"Xue Yao, what are your plans for graduation tomorrow?" A chubby nv classmate asked while eating a big bag of French fries.

Among these students, Huang Xueyao’s family is the best, and the topic is generally around her. Although Huang Xueyao has prepared for this, she is still a little uncomfortable.
"I really didn’t think about this. Maybe we’ll talk about it later." Huang Xueyao looked at this chubby nv classmate. She loved to eat French fries at school for so many years, but she didn’t get tired of it. No wonder she became fatter and fatter.
"Is there any special reason why you took such a long leave this time?" A male student who is as thin as a hemp pole has a bad taste and always likes Hu lun to inquire.
Huang Xueyao thought for a moment and said, "There is no special reason why people become a little lazy and homesick after the winter vacation. Oh, by the way, huyuan, your business is doing well now, and you are about to take over?"
Listening to huyuan and Kan Kan and talking about Huang Xueyao seems to have heard nothing.
The main reason why she is too lazy to learn is that she is in a bad mood.
Everything has changed since Jing Tian was confirmed that her father’s crisis was solved by Zhuo Qiang.
The most obvious feature is that she has become lazy. Her heart always seems to be full of something but she can’t grasp the key points. She has no interest in anything, and her emotions have ups and downs. Sometimes she is inexplicably happy and suddenly falls to the bottom. I don’t know what it is.
A few days after the winter vacation this year, she learned from Jing Tian that she had lost Zhuo Qianglian and that there was probably something wrong.
After that, she can hardly go to class, because every time she looks at the professors with their mouths closed, it seems that she can’t hear what they are saying.
After this situation lasted for a few days, she decisively called in sick and rested for a few days.
However, when I was with Jing Tian, I always looked at Jing Tian with tears in my eyes and kept talking about something outstanding, which always made her heart ache and almost fell to the brink of collapse.
So she retreated again from Nanxi to Green Island, and it seems that she has returned here to avoid all the information of Yu Zhuoqiang, so that her mind may get a little peace.
As it turns out, sometimes it’s hard to escape. She can deliberately refuse or ignore something that is strong in her mind. On the surface, she has recovered as usual.
Intentionally, some of her old classmates made contact and got in touch with each other, which may enable her to get out of yn shadow as soon as possible.
"Wow, that beautiful nv is so beautiful." A male classmate with glasses flashed his eyes and stared at it not far away.
His words caused a dirty look. There are so many beautiful nv here that it is not enough for him to praise a passerby.
But even so, these nv students, like boys, turned their curious eyes to a young girl who walked along the stone path
"Sure enough, it’s good to have a face, a face and a figure. This is the extreme level of nv God." huyuan also said sincerely as thin as a hemp pole
"See your nv God here?" A nv student pointed to his face and figure, and Huang Xueyao said indignantly.
A few men just turned around and said, "That’s true, Xue Yao, but nv God is in the minds of all boys in our school."
Huang Xueyao smiled and shook her hand at several male students’ compliments. She was thinking of something irrelevant and didn’t even have interest in taking a look at what they said about beauty nv.
"Alas, it’s a pity that the boy next to the girl looks too ordinary." A nv student looked at the stone path and shook his head.
"Good men, good wives and beautiful nv are all taken up by these ugly men." Glasses man sighed.
At this time, a nv classmate suddenly exclaimed and said in a low voice, "Wow, what a big scar on the other side of that girl’s face! What a pity!"
Everyone listened to her words, although she said it was a pity, but there was no pity in her tone. On the contrary, there was a sense of gloating.
Hearing this nv classmate say that there is a big scar on the nv face, Tian Xueyao turned his face and looked at it.
This hope Huang Xueyao entranced and froze her stiff body as if she were possessed.
Zhuo Qiang Zhuo Qiang, why are you here?
Isn’t the classmate next to him saying that Sino-American nv is Ye Chuchu?