"Red beans, you sit in the car and don’t come out. I’ll teach those two king eggs a lesson. If they dare to make trouble with me, they will be more than one bargained for today."

Luo Qingxue told Mu Hongdou that it might be dangerous if Mu Hongdou didn’t have a martial arts car, so Luo Qingxue told Mu Hongdou to keep the car.
"Elder sister that you will be in danger? My silver Porsche is not a good guy. "
Mu Hongdou asked a little worried.
"If you don’t believe me, you should believe Zhouyi. You and his car have followed behind. Just wait for the drama. How can Sister and Zhouyi teach these two guys a lesson? If they don’t go too far, I will teach them a little lesson. If these two guys don’t know much, they will give them something today. They will come to our trouble in the future."
Luo qingxue pointed to the Zhouyi car behind and said
Mu Hongdou has also arrived at Zhouyi car, which is completely relieved. Zhouyi and Zhou Chi can jointly repel the West Lake to help more than 100 people. It is natural to teach those two people who are looking for Luo Qingxue trouble to finish their words.
Luo Qingxue just came from the car, and the silver Porsche with long hair and earrings came from the car immediately. In that year, the man returned the car temporarily, which seems to be a costume. This car is estimated that people can afford this kind of convertible Porsche sports car, and it is estimated that the family is still very rich.
"Little girl ye driving skills now? You can’t get rid of me! I bet with someone when I was racing with you last year, and I lost tens of thousands of friends. I was so angry that I lost my face in front of my friends. "
The man with long hair and fancy hair said, "You must compete with me today and go to Otsukinoyama for racing. This time I will play with you to stimulate our mountain racing. How dare you little girl!
"I told you earlier that you didn’t have ears and couldn’t hear when I didn’t?"
Luo Qingxue was very upset when she heard that this handsome man with long hair was a mouthful, so she said grumpily that she had participated in a lot of racing before. Where do I remember such a figure? She usually remembers racing opponents.
"Little girl, don’t make a toast."
The fancy long-haired man laughed when he saw that Luo Qingxue’s attitude was not good at all. It was a dead end and there was no one here. It would be perfect if he wanted to do something.
"Aunt, what’s wrong with this attitude? What do you want?"
Luo Qingxue also said very impulsively that she always has no good face for this guy who comes to find fault.
"If you don’t go to the car race with me, you can do it another way."
The man with long hair and fancy hair laughed and said, "I can’t even find you as a chick, but your car is very eye-catching. I came out as soon as I got out. It’s your car. If you don’t go to the car race with me today, you can play with me and I won’t delay you from going to school to make you feel good."
When a man with long hair and fancy hair speaks, his expression is obscene, and his yellow teeth are exposed, which makes people feel more disgusting.
"I am cool with your sister."
Luo Qingxue finally couldn’t help it. It’s rare to burst a swearing sentence and kick it to the long-haired fancy man.
Don’t you want to play with women? Aunt told you not to be a girl. Chapter 7 Who killed who?
Luo Qing Snow kicked the long-haired fancy man in the crotch with this sneak attack. Although she didn’t want this guy who was flirting with her just now to cut off her grandson, the strength of this foot was not small. The long-haired fancy man was kicked, and the horse could not squat down while clutching his crotch []
"You little bitch, how dare you kick the old man and wait for him not to kill you?"
The handsome man with long hair covered his crotch and said savagely, but the pain in his crotch was not straight, threatening Luo Qingxue.
"What’s wrong with kicking you?"
Luo Qingxue sneer at a way "with you dare to say those obscene words in front of your aunt? If you don’t get out of here, I’m already merciful. If you try a little harder, you won’t be a man! "
"Eldest brother, help me teach this little girl a lesson. I was ambushed by this little girl. I’ll take both of them to honor you. I don’t want any of them."
The long-haired fancy man took a look at Luo Qingxue and shouted to the young man who was still sitting in a silver Porsche. He didn’t expect Luo Qingxue to dare to kick his crotch first, and now he had to call for help.
"You’re such a loser that even a chick can’t handle it, but you just said that when these two chicks are all mine, don’t be greedy."
Young man came from the silver Porsche with a baseball group in his hand. Hey, hey, say with smile.
This man is about thirty-five, and he looks a little girly, but he is tall and strong, and he speaks quite rudely, but his clothes are fancy, but they are definitely foreign brands. This guy is a rich man, otherwise there would be no such good car as Porsche.
"Eldest brother wants you to help me out of this evil spirit. I don’t want any of these two girls to give you a threesome," said the handsome man with long hair
"Then you learn how to teach this little girl a lesson."
The young man took a white look at the long hair in his crotch. The fancy man walked to Luo Qingxue with a baseball bat and smiled faintly at Luo Qing Xuedao. "Little girl, you are very cross. My brother just wants to race a car with you, but you kicked someone’s’ second child’. How to solve this problem?"
"He insulted me. What’s wrong with me kicking him? I’m going to back off when I’m smart. I don’t have time to waste with you here. "
Luo Qing said that there was Zhouyi here, and so on, to provoke his hooligans, but he kicked them. She didn’t give this year’s man a hard time.
"Hey, you really want to go like this? Don’t you know my nickname? "
The young man laughed with an evil face and a lewd expression. His eyes kept sweeping through the snow in Luo Qing as if to reach her body through Luo Qing’s snow coat.
Luo Qingxue felt very uncomfortable when he arrived at this year.
"I don’t care who you are, just don’t get in my way." Luo Qingxue sneered. "I’m still in a hurry to go to school. I don’t have time to spend with some cats and dogs."
"What a sharp-tongued chick with yellow teeth. Tell this Xiao Ni my name, or let this chick cut off the idea of running away."
Young man laughed.