"Let’s go to the Speedway," Chen Hu replied.

"Well, I heard that American teenagers and many stressful professionals like the exciting activity of racing. Then take me to the Flying Car Gang to control the racing track. How powerful is the Flying Car Gang?"
Zhouyi heard Chen Hu say that he was going to the racetrack and got into the co-driver’s cab. He immediately nodded and agreed. He was also a good car player. Of course, that was when he was twelve years old. Zhou Fugui hired a top racer to train him for a year. As a result, he was going to practice driving on weekends at that time. He was very talented and became a car player a year later.
"Young master, let’s go to Alcatraz, which is the largest outdoor racetrack in San Francisco. The United States is very famous and controlled by flying cars."
Chen Hu replied, and then he was proficient in all kinds of cars, so this old Ford left the headquarters of Longbang with a strong breath, and then quickly left Chinatown and walked eastward along the spacious road, soaring all the way.
It’s after noon at this time, and the weather is quite good. It makes people feel comfortable to bask in the warm sun.
It’s a subtropical terrestrial climate. It’s warmer in winter and cooler in summer than in Hangzhou. Both Zhouyi and Chen Hu are wearing two clothes to hide their eyes and ears. They both wear sunglasses, which makes them look cool.
If Zhouyi and Chen Hu had a good car, it is estimated that many girls would stick to them on the road in a very liberal country like the United States. Unfortunately, they are an old Ford convertible, and a few beautiful women took a look at them and lost interest.
It turns out that many women in the United States, like China, like money and money, handsome men can be gigolo for rich women without beautiful women taking the initiative to throw themselves at each other.
Chen Hu is very familiar with San Francisco. He skillfully drives a Ford while Zhouyi introduces some information about San Francisco.
San Francisco is the fourth largest city in California, USA. It is located in the northern part of California, bordering San Francisco Bay in the east and the Pacific Ocean in the west. It mainly includes Alcatraz in the east, Treasure Island in the south, Silicon Valley in the west and Marin County in the north of Chinatown.
Chinatown, west of San Francisco, where Zhouyi and Chen Hu are heading east, is Alcatraz, which is also famous for racing and open-air racing under the jurisdiction of the speed gang. Many American youths come here from all over the world to seek excitement in racing.
Alcatraz is actually a place name, because Alcatraz is not an island but an administrative district. Alcatraz is a combination of plains and hills. The local plains are industrial areas and residential areas, while the easternmost hills are hills. There are several hills at the foot of the largest outdoor racing circuit in San Francisco.
Chen Hu is obviously familiar with the road. After driving away from the main road in the plain area, he quickly turned another road and soon came to the easternmost foothills of Alcatraz.
Several hills surround a basin with an area of at least 100 mu, and the whole basin is very flat, which forms a natural racing track. If you can’t find such a spacious and good place to race anywhere in the city.
Chen Hu’s driving skill is quite good, and he soon drove to this open-air racing track. Obviously, he has been to this place.
After entering the racetrack, Zhou Yi and Chen Hu got out of the car and leaned against the Ford convertible to observe the situation around them.
Zhouyi found that there were several young men and women in strange costumes at the racetrack. These people looked like non-mainstream, some wore them as bloated as pandas, and others rarely showed glistening thighs and breasts. It was really a different style.
Of course, there are also cool and handsome men who rely on their sports cars to look cool. In addition, there are well-dressed rich girls and urban white-collar workers who seem to be tired of bars and kv and come here to find a sense of speed to bring fatal excitement and pleasure.
There are many people and cars in the racetrack, and dozens of luxury motorcycles are parked in a conspicuous position. It is estimated that they are speed gangs, and these people in the racetrack have their own circles. They get together and talk, and some people even laugh recklessly.
As time goes by, people come from time to time, but most of these cars are cheap Xiali Jetta, but there are also many top sports cars such as Ferrari Maibakh
Zhou Yi carefully observed the racetrack and found that the racetrack was very wide, which was obviously manually trimmed with various specifications. From the scale of the racetrack, at least dozens of sports cars or motorcycles could compete at the same time. It is not false to say that it is the largest outdoor racetrack in San Francisco in Chen Hu.
The racetrack is very noisy, not only because of the noisy people, but also because someone specially towed the top stereo by truck.
At this time, rock music is playing in the stereo, where the singer’s heartbreaking voice and violent percussion of musical instruments simply make people feel deafening. Fortunately, it is open-air and Zhouyi will feel unbearable if it is closed.
"Who is in charge of the car here when? Why didn’t you respond after waiting for a long time? I heard that this is the site of the speed gang. There are many motorcycle players. Who is the most powerful motorcycle racer in the speed gang? Do you have the courage to play with me? "
Zhou Yi and Chen Hugang suddenly heard a harsh sound not far away.
Zhouyi looked around and found that it was a young man talking openly and he was surrounded by people. Several motorcycles and top sports cars were parked next to them, which was obviously prepared.
This year, the man is about thirty-five years old, and his figure is rather bloated, but he just wears a tights to make him feel more like a ball. He wears a pair of big sunglasses and can’t tell his face, but look at his talking manner, which seems to be awesome. Those people around him are also wearing sunglasses and swaggering.
"Who’s yelling here? Who wants to race motorcycles with us? You’re new here, right? Do you understand the rules? If a newcomer wants to challenge others, he must win at least ten games in a row before he is qualified to challenge us to help drivers. Besides, today is our big lady and others racing activities will be suspended. "
As soon as the young man rang the horse, a young man came out with a cigarette in his mouth. He arrived at that year, but his eyes didn’t look over there. Both of them were very arrogant, which is really right.
Zhouyi and Chen Hu knew that the young man must be a speeding gang when they listened to each other, but they didn’t know what his status was for the time being.
"You are a flying gang, aren’t you? What nonsense rules? I have to change this rule for me when I come. I’m telling your horse to find you a flying gang to help the best motorcyclists play with the old man!"
Fat man is still cried
"What are you that dares to break our rules? You are looking for a cigarette, right?"
The young man seemed to be angry after hearing the fat man’s words. He waved his horse behind him and a dozen flying cars came out to help people.
"There’s going to be a good show."
Zhouyi thought, "What’s the origin of being fat this year? He’s here to make trouble and fight against the speeding gang. It’s a mixed bag to come to this place. "
This flying gang is young, about twenty years old, and one meter tall. He has a good figure, a high nose, a long and handsome face, and some little girls like that evil spirit. But at this time, his face is full of laughter, but he looks like killing people with anger!
This young man is William who runs rampant in San Francisco.
William returned to the headquarters of the Speeding Gang yesterday because of Alice Chinatown, and was severely reprimanded by Francisco Bolton, the leader of the Speeding Gang. Today, he is very upset and angry.
Today, Alice will be with a professional racer here. Today, the racetrack is temporarily closed to the outside world, and this year’s fat is still causing trouble, which touches his scales. Therefore, he immediately called himself to fight against the fat man. Anyway, this is a racing gang site, and he can do whatever he wants with many people.
"You really have eyes! I cann’t believe you said I was something You tell me who you are first, and don’t wait for me to say my name, you will scare your pants! "
The obese man saw a dozen flying cars surrounded him, but he didn’t have the slightest fear. He still said very proudly and didn’t know where his confidence was!
"Dead fat, you listen up. This is our brother William. You should know, right? The whole of San Francisco offended our brother William, which is a dead end. Brother William said that today is our big miss and racetrack. The racetrack will be suspended. You are here to make trouble today. You don’t know where this place is, and you don’t know how to die then. "
Behind William, the younger brother sneered that they were holding a baseball bat in their hands and didn’t pay attention to Nianpang. Because Nianpang brought a person, there were at least 60 or 70 people who occupied the absolute advantage except for more than a dozen of them. This is still their territory. Kyle called hundreds of people to come to this obese year, which is not enough for them to plug their teeth. Chapter 6: 3K gang.
Chapter 6 3k gang
"Young Master, this song seems to be William, that is, Xiao Xiao said that he was the guy who made trouble in Chinatown yesterday. He should be a recent figure. When my master and I were in the United States, we knew that there were two people in the speed gang, Francisco and Smith Bond, but who was fat this year? I didn’t come out. This person is estimated to be a foreign power, but San Francisco is a monopoly of speed gangs. No one dares to challenge the speed gang. This fat show is to make trouble and is full of confidence. Otherwise, it is a brain problem and it is purely to die []"
When William and Nianpang clashed, Chen Huxiao said to Zhouyi
"I also came out. This guy is William. This guy looks exactly like the information. Chen Hu, you are really a talent. You must be a man with a story. I brought you to the United States."