Zhou Chi and Chen Hu all got the message and nodded their heads. Soon, when all five people changed their clothes, it was natural to handcuff them. However, when they changed their clothes, several policemen were on guard with guns. When they changed their clothes, the police detained the handcuffs for Zhouyi and others, because these policemen were extremely horrible people, and they had to be careful.

After changing clothes, the police asked Zhou Yi and other five people to sit next to a bench in the interrogation room. A young police officer with glasses sat at the desk opposite them and took out a notebook to prepare interrogation records, while other police officers were all armed with guns.
Five people, such as Zhouyi, are wearing prisoners, but there are no prisoners at all. It still makes the police in the interrogation room feel more calm. They are all recidivists and smooth hands, so it is more difficult to interrogate. It is estimated that it will be very late tonight.
When Zhouyi and others changed their clothes, Shijingshan called Director Zhao of the Provincial Public Security Department. Director Zhao was from Beijing, and he went back to Beijing for the Spring Festival holiday these days.
Director Zhao was shocked when he learned about it. He ordered Shijingshan to interrogate five people, including Zhouyi, and then put him in prison and rushed back to Hangzhou to report the situation to the governor and provincial party Committee
Shijingshan finished speaking and went to the interrogation room to personally interrogate Zhouyi and others.
"Now you can tell your name, age, place of origin and home address? This is a provincial office. You’d better be honest and don’t play any tricks in front of me! "
Shijingshan is responsible for recording what the police did next to him, knocking on his desk and saying, Chapter 4 Killing Heroes.
"There’s nothing to say []"
Zhouyi nodded his head and said all this information to himself, while Chen Huzhou and others also gestured to Zhouyi based on their own information.
This made Shijingshan a little surprised. When Shijingshan asked Zhouyi at the headquarters of the West Lake Gang, Zhouyigen didn’t want to say it at this time, but he said it outright, so he would interrogate it smoothly.
"So you are Zhou Fuguier. No wonder you were so car-scrapping, but I’m telling you, you’ve stopped choosing to be honest with yourself. You’ve killed too many people and no one can keep you."
Shijingshan cleared his voice and then asked, "What’s your enemy with the West Lake Gang? Why did you kill the West Lake Gang? You five people are really crazy to kill hundreds of people. Your grandfather is Zhoushan. You practiced martial arts to kill people? "
"I said that I am carrying out my special status. I can’t talk to you about this for 40 hours. You know that the only thing you have to do now is to protect the scene with the people of Hangzhou Public Security Bureau. Besides, the five of us are hungry and get something to fill our stomachs first. If we are bad, you can’t explain it."
Zhouyi said flatly that he didn’t intend to say anything to this Shijingshan.
"You are very close to death also d you a police execution even I can’t know? Want to eat before the trial is over? You really think of yourself as something. "
Shijingshan got angry and went on the rampage, but Zhouyi stopped talking, which made him very nai.
"Your name is Chen Hu, right? What kind of hatred do you have with the West Lake Gang?"
Shijingshan pointed to Chen Hu and said that he couldn’t pry Zhouyi’s mouth better and interrogated Chen Hu and others. Zhouyi is a provincial office where the underworld hides in Hangzhou. These people don’t know what festivals Zhouyi and Yan Shaogu have.
"Didn’t my young master say that you are not qualified to know that you didn’t hear clearly when someone naturally negotiated with your company?"
Chen Hu has always been a cold and arrogant person, so he didn’t even take a look at Shijingshan and said coldly.
"Well, come on, you’re not going to say that it’s a fun place to return the ministries and agencies without giving you a lesson."
Shijingshan was even more angry and slapped the table on his hand. "Let’s beat them up first, and then say they are still stubborn."
Shijingshan is a criminal policeman who has the ability and some means to handle cases, but at the same time, this guy is also an arrogant and overbearing person. He is not only in front of him, but if the suspect does not cooperate during the trial, he will be punished directly.
Moreover, Shijingshan is also very cunning. He will not punch the prisoner in the face or ask someone to do it. In this place where people can show up, he will not cause trauma and let people hold the handle and accuse them. Instead, he will directly hurt people. Shijingshan has a bad reputation. Many prisoners dare not confess when they see it.
Now Zhouyi said nothing and satirized Shijingshan for not being qualified to ask him questions, so he was angry. Naturally, he had to offer a killer weapon and prepare to use force.
"Stone group leader, this is not so good."
When I heard that I had to be punished again, the police in Shijingshan, Zhou Yi and others, hesitated and said that it was time for the police to interrogate the suspects. Of course, this is a rule. There are many cases in which the police beat the prisoners. But this time, these policemen are a little unwilling to give up. That’s because Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi and others are very tough and difficult to deal with. If they resist that hand button, they may not be able to buckle them.
"Why are you losers and cowards so afraid of things that I have to do it myself?"
Shijingshan frowned at his hand and said coldly, "You have arrived. They are all murderers. They have admitted the fact of killing. Even if they don’t explain the motive for killing, they will be shot sooner or later. What’s the matter? If you don’t punish me, these guys won’t talk. Do you want to spend the night with these people? It’s still the Spring Festival. Isn’t it a good thing that we put them in prison and go home early after the trial? "
"yes, group leader"
Before getting angry at Shijingshan, the hesitant policeman Ma should have taken out a wooden stick from a corner of the interrogation room and was about to start work on Zhouyi and others.
"Wait a minute, team leader Shi, are you going to punish us?"
Zhouyi Shijingshan cold said
"Book of Changes, you tell me honestly that I naturally won’t torture you, but if you don’t say a word, I’ll be welcome. Anyway, it’s not a great thing for you to torture you. If you want to sue me, you can also sue the Yan."