"Your majesty, I wonder if you had a good rest last night?"

In the early morning, Su Baosheng took the first lady Zhao Chunping with her in the lobby, looked at the theme, sat down and asked about the dust, while Su Ling, who sat down, was still full of energy even though she didn’t sleep all night.
But the only thing that makes her unhappy is that Huang Yin-chen’s status is too noble, and her son-in-law has to take the lead with him. She is very unhappy to look at her father with a smile and respect!
This beam is getting bigger and bigger!
Burn assumed the dust with a teacup gently took a sip of his thin lip above light dye later nodded "ok! Father-in-law, please sit down. Today is the return day of the king and princess. I didn’t bring any gifts in a hurry. Please don’t take it amiss! "
"Where can I marry the prince is my daughter’s honor, just as the prince said, my family needs red tape!" Su Baosheng and Zhao Chunping sit in the first place. Everyone can see that Su Baosheng is quite satisfied with the son-in-law of Dust King.
Burn three-dimensional dust clear shallow Liao eyelid eyes Su Baosheng face slipped a circle to slightly stiff Zhao Chunping but turned a blind eye and looked at otherwise Su Ling suddenly took her hand regardless of her resistance "phase ye said yes to marry her king is also a pleasure! I heard that Xiang Ye and his father wanted to get the father’s decree to marry Xiang Ye. It should be some effort! "
As soon as this statement came out, the atmosphere in the front hall became awkward and happy, but it was a bit weird and unpredictable because of the words of burning dust.
Su Ling also instantly narrowed his eyes and looked at the burning three-dimensional dust, but his mind quickly reflected the meaning of this sentence.
No wonder she thinks that Huang Yin’s dust is acting strangely, and it’s false to see if it’s true or not.
She was really surprised when she received the imperial edict, but she didn’t fully understand the consequences of this imperial edict. If it is as he said, is it possible that this marriage has a father’s credit? !
Su Baosheng face warm smile unchanged eyes burn assumed the dust and Su Ling shake hands not surprised don’t like said "report calm down! The old minister’s body and minister consciously have no weight to influence the emperor to decide that my daughter is stubborn but kind-natured. I believe that after a period of contact, she will be white! "
"Oh?" Huang Yin held Su Ling’s tender hand at her fingertips and looked at her thoughtfully. Her thin lips stood in awe and smiled. "Since Master Xiang has spoken, the king can’t kiss you. You can rest assured that Wang Yi will treat her well!"
"Thank you, Your Majesty!"
Su Baosheng’s eyes hit Su Ling’s eyes, and it seems that there is still a flash of relief in the depths of his eyes. He would rather give her all he has.
On the other hand, Zhao Chunping’s eyes are a little complicated.
Su Ling, the carriage back to the house, closed her eyes in front of her, pretending to be asleep, smiling, "Let’s talk about it!"
After Huang Yin’s eyes trembled, they suddenly opened dark and deep, and their pupils were sharp, and their eyes were like swords. "I would like to hear more!"
Fucking pretend to be an elegant person!
Su Ling disdained to be disdainful, but she still expressed her thoughts from her composure. "Since you reject women, I don’t think you are pleasing to the eye. Why don’t we just go back to the bridge and return to the road?"
Sitting opposite Su Ling, Huang Yin’s dust slowly leaned over and looked at Su Ling’s eyes at close range, earning all her performances.
A sarcastic insinuation, "Do you agree?"
"I recognize that it is not important to you!" Chapter eleven, roll for me!
The cold light in the eyes of Huang Yin’s dust suddenly appeared deep and sharp, and the atmosphere of Su Ling’s face was once deadlocked. Suddenly, Huang Yin’s dust fingers squeezed Su Lingba without pity. "I hope you can keep this attitude all the time!"
"As you can see, I am not interested in you and me!" Su Ling’s small hand brushed the beautiful eyes of Huang Yin’s dust gently and brilliantly. Facing the alienation and coldness of Huang Yin’s dust, she was afraid.
"Go away!"
Eyes like sword burn assumed the dust, suddenly, close your eyes and nap again, but your mouth is extremely indifferent.
The carriage also stopped abruptly at this moment
Su Ling picked up Liu Mei Daifeng and laughed. "Don’t be ridiculous. Why don’t you roll it for me?"
Burn three-dimensional dust awesomely lift eyelids, but Su Ling has jumped out of the back of the carriage, and the horseshoe has kicked and kicked the eyes of burn three-dimensional dust, but it has never been closed. Su Ling is not as simple as imagined!
It’s interesting to see that the daughter of Xiangfu is not as good as Zhong Ling, as the outside world says, just from her neat behavior of jumping in a carriage!
"Miss … miss …"
Just set the jingshi street Su Ling behind to Bi Rao exhaled breath call back a look suddenly withered.
"How did you get here?"
"Miss, it’s good that I can have this speed!"
Bi Rao’s face is sweating like rain, and his legs are almost broken all the way.
"What happened? Where did you go when I was in the carriage?" Su Ling looked at Bi Rao as if she had been washed again, and repeatedly called her what she was doing!
"Miss, that’s the sovereign carriage. I … I dare not run after it!" Brigitte Rao big pant say that finish immediately met Su Ling supercilious look "see what you can do that little bravery! Go! "
"Where are you going?"
Distant hospital is located in the most prosperous main street of Jingshi. Surprisingly, it rose rapidly in just two months. At that time, two students suppressed many old brands of Jingshi.
It is also true that there are many people in yiguang.
Su Ling walked in a smoky fringed dress and I don’t know how many admirers she attracted. Her face was gorgeous and her enchanting figure was noble and gorgeous, like a beautiful peony blooming in summer. It seems that there is still a little pique in this light and elegant temperament.
"Why is Miss Yi yiguang so cold and cheerless today?"
Su Ling’s personal grief urged her maid to look at the bustling city on weekdays. At this moment, yiguang is cold and cheerless, and the scene is blue and Rao. She can’t help but whisper a.
Su Ling hung his signature little smile, and his lips were slightly stiff and blue-Rao glances. After that, two people entered the yiguang in tandem.
"Doctor, make a nice pot of tea!"
At the moment, Su Ling was keenly aware that yiguang was not quite right. In the distance, yiguang was able to become famous for a short time, and various specializations were also closely related.