Qinchuan saluted in the past, but he didn’t know what the other party was looking for him.

Liu Chong nodded at Qinchuan with a smile. Although he is a person around the elders, Qinchuan is different now, and he is quite famous in this economic Yun Guan, so he dare not show a slight neglect. What’s more, the elders still want Qinchuan.
"The elder has something for you. I hope you can go to him," he said.
Although the mouth is confused, Qinchuan has already guessed something in his heart. When the square was guilty today, the elders showed their kindness to him. This time, looking for him must be something to discuss.
"I wonder if it is convenient for Teacher Qin?"
"Please take a way, brother."
Qinchuan bowed his head and bowed his head, even agreeing to the other party’s request.
Qin Chuan, the elder, has great respect for him. He also takes care of his brother and sister from time to time. Mu Zihan was selected as the door, and the elder strongly supported him. In normal times, he could not neglect him. What’s more, it seems that the other party needs his help, and he can’t refuse.
Is wondering what will need his help?
I followed Liu Chong all the way to Qinchuan and asked a few words freely, but I didn’t get an answer. Even this matter is so important that I don’t even know the disciples beside the elders.
Liu Chong stopped to let Qinchuan go in by himself.
"Is Qinchuan here?"
"Brother Qinchuan meets the elder"
Qinchuan just stepped into the courtyard a few steps before he heard that the elders were slightly old and he was busy with a ceremony and respectfully replied.
"You come in."
Qinchuan pushed the door and saw that the elder had changed his clothes and a close-fitting petticoat, sitting alone in a partial seat when you are sad, and his crown was getting older than that of the white silk daytime square.
It is supposed that the monk is half a century old when he is in his prime, but this elder is as weak and weird as he is about to die.
"I wonder what the elder called Qin Chuan to do?"
Qinchuan glanced at it and lowered his head. Some ominous premonitions were in his heart.
"You sit down first."
The words greeted by the elders were all indifferent, and the sharp and harsh look in the daytime was very different. He smiled at Qinchuan, but Qinchuan poured a cup of hot tea.
"Zihan went to the Wild Goose Peak. Are you still used to it alone?"
Qinchuan took the tea and felt a little uneasy. He couldn’t help but ask, "Is the elder ill? If there is any place where Qinchuan can help, please ask the elder to do so."
Smell speech elders always sighed and pulled out a piece of cloth from the bosom and handed it to Qinchuan. "In recent years, the body is getting worse every day. It is this medicine that someone has seen …"
Said and shook his head for silence.
Qinchuan took the cloth and looked intently at it as a prescription.
This Wei Dan medicine is called "Jiuhua Yulu Dan", which is a kind of Dan medicine for promoting blood circulation and generating yuan. It is usually used to prolong life for people who have suffered severe physical injuries. It is not only a rare and expensive refining method, but also a complicated and complicated refining method, which requires real yuan to be used as medicine, so it is really hard to find a gold.
More importantly, this is an unpopular pill that people can afford, but they can’t afford it, and they can’t find a place to buy it
But how could an elder who helped Yun Guan suffer such serious injuries?
Qinchuan slightly raised his head to tentatively asked 1.
"Elder means to let me help you refine Jiuhua Yulu Dan?"
Chapter 7 Nine Obsidian Glass Lamps
"Not bad"
Seeing that Qin Chuan was quite reasonable, the elder saved unnecessary words. He explained, "Some people I know have helped Yun Guan, but the old master Shenlong saw him for the first time. It was more than ten years ago, and now his illness is getting worse, even if he can’t wait."