Ji Hong glanced at Bai Qi and shook his head secretly. He, a disciple, had a smooth journey since childhood without any major setbacks. The land of Kyushu has been killing and maiming all day, not counting the truly crippled bodies, but also creating a reputation for success. It’s not perseverance.

"How can you be confident in yourself if you haven’t done it yet?" Ji Hong sighed to himself.
"Grandmaster, you said that I …" Bai Qi just opened his mouth and Ji Hong rebuked him. "If you want to be disabled and achieve great success, you should be self-reliant. Think about it yourself slowly. No one can help you!" Say that finish jihong strode toward the outside, leaving Bai Qi stupefied sitting on the bed.
Tengqingshan five people gather outside Shiraki’s house. Although it is late at night, torches can make the surroundings bright.
Door qi jihong came out with a cold face
"You come with me." Jihong glanced at five people and walked forward. Tengqingshan five people looked at each other and followed Jihong behind them.
I walked about dozens of feet and came to Ji Hongding, where the fire was dim.
"Teng Qingshan!" Ji Hong drinks a way
"At the head of the adult" TengQingShan slightly bent down.
Ji Hong suddenly turned to look at him. "I asked you, it’s been a day since this Zijin was stolen. Have you found out how this Zijin was stolen?"
"Not yet." Tengqingshan answered succinctly and didn’t defend himself.
Ji Hong looked at Teng Qingshan and nodded secretly in his heart. He hated those who passed the buck when they encountered problems. Ji Hong couldn’t help but shake his head secretly and then said coldly, "Zijin Mining Area is significant! I belong to the patriarch and elders of Yuan Zong. They all attach great importance to this. I won’t punish you for the time being. I give you ten days to find out why Zijin was stolen! His four centurions cooperated with Teng Qingshan! "
"Yes!" Teng Qingshan surrendered
"Yes!" The other four centurions also bowed down.
"If you find it, just stop. If you can’t find it in ten days …" Ji Hong’s face sank.
"Don’t worry, leading the adults for ten days will definitely find the reason why Zijin was stolen." Teng Qingshan said forcefully.
Stealing out is nothing more than those methods. Whether there is a thief or there is a secret passage underground, there must be one thing-some of the slaves in Zijin mining area will interrogate the former Black Armored Army sergeant in Zijin Search Office, and there must be slaves who lie to test whether people lie or not. Generally, the sergeant doesn’t understand, but it is not difficult for Teng Qingshan to find out according to the interrogation methods of past life killers.
Tengqingshan means to deal with these ordinary hard workers, and it can be found out in a few days from the eyes and expressions.
"good!" Ji Hong sneered, "I hope you don’t blow it around!"
"And" JiHong swept five people one eye "that huafeng city guard captain" Hu Tong "outside the thief! Can you catch him? "
"At the head of the adult Hu Tong quietly left in the morning" Tian Dan mouth way
"What should we do to this Hu Tong?" Wan Fanxiang also asked
Ji Hong said indifferently, "Things stationed in mining areas are always strictly regulated! Even if he is the captain of the city guard, this Hutong thief didn’t order to go to Jiangning County to arrest Hutong! Anyone who can catch Hu Tong or kill Hu Tong on the spot will be rewarded with a thousand taels of silver. I belong to Yuan Zong’s human-level cheats! "
Kill Hu Tong?
Teng Qingshan sighed in his heart that Hu Tonglai was the battalion chief of the city guard, but Hu Tonglian didn’t even have a chance to defend himself because of this!
After all …
Zijin mineral deposit belongs to Yuan Zong, and how can it be merciful to make a commander-in-chief disabled to Yuan Zong this time? Don’t let go of any mistakes. That’s the rule!
At dawn the next day, Teng Qingshan ordered the black armor sergeant to search the Zijin mining area carefully. His four centurions also assisted Teng Qingshan to ask the sergeant to help Teng Qingshan.
At that time, the whole mining area was jittery!
I searched the Zijin mining area for three whole days, but I didn’t find out the secret passage. Thieves are hard to find. Teng Qingshan immediately asked those miners who picked Zijin to accumulate ten kilograms of Zijin. It’s not enough for one person to pick Zijin. Teng Qingshan’s first step is-
Find out who will help search for him and give Zijin to the black armor sergeant.
As soon as we find out, there are 15 people who are recognized as the leaders of hard labor. They will often win Zijin and pay them in a unified way.
From these fifteen people, Teng Qingshan affirmed that three people had doubts when it took half a day!
And then …
It’s easy!
Directly let the black armor sergeant interrogate the criminals by means of intimidation, threats of instruments of torture, etc. As soon as the black armor army posed, one person was scared to speak out and interrogated for only half an hour, and the other two were scared to tell everything.
After all, these three people are ordinary civilians and have not received special training. How can they resist special interrogation?