"Of course," Xiaolin laughed. "Not everyone can come to the gathering meeting. Our brothers can come to try their luck, and several big factions can invite a few people to attend."

"What chance?" Trail "What is the gathering meeting for?"
Xiaolin stared at him. "You don’t know everything, do you? You are the head of the chosen gate, or my master personally invited you to attend the conference. "
Xiao Hong blushed and laughed. "Didn’t I tell you earlier? I used it to practice kung fu."
"But I don’t think you have any vitality." Xiaolin honestly debunked him. "I found that you are a mortal."
"Nonsense!" Small red avenue "that’s because I have reached the point of returning to nature, you can’t see my strength."
Xiaolin saw that he was angry. Think about it again. After all, he was invited by the master himself, but he didn’t dare to really argue with him. "Okay, okay, since you don’t know about the gathering meeting, I’ll tell you about it."
It is said that ten thousand years ago, there was an earth-shattering war near Tiandu Hidden Peak in Huangshan Mountain. It is impossible to test who the two sides were, but the result of that battle was that both sides lost, and several contemporary peerless masters and peerless devils were all sealed with each other. Some of them were even stunned on the spot, and no one could survive.
And this day, the hidden peak suddenly appeared strange bans from then on, except for a small part of the area, and other places were covered with strange force fields. Since then, although the number of experts has been high, no one can break the ban and enter.
Hundreds of years later, a large number of white clouds suddenly appeared in the hidden peak of the sky. These clouds enveloped the hidden peak of the sky. At that time, the people of Huangshan Mountain immediately notified the experts in the school to come out and check the results. Everyone was stunned. It turned out that these white clouds actually contained a lot of celestial aura, which was even thicker than the celestial aura absorbed by the practitioners every morning!
The most shocking thing is that there are all kinds of colorful lights shining in the white clouds, and they come and go quickly in the clouds. They are all magic weapons that can be met but not sought, and these magic weapons are so high that many people in Huangshan can’t believe it as if they were dreaming.
Of course, the first reaction of Huangshan people is to collect magic weapons by various means, but although these magic weapons are quite high in grade, they are also quite difficult to collect. Some magic weapons are obviously fairy devices, but with the strength of these practitioners, they can’t catch them. When the white clouds disappear one day later, they grab very few magic weapons.
This vision didn’t appear after this day, although brother Huangshan waited for him every day. He waited for a full hundred years before he reappeared when the head of Huangshan almost didn’t remember it.
Chapter 49 Day vision ()
Chapter 49 Day vision ()
This time, due to the preparations made in Huangshan a hundred years ago, Hezhong Human finally collected a fairy instrument and a number of medium and high-grade magic weapons, and this fairy instrument was the "devil-smelting furnace" that was used by Director Song Feng to refine the celestial demon some time ago, followed by the "Ten-year Sword Theory" held by six sects at regular intervals, which made a big splash. The devil-smelting furnace was also rated as one of the top ten fairy instruments by the fix-true circle.
After this vision, the Huangshan Sect also figured out that there are a lot of fairy wares here, but it is extremely difficult to collect them. In this case, it is better to show a good sale and be a good boy, or to send some favors to all factions. So the head of Huangshan Sect sent a brother to inform the whole repair world that Huangshan will have a chance to appear in a hundred years and invite experts from all factions to come to a party to collect magic weapons together, and this party will be named the gathering meeting.
In fact, all the major sects are well aware that the magic weapon they collected is obviously the magic weapon left by those peerless masters thousands of years ago. Every real master will have his own magic weapon. These magic weapons need to be started by his own physical strength, but those masters were mutually assured destruction at that time. After their death, all the magic weapons were also ineffective. Fortunately, all the magic weapons were released at once. Fortunately, the whole day was hidden by their last strength. These magic weapons can fly back and forth in this area, but there is no way to escape. Until every hundred years, Sometimes the force field here is reduced to the weakest due to the operation of some mysterious truths in heaven and earth, and the fairy aura and all kinds of magic weapons will fly out of the area, and only then will the masters of major sects have the opportunity to collect magic weapons.
Xiaolin finished these allusions in one breath and couldn’t help sighing for a long time. "I don’t know how powerful the former fix true practitioners are, but the magic weapon they refined has made it difficult for us to collect the clouds and clouds in Huangshan Mountain. Listen to Master’s statement that the strength of the whole fix true world has dropped by a hundred times in the past 10,000 years!"
"Oh, I’ve heard of this, too," the little boy proudly boasted. "The old man also said that there has been no one to fix the truth for 10 thousand years. This problem can be solved by our natural selection."
"Poof bursts" Xiaolin smiled on the spot. "Can you choose a door to solve it? Haha, what word is that again? "
"Hey, how do you know the secret of our sect?"
"Of course I know," Xiaolin choked back a smile. "Don’t you know that Zitian is very famous in the field of fixing truth?"
"Hey, hey, I really don’t know." Little suddenly smiled at me. "Actually, we chose the door that … that’s not that bad …"
"You misunderstood" Xiaolin’s face flushed and she was afraid to laugh. "There is a nickname called … called …"
My little girl faltered for a long time, and her neck stretched out before listening to her saying, "It’s called the biggest scam in the history of fixing truth." After that, my little girl was already very unfair and burst out laughing.
"ah!" Stunned.
"In the past 10,000 years, every generation of natural selection door owners will tell their own people that the word heaven is the most important treasure in the whole fix-up world, and the soaring key in the whole fix-up world is a certificate for maintaining peace in the fix-up world, but what is it? There is no place at all. Generation after generation, the natural selection master has worked hard to study the word Tian, but he has never worked out anything. The natural selection gate has been degraded from the closest sect to God in the past 10,000 years, and now it is a second-rate sect. "My little girl is kind and patient." Although this word Tian is known as the first magic weapon in the field of repair, even if you give it to others, others are too lazy to take it as a treasure. "
"But … but I …" At last, I didn’t blurt out the little key at all times. I touched my head and smiled. "In that case, why did your master invite me to this gathering meeting?"
"Master Shi invited you to attend the meeting. Are you the chosen one? It’s mainly because of your magic formula." Xiaolin knows a lot. "Magic formula is something that has been fixed for thousands of years in the field of repair!"
After saying this, Xiaolin remembered that this guy, who was about to be completely despised by her, was still the only person in the world who had a magic formula, and that contempt quietly disappeared. "Well, he may be pretending to be a pig to eat a tiger."
The little girl thought so, and said nothing more, and walked across the hall with the little girl.
There are many brothers in Huangshan Sect, but their clothes are all uniform and small, and they can also change into a robe. When they return to Tiandu Hidden Peak, it is already noon. The sun is hanging high. Because the altitude is very high and the wind is mighty, it doesn’t seem hot here. All the brothers in Huangshan Sect sit cross-legged on the peak head neatly. Their robes are also divided into colors. Looking around, it’s gray here, it’s black there, but it doesn’t seem messy. A little further away, it’s near the edge of the mountain, and the heads of the six factions stand tall and the wind blows
There is also a large area in the west, where there are a large group of guys with different costumes. They are all long and grotesque, but they are all dignified. A few pairs of eyes are not looking closer, but they are staring at the depths of the turbulent cliff.
"Well, look, that’s it," Xiaolin explained. "It is said that the fairy aura and the fairy magic weapon were released from there."