But that sentence doesn’t seem like it. Chapter 1477 It’s nice to pretend to be a eunuch like this.

Gu Xi Xi swallowed water, and the nervous feeling in his heart limited the spread, and his heart thumped wildly.
"What do you mean by this?"
She bit her lip. "Is it interesting for so many people around here to watch you humiliate a slave like this? Or can you make the slave plead guilty in this way? "
"humiliation?" The man smiled inexplicably. "Can’t you hear that the palace praises you?"
Red lips, white teeth and blue hair dancing around like this. Do you mean to pretend to be a eunuch when he is blind?
The deep sight fell on her body for a moment, and Jun Yi Han suddenly raised his hand and touched her soft ears.
"How’s your health?"
Gu Xi Xi shook for a moment and felt a stream spread from his ears to his heart.
But I sneer at it from the bottom of my heart. What is this? A slap in the face and a sweet date?
Resisting the impulse to pat his hand off, she stared at him blankly. "I’m a bitch, so I won’t have anything to worry about."
Ear that manual slightly a meal immediately pulled pull her face elegance eyebrow frowning slightly.
"Why are you so stubborn?" His expression seems to be puzzled, but it seems to be a pity. "Is it interesting to kneel in the rain for three hours without a result?"
I feel wronged, and my heart is full, and my eyes are red.
"If the slave really recognizes that no matter whether he can keep the slave or not, the slave will become a mouse that everyone shouts at crossing the street in the future, but when it comes to Xiao Xi, it is a poisonous murderer …" Her throat choked with a "slave doesn’t want this"
That’s pathetic
Jun Yi-han squinted slightly and moved her fingers from her face to her eyelids, which inexplicably gave birth to a kind of tenderness, which meant that her voice was low and tunnel, "If you deny it, you will die, won’t you?"
Gu Xi Xi looked at him in shock.
"Too what must be driven to a slave? What can you get by threatening a slave to plead guilty? "
Although she tilted her face and didn’t dare to clap his hand directly, she wanted to avoid his touch from the bottom of her heart. "The slave is just a little eunuch. If you don’t like the slave, what is the point of killing him?"
Jun gave her a cold look. Is that what he meant?
"Gong used to think you were clever, but now it seems that you are really stupid."
He said Gherardini and then went on, "When will you go back to the East Palace?"
Gu Xixi found that she was really out of step with him. Everything he said seemed very simple and easy to understand, but when she thought about it, she really didn’t know what he said.
Is probably a face of consternation by her appearance pleasure to you have a cold hook lip pulled her shoulder, let her rely on yourself closer to some eyes color deeply staring at her right hand for her to cut the messy hair.
"The leng wear stem what do you want to stay here? Don’t forget that you are from the East Palace, not Yushuge. "
Gu Xixi hates him the most. He’s calm and carefree. I hate it!
"Go back and let Taitai convict the slave?"
She bite a tooth hate tunnel "princess said slave if you don’t want to go back don’t go back. 1478. 1478 darling come back?
Say that finish, you will feel the gas solidification in front of you.
The man squinted slightly, and the original moist breath suddenly became sharp and dangerous. His thin lips slowly spit out a few words, "What did you say?"
Gu Xi Xi humbled himself to swallow water and felt as if he were going to be killed by this man’s eyes.
Sister Feng Wen did ask her if she wanted to stay, but how could she promise?
It’s just that I can’t hide the fact that this man is in control of everything.
But although she was an expression, she lost because he didn’t want to be imposing.
"The slave said that the princess allowed the slave to stay and wanted the slave not to go back. The princess would not only protect the slave but also return the slave to innocence!"
She, he will be angry enough to pinch her neck.