"I didn’t lie to you," Zhang Yang said seriously. He sometimes loves to joke, but this time he thinks it’s very important.

"You just lied to you. Is it true or not? It’s the first time for you!" Wu Yu some outrageous eyes shed tears instead appear delicate and touching.
"Idiot! Aren’t we very happy together? What do you want to think so much? Even if you are not me for the first time, your heart is also me. "Zhang hurriedly said that he was very flustered by my girl’s tears and patted Wu Yu’s back.
Wu Yu didn’t buy it. He brought it into tears slightly. "Hum! Don’t touch me. I don’t believe I didn’t cry. It’s not true that yuan can’t flow smoothly and flow to the eyes to squeeze out water. "
"This reason is really strong enough! Back to you to teach me, but I also added this trick when I was plotting. When I cried, the enemy surrendered. "Zhang amused Wu Yu and joked that he still gently patted Wu Yu’s back.
"Whoops … big bad guy!" Wu Yu Xiao Fen punched Zhang Yang’s chest, and then she seemed to be a little tired and put her ear to Zhang Yang’s chest and stopped talking quietly.
Then Zhang Yanger to Wu Yu gently small voice "tease you fool! I am complete … "
"I believe it!" Zhang whispered that he didn’t know what Wu Yu had to say, which could attribute the matter to my girl’s thoughts.
Suddenly, a white shadow flew out from Zhang Yang’s ring, but it was a small cotton ball. The little guy floated and wiped his eyes with two small paws.
"yi ah! Brother Xiaoyang, what are you doing with Sister Xiaoyu? Why don’t you dress? " The sound is as beautiful as the sound of nature. The little guy points to quietly hug Zhang Yang and Wu Yu.
"Amount!" Zhang was stunned and didn’t know how to explain it.
Wu Yu is also a pretty face flushed with a small mouth and stunned to say something.
A small claw scratched his head and his eyes were confused. Suddenly, the little guy’s eyes flashed with a flash of light.
Rongrong two small paws a clap a way "it is men and women fighting! Ha ha ha … "
"Khan!" Zhang Yangyu asks heaven.
Wu Yu looked puzzled and asked, "What men and women are fighting?"
"well! It was my brother who pressed my sister down. Xiaoyang, my brother and I said it was so interesting! Fighting between men and women won’t kill anyone. Generally, one party gives up … "Rongrong flies around two people happily and explains very much.
"Bad thing! I really regret that this little guy said, "Zhang Yangxin regrets that he is very skeptical about his teaching ability. After teaching for a long time, he has made cognitive mistakes in teaching the little guy’s life.
"Bad guys, you should teach Rongrong this thing and never touch me again after you let me go. So you are such a person." Wu Yu said with shame and indignation that he would leave Zhang’s arms.
Zhang Yang is in a great hurry. If this influence is left behind, he will be ruined. He said, "Wu Yu is not a velvet glove. Just listen to me and say a few words."
"Don’t listen!" Wu Yu struggled to get up,
Zhang with great strength just holding Wu Yu before the other party agreed to Zhang quickly said that day.
Wu Yu, of course, is also confused. He is angry only when he is angry. When Zhang explained that he stopped struggling, he was relieved.
She knows that Rongrong is a child, and sometimes there are misunderstandings about many things. When Zhang Yang explained it, it naturally became clear.
After listening to Zhang explained that Rongrong smiled, "Yiya … right! Even if I don’t lie, my brother says that men and women fight and every time my sister will give up, Xiaoyang’s brother is the best and my sister is not an opponent. "
Wu Yu is going crazy, too. According to Rong Rong’s words, it means "my brother presses my sister down and my sister gives up every time, and then my brother is very powerful."
Know a little bit about Wu Yu and have an impulse to hit the wall. Little face is flushed with shame. Zhang is happy instead. "Wu Yu has also been brought in. At least this time, I won’t take the blame! You are so awesome! "
"Sister is so beautiful that I want to join." Zhang Yang and Wu Yu were still embarrassed when suddenly they flew into the two.
The little guy was naughty and just squeezed in by Wuyu Peak. Zhang swallowed his breath with the ever-changing twin peaks, and he couldn’t help thinking of the eldest brother’s sentence, "A woman’s rabbit ditch requires you to be willing to squeeze the whole world."
Finally, Zhang Yangbai’s eldest brother Zhang Yihong explained that "men want the world, women want men, of course, and mountains want men and women want the world, but the wonderful rabbit ditch can naturally be the whole world."
Seeing the little guy squeezed in, Zhang Yang was envious. He really wanted to turn himself into a little guy. It was really reasonable for him to believe what the big brother said for the first time, and the reason was very strong!
"What a relief!" Two small paws holding Wu Yu and a small white rabbit walked over and said, "The little guy’s big eyes and tiny eyes are intoxicated, just like a child’s innocence."
"Ha ha ha ….." Wu Yu also laughed. She treated the fluffy as a child. The little guy was so cute that she didn’t guard against it like a pervert.
Rong Rong, one claw, Zhang Yang, draw a circle on his chest, one claw, Wu Yufeng, draw a circle.
And said, "How nice it is to be naked! I never wear clothes. Sister Xiaoyu’s skin is so smooth and tender, don’t you think? "
"ah? That ….. "Zhang don’t know how to answer, especially to Wu Yu is going to kill his eyes more language.
Zhang Yang has always been confused about the sex of the little guy, and Rong Rong’s answer is "I don’t even know!"
Wu Yu, who once asked about Rongrong, also knew that the little guy was very strange, and gradually he would not distinguish between the sexes of Rongrong. It was very bad to think that it was only a little over a month after the baby was born, and it was still a baby who could talk and think.
Now Zhang Yang really suspects that this little guy is a little pervert and robbed himself. Chapter 91 of Food was robbed.
Chapter 91 Encountered robbery
I like to ask Zhang Yang, but I don’t want Wu Yu’s skin to be smooth and tender. How dare Zhang Yang answer whether it is all tangled []
Seeing Zhang Yang’s appearance, Wu Yu said to Zhang Yang like a little devil, "Idiot, answer the question quickly."
There is no way for Zhang Yang to bite the bullet and say, "Tender!"
"Bad guy, I killed you." Hearing Zhang Yang’s words, Wu Yu raised his hand and gave Zhang Yang a powder fist.
Wu Yu’s body moved and Zhang couldn’t suppress his impulse. Zhang’s face was very difficult at this delay. He didn’t speak and was beaten by Wu Yu’s small pink fist
Zhang’s face is getting harder and harder. Wu Yu stopped and said, "There is no power to lie to me. Why is your face so hard?"
"I I can’t help it," Zhang insisted, biting his teeth.
"What can’t help it?" Wu Yu asked