."
Hearing that Du Yun and his own judgment were the same, Du Ping was worried that he could finally put some aside for the time being. Looking at the late night and the alliance meeting, he let Du Yun go back to rest.
Last night, the war lasted until late at night. Just after lying in bed for a while, everyone heard the birds chirping in the family. Although everyone was still a little dizzy, they had to get up. After all, today is the big family alliance meeting.
After a simple wash, Du Yun took Xiao Zi to Du Ping’s yard. Du Yun looked very calm at this time, but there was no tension in his heart, and there were some expectations.
When Du Yun arrived in Du Ping, he saw where Du Ping, Du Xiao and Du Li had been waiting. Last night, things had passed all night, but Du Li’s face still left traces of sadness. Du Yunlai wanted to comfort a few words, but he didn’t start because he didn’t know what to say …
Seeing that all three people have arrived in Du Ping, I solemnly said, "This alliance meeting is important, you know, but I want to tell you now that your life is more important. If you want to keep your life, then our family still has hope for revival. If you really encounter difficulties this time, you will directly give up and surrender to protect your strength, understand?"
For Du Ping, all three of them are in vain, but all three of them are arrogant and will not give up. Therefore, all three of them are obedient to Du Ping on the surface, and they have long been secretly determined to help the family status to the death.
Du Ping is not a worm in three people’s stomachs. Of course, I don’t know what they think in their hearts at this time. Seeing the silence of three people, they have listened and persuaded themselves to be less worried.
Arrange the matters needing attention of the game again. After that, Du Yun, three people, namely the law enforcement elders of Du Ping, and others, went out of Du’s house together and then walked all the way to the square. Chapter three hundred and sixty-one Alliance meeting (2)
Today is such a grand event that the Casa Imperial Family Alliance Conference is held. The whole casarte people know that the Du family at this time is still a big family in the eyes of ordinary people, although it is no longer brilliant in the past. The constant shooting from the roadside contains various emotions, which makes Du Yun feel a little numb.
All the way, I watched Du Yun and his party marching to hold this Huimeng convention square. At this time, there was already a sea of people here. Fortunately, there was a special road for everyone to walk. Otherwise, it would take a long time for several people in Du Yun, Du Ping, to lead them along the passage to the prescribed seats
Seats have just been sitting in Du Xiao talking. Du Yun’s eyebrows suddenly picked up and looked up. He glanced at the opposite stand. There was a seat. A person was watching a silver warrior holding a sword. It turned out that when he bought wine, he met a person in the Midi family. Du Yun’s line of sight looked at him. His mouth evoked a faint sneer. The sword in his arms was pulled out half an inch and he made a wipe at Du Yun.
Slightly narrowing her eyes and looking at the family member Du Yun, who is dressed in silver, smiled faintly and a wisp of cold mountain flashed in her dark eyes. "I hope you don’t meet me in this competition, or I will definitely try to carry it out."
Next to Du Ping, he also sensed Du Yunshen’s murderous look along the direction of his eyes, and he saw that one person in the Mi Di family just hated to look at the sample here. Du Yun had some grudges and knew that the man’s strength was just a monk who was lower than Du Yun in the later period. Du Ping shook his head slightly.
Looking back from the other side of the Midi family, Du Yun’s eyes swept around the square in the central position of the stands. There is a view of the most seats. This seat only sits an old man with white hair and beard, and this old man Du Yun has seen him. He is the new ghost family owner Dragon Emperor No.1. His strength is the strongest in the whole Casa Empire. It is natural to sit in the central position of the stands.
Du Yun’s face became dignified when he saw that Dragon Emperor No.1 actually attended this alliance meeting in person. Many others didn’t know his strength. However, during the second engagement, Du Yun clearly knew that it was definitely a mid-term level of the King of God. The strong sense of induction was very keen. Du Yun found that a wisp of fluctuation occasionally appeared around Dragon Emperor No.1. This kind of fluctuation was imagined after reaching the level of the King of God and having control.
Dragon Emperor No.1 seems to have sensed Du Yun’s gaze, turned his head and glanced at Du Yun at random, and then once again looked at the reference platform and saw that all the people had finished Jilong Emperor No.1 quivered slightly and announced that "Casa Imperial Family Alliance Conference is now …"
When I heard Dragon Emperor No.1 announce the 50-year big family alliance meeting, there was a warm applause in the square, and the big family alliance meeting was also official.
Dragon Emperor No.1 ordered the big family to lead slowly to the reference platform. When everyone walked in the stands, Du Yun had a chance to look at all the contestants’ eyes. According to the induction, the weakest strength was against all the monks in the later period, most of whom were strong in the early or middle period of immortal.
When Du Yun’s eyes met Li Xiaotong, he nodded slightly, which was a greeting. Du Yun was surprised to see Du Yun and Li Xiaotong, but his face suddenly turned red. Du Yun didn’t know what girls like to blush when they see him. Is it true that they are really pigments? If they want to see it, they will be dyed.
The contestants had already left the competition table, and then a courtesy officer-like person came out to introduce their opponents. None of these people knew Du Yun and didn’t recognize their strength. Du Yungen didn’t rest assured of this introduction.
After introducing the players from the big family who participated in the Alliance Conference, the etiquette officer asked the players to leave a householder for a lottery ceremony to decide the opponents of the Alliance Conference.
The lottery ceremony was very simple. After only a few minutes, Du Ping returned to his original seat and came to Du Yun to ask Du Ping who his opponent was. But when he saw Du Ping’s hand, Du Yun knew that his thoughts were about to fall.
Of course, Du Ping also saw Du Yun’s disappointment, smiled and patted him on the shoulder and said, "Now it’s a lottery, and the result will not be known until the game."
Now that Dharma knows that his opponent Du Yun is looking around, when he looks at Dragon Emperor No.1 again, Dragon Emperor No.1 seems to suddenly feel something. The original lazy eyes lift turbid eyes and directly see Du Yun’s line of sight, or Du Yunlong Emperor No.1 just wants to divert his line of sight slightly, but suddenly he finds that a wisp of purple flame suddenly flashes past Du Yun’s dark eyes.
It’s the first time to lose Dragon Emperor No.1 because of such a strange thing. It’s the first time to see the rapid condensation of God’s knowledge and direct it to Du Yun’s eyes. Du Yun immediately felt it. The eyes suddenly felt unbearable pain, and Du Yun hurried to run the immortal power. Finally, the purple fire in the dark eyes stung the eyes. Those things were directly burned clean, and the pain faded away. But Du Yun never dared to look at Dragon Emperor No.1 again and quickly withdrew the light.
"Huh?" When the purple fire was burning in Du Yun’s eyes, Dragon Emperor No.1 gave a low shock, and then murmured from the bottom of my heart, "I am so familiar with the flame as if I had seen it there?" I carefully recalled the sudden surprise of Dragon Emperor No.1 in my mind recently, and even knocked the tea on the table to the east and west. It doesn’t matter, "Is it him?"