"I will fight with you in Zhouyi, and even if I die today, I will die with you."

Luo Qingxue said that although she knew that Zhouyi was very powerful, she was still worried about Zhouyi in the face of more than 100 West Lake gangs, for fear that Zhouyi’s siege of more than 100 people would be seriously injured and even fatal.
"Luo Shuqing snow is just more than one hundred gangsters, a group of Ukrainian United States, Zhou Chi and I are two people. You can rest assured."
Zhouyi smiled and said with an easy grace.
"Zhouyi and Zhou Chi will not really be so tough together."
Luo Qingxue thought that he still didn’t withdraw to Luo Chenglong and didn’t quite believe that Zhouyi and Zhou Chi were really tough enough to beat back more than 100 people.
"Strategist I brought you say kill who?"
More than a hundred gangsters walked out of a big-faced Hu Hanlai. This guy was about 30 years old and burly. When he walked up to Guo Qiang, he respectfully said that Guo Qiang was the place where the No.3 figure of the West Lake Gang often made suggestions. This first Han was called Guo Qiang Wai Military.
"He Hu, are you slow today?" Guo Qiang said to this big Nuts, "When you listen to my command, I ask you to start work, and you will slaughter a person in this Tianlong martial arts school."
Everyone in the West Lake Gang of Ho Suo, a big Hu, calls him He Hu. This person is responsible for the collection and protection of some entertainment places in Hangzhou. He is a very ferocious guy. He has killed dozens of people and injured at least 100 people.
"Good to follow the strategist is cool. This Luo Chenglong and Muhu family are not shallow and directly kill the trouble." He Hu said.
"You first arrange people to take these four wastes out. These guys have been beaten by people and then help them to punish them."
As soon as the reinforcements arrived in Guo Qiang, it was different. His horse swaggered up and put on a show that everything was under control. He glanced at He Hu with a knife, black three, black king kong and cobra.
"It’s a strategist!"
He Hu should have arranged for several people to go out with four people, such as "one knife to cut". After "one knife to cut", he was not injured, but he retreated before Zhouyi and knelt down to beg for mercy from Zhouyi. Guo Qiang didn’t intend to take him again, but wanted to catch him back and punish him according to the rules.
"The ego reinforcements arrived. Didn’t you want me to call someone? Are you here yet? I’ll fight you when I get there. "
Guo Qiang is now outnumbered and arrogant. He walked up to Zhouyi and said loudly
"I’m here. It’s my brother. It’s just the two of us dealing with you losers today." Zhou Yi pointed to Zhou Chi and said.
"If you die, you are arrogant, then we will kill you first and then slaughter others."
Guo Qiang took a look at Zhou Chi and then laughed. Although Zhou Chi is longer than Wei Meng, he is a person after all, and there are more than 100 people in the West Lake gang. Guo Qiang is hard to have no confidence.
"It’s not certain who slaughtered them." Zhou Yi also laughed. Root didn’t take the West Lake to help more than 100 people seriously.
Zhou Chi didn’t speak because his bones rattled. He has adjusted his body to the peak state. If Zhouyi gives the order, his horse will shoot.
"Luo Shuqing snow you back"
Zhouyi once again said to Luo Chenglong and Luo Qingxue
"Then be careful."
Luo Qingxue reluctantly withdrew from Luo Chenglong and did not insist on retreating to the injured Luo Tong and He Jun.
"Call me!"
Guo Qiang gave orders with a wave of his hand.
"Brothers, fuck these two guys to death."
He Hu held an iron bar to beat Zhouyi, and behind him a dozen iron bars also greeted Zhouyi and Zhou Chi together.
More than a hundred people beat up two people. This is when the spectacular situation came to the West Lake. The gang flocked to Zhouyi and Zhou Chi, and the iron bars were raised one by one. The winter sunshine seemed so chilling.
If the average person was beaten by more than 100 aggressive people with iron bars, it is estimated that they would have been trampled to death on the ground, but Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi were not ordinary people. Although they were young, these two men were trained by such peerless masters as Master Zhou Shan. They were all river-crossing raptors, and they were strong when they were strong. Naturally, they would not be intimidated by the West Lake gang.
The West Lake gang moved Zhouyi and drank a word lightly to Zhou Chi.
Zhouyi and Zhou Chi often practiced boxing together as brothers when they were young, and they had long been in the same mind. Zhou Chi’s tall and powerful body suddenly broke out.
Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi both shot at the same time!
Zhou chi hit the mountain directly with a pole fist. Anyway, he didn’t care if he practiced kung fu horizontally, even if the iron bar slapped him.
Zhou Chi’s extreme boxing has been practiced to the point where it can make a fierce tiger roar. Wei Meng, plus his previous command of Zhouyi, doesn’t have to leave a hand today, even if it kills people, it’s very close to the mountain.
Five or six iron bars took Zhou Chi’s body, but Zhou Chi was unscathed. However, when Zhou Chi made a force, the West Lake gang couldn’t afford Zhou Chi’s collision and attacked others first. Five or six people flew out directly and then smashed it, followed by a large piece.
Zhou Chi helped Zhouyi to protect his back. One stroke of Xingyi Boxing on one side of Zhouyi’s body pushed forward. The so-called catch the thief first, Wang Zhouyi’s fist, of course, went straight to draw an iron bar and hit He Hu at him.
Zhou Yi’s shot is like Hehu’s iron bar, but it has already smashed Hehu’s chest. Although the West Lake Gang is a big leader in charge of the collection and protection of major entertainment places, he is famous for his fierce and vicious underworld. He is really fighting for life and death. Compared with Zhou Yi, he doesn’t know the difference of thousands of miles.
He Hu’s chest, Zhouyi cannon boxing, was hit instantly, and then his burly body directly wiped the ground and quickly retreated and knocked over. With a few people, it can be seen how powerful Zhouyi’s boxing is.
Zhouyi and Zhou Chi knocked over the West Lake gang in the first round. Almost ten people and several iron bars fell to the ground.
Zhouyi didn’t stop. He stepped forward a few steps, stepped on a fallen iron bar with his right foot, and a pinch of iron bars jumped up from the ground and fell into Zhouyi’s hand.
Previously, the West Lake gang despised Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi. More than 100 people were beaten, and both of them could be trampled to death. However, Zhou Yi and Zhou Chi injured individuals with a single assault. They took the lead and He Hu was beaten to the ground with one punch, and his life and death were unknown. Only this West Lake gang knew that he had met a powerful character who stabbed himself.
"It’s really two river-crossing raptors. I also saw such a battle situation once ten years ago. Now that man is said to have become the bodyguard of the second head of the country. I didn’t expect to see such a scene again today. With the skill and courage of Zhouyi and Zhou, these two people will succeed in the future."
Luo Chenglong went to Zhouyi and Zhou Chi as brave as Changshan Zhao Long. After sighing, he asked a face of nervousness. Luo Qing Xuedao "What is the background of Qing Xue Zhouyi and Zhou Chi? Uncle is really curious about who can cultivate such a young talent."
"Uncle Zhouyi is Zhou Fuguier of Huanyu Group, his grandfather was the first master of the army in those days, and Zhou Chi was Zhou Shan’s younger brother."