Everyone laughed.

Blue Moon turned red and stared at the waves, saying, "Tell someone to call me. What’s the matter? Tell me I have to go to bed."
The waves didn’t answer Blue Moon’s words, but picked up a glass of wine and got up to drink "Brothers!"
The waves were so heavy that the abdomen covered up the sound of fighting for wine and guessing fists. Everyone stopped and looked at the waves and didn’t know what they were going to say.
Lang said to the public, "Today, I can still surf here. It’s not my life that is blessed by the waves. It’s the love of my brothers that makes me turn my luck into success. Here’s to my brothers."
The waves gulped it down, holding the bottle and filling it up.
Everyone knows that the waves still have something to say, and they are quietly waiting for the waves to say it.
The waves raised their glasses again and said, "Since I came to the Red Chamber, I have not only got the wrong love from my brothers, but also got the wrong love from Miss Lan Zong and Miss Lan Da, which makes me always nervous and grateful. I am a clown and can’t talk. Don’t take it personally, brothers …"
Blue Moon sniggered in her heart, "You can talk very little. If you want to be a clown, there will be no fine people in this hall!" "
The waves continued to say, "After Xiaori took me away, brothers, I tried my best. I looked at the waves and remembered others in my heart. I didn’t say much. I won’t forget the benefits of brothers."
Everyone applauded together.
The waves held the cup in one hand and pressed it in the other to stop the thunderous clap.
The waves turned around and looked at the blue moon and said, "I am especially grateful to one person for everything she has done. I just sit here and talk for three days and nights and I can’t finish it. I don’t remember much. This person is Miss Blue!"
Thunder clap again.
The waves walked up to Blue Moon and said, "I’ll drink this glass of wine. It’s to Miss Blue!" "
Blue Moon turned red again and said in a low voice, "Why are you dragging my head again?"
The waves still didn’t answer. Blue Moon poured herself a glass of wine, looked at the crowd with clear and calm eyes, and said to the big guy, "Today I want to announce one thing. This thing is that from today on, I will chase Miss Lan, whether I can catch up with me or not. It is my determination to chase this glass of wine!"
When the waves are dry, put a glass of wine and say, "Brothers, what do you say?"
Just now, it was a solo show by the waves. Some people applauded and some people cooperated. It was agreed that this thing was going to chase Miss Lan. As soon as it was announced, everyone was stunned. The whole restaurant on the second floor was stunned until the waves drank up their determination to drink. ) is it good or not, no one dares to say that everyone is looking at the blue moon.
The blue moon looks the most strange, neither frightened nor overjoyed, neither angry nor ashamed, but calm, with her eyes slightly narrowed and quietly looking at the waves. No one knows what her posture and expression mean, and no one dares to applaud.
The atmosphere was deadlocked for five seconds. Blue Moon spoke first. Her voice was calm and sweet. She even seemed to smile and look at the waves and say, "I won’t refuse you now if you have this determination. It depends on your performance to give you a chance to chase."
After saying this, Blue Moon turned around and left peacefully. When she walked through the waves, she whispered, "Come to my room after drinking."
The waves looked at the blue moon’s back and smiled unfathomably. They turned to face the crowd and said, "Brothers, Miss Blue didn’t refuse me, and everyone didn’t applaud me?"
Thunder-like palms are about to resound through the sky!
Everyone has the courage to admire the waves and dare to make love to the blue moon, which requires not only great confidence but also great courage.
Before announcing the news, the waves sent a brother to quietly call Blue Moon, and if necessary, say I invited her.
The waves continued to drink with all the people, especially with Zhuang’s wish.
Zhuang ruyuan was drunk and smoked and even called the waves "good brothers". The waves suddenly smiled and said, "Call me a few good brothers again. Call me a brother later, but I won’t agree."
Zhuang ruyuan glared at Lickitung, whose eyes were red with alcohol, and said, "Why don’t you promise us that we are not brothers?"
Next to Chen Ping, he heard no signs and said to Zhuang as he wished, "Brother is still a good brother. Xiaohai wants you to be his elder."