Mu Lijia picked up her mobile phone card and rummaged through it. She found a person’s card and dialed it out.

On the other hand, he picked up the compliment and asked, "Hello, Wang, what can I do for you?"
Deah14 Mu Li Jia Fang You Shi
Mo Han Mu Li Jia’s right-hand man now gives Sheng Ke to Mo Han and Yan Keke’s other two right-hand men to take care of.
"Han, you will help me hand over things to the three of them. I have a more important one for you these days." Mu Lijia stared at grandma in the photo and said with a serious face tone.
"It’s Wang Han who will go to Wang after handing over the things in the gang." That compliment should be answered.
"Uh-huh" longed for the glass to be better, so he hung up his eyes and looked at the photos again.
"Xia Yibing Xia Yixi you just wait and see I will let you die,"
After two minutes.
"But I will leave you a corpse," said Mu Lijia viciously.
"You two sisters are waiting for hell."
Mu Lijia picked up the mirror and looked at her face. Both sides of her face were red and swollen. She put the mirror up and went to her bedside and pressed a bedside lamp. Her bed was divided into two halves and she went in.
Mu Lijia actually has a room in her room.
After everything was ready, Xia Yibing took her sister Feng Yu and three people to Mu’s house. Four people in the carriage not far away quietly waited for the night to come.
Night falls slowly until you can’t see the line of sight
"deah Palace Master anne Palace Master Feng and Yu will certainly take good care of Mrs. Mu," said Feng and Yu Ren at the same time.
"Well, wind and rain, you two should be careful yourself. If you find anything, leave immediately." Xia Yi told the two guardians of wind and rain to say.
Although the tone is very serious, it is also the heart of them. They understand.
"anne, we will be careful. We will protect the old lady now."
"Uh-huh" Xia Yi sunseeker nodded and replied.
Have you made so much money today? Dear friends, don’t you have any indication? You guys are breaking my heart.
Deah143 Make an appointment and never leave.
"Remember everything carefully in the storm" has not been said. Xia Yibing spoke, although the tone was still cold, but they were all white, and this is also the heart of the two of them.
"It’s the Lord of deah Palace". Wind and rain should answer at the same time.
A jumping wind and rain disappeared in a few seconds.
"We shouldn’t take it lightly these two weeks. I think Mu Lijia will definitely do something that will hurt us again in these two weeks. You should remember the situation, be alert and don’t leave your sister at will, okay?" Xia Yibing told me that her tone was a little serious and she didn’t spoil at ordinary times.
Because she knew that Mu Lijia knew that the death of their two sisters was grandma’s. When grandma didn’t move here, they could wait and force grandma to leave. They could protect them and not make moves.
Besides, nothing will happen if grandma is protected by wind and rain now, but the two sisters should be careful.
"Yes, I won’t leave you at will. We will never leave you." Xia Yixi rarely sees her sister being so serious about her. She also knows the consequences of this matter, and her sister is afraid that something will happen to her.
She knows.
"That’s good. You are my sister’s favorite sister. My sister will protect you." Xia Yibing touched Xia Yi’s sunseeker head again and said.
"And our grandma." Xia Yibing has a grandmother besides her sister.
Nothing can happen to grandma and sister, and she swore in her heart that she would protect grandma and sister even if she died.
Their lives are considered more important than her own.
Deah144 Why is there so much information about her?
"I will also take good care of my sister and grandma." Xia Yixi is very happy. She has such a good sister. She is really happy and has grandma.
Xia Yibing smiled and touched Xia Yixiu’s cheek, secretly saying that Sister Yixiu won’t let you protect me. I wish you were all right.
"Let’s go home and plan how to deal with Mu Li Jia Mu Chuyou Meng Minting in a week or two." Xia Yibing’s eyes stare at Mu Jia’s house. After two weeks, their grandmother moved to them, so she will retaliate against Mu Jia.
"Good elder sister lend me a" Xia Yi sunseeker sat in the passenger seat and leaned against Xia Yibing’s thigh.
Xia Yibing stroked her hair, smiled warmly and started the car to gallop away.
If Xia Yibing is still an incarnation boy, the two sisters will be a very loving couple in the eyes of others.
"What’s the matter with her information?" Ouyang Ze looked at the information in her brain for three hours, but the results were the same.
What is even more bizarre is that Ouyang Ze moved the "ghost" to check that there is still a little information.