Just now, although it was a sneak attack, it can also be seen that this person is powerful. Zhang Tao found that the Magic Tower people are very strange and their strength is unfathomable. No wonder the Magic Tower in the land outside China has been special for many years.

"What do you think? Why don’t I come to help you kill these scattered repairs as soon as possible? "Shirley day is like a white devil’s face at the moment. What do you think is like a dying smile.
Such a person is actually the first day of the so-called Dongyue mainland to see his arm climb out of a huge spider that makes people feel numb! The spider’s sideburns are clearly visible, and his eyes are constantly rotating. Spiders of this size climb up the celestial body like holding a baby.
Dream cream and other women are all frowning slightly. Obviously, everyone doesn’t like to see such disgusting animals, but Li Tian’s expression is quite enjoyable. A surprising scene appeared.
This animal actually directly opened its mouth to bite Li Tian’s neck, and a penetrating spike deeply penetrated Li Tian’s body. You can clearly see that a light blue liquid appeared in this penetrating spike and poured into Li Tian’s body.
"What is he going to do?" This is what everyone thinks.
While the black man around LiTian is motionless as if LiTian had done everything like him. At this time, Zhang Tao told Qingyang that "you will escape to the East in a while". For example, Qingyang is also an old friend, and he must not be killed.
Qingyang was born with despair. Suddenly, hearing Zhang Taoyin was like injecting new vitality. In just a few years, Zhang Tao’s progress shocked Qingyang and went to Zhang Tao, where he was a younger generation. Now? Zhang Tao was himself to live on.
"ah!" Shirley gave a scream in the sky, and her eyes became full of yoshimitsu from gloom, like an enraged beast, and thick oppressive breath rushed out, and the veins stood out from him with the naked eye.
Everyone was shocked to see this scene, and then suddenly the body gave off a strong breath. In a moment, the animals pulled out spikes and then turned into a pike. The spear tip was full of barbs, half a foot long and a few inches short. But if this weapon stabbed the human body, these barbs would go deep into the skin, and even a whole piece would be uprooted when it was pulled out.
"Jie Jie" Li Tian’s appearance may not have changed, but his breath has a chilling feeling
Although the momentum is just the pinnacle of Tianshi, Zhang Tao’s skin feels a twinge of tingling. "Husband, this person is terrible."
Zhang Tao nodded. "Let’s go, senior!" Qingyang didn’t dare to neglect, turned around and flew towards the east. Qingyang’s movement surprised many people and recognized Qingyang’s escape. Their chances of survival were even more slim. After all, the less one person, the less strength. "Can you run away?" Shirley looked at Qingyang blasting away in the distance and gently stuck out his tongue and licked his lips. Suddenly Qingyang’s face changed. At this time, he seemed to be stared at by hunters and would fall anytime and anywhere.
"Son, you are far away!" Zhang Taoyin entered the secret king and knew that the situation was critical. He didn’t ask more questions. His body moved like a wide cold fairy dancing, and several ups and downs were 100 meters away.
"Not good!" When Zhang Tao turned to look at him again, he found that he had disappeared.
Look at the fruit at once, otherwise it’s only ten meters away from Qingyang, and the speed and explosive force are amazing. I immediately chased Qingyang, who was one step ahead.
Obviously, Qingyang Qiaoxue also wants to play simply. He believes that he is also the peak, and Tianshi will not be killed again, but the momentum suddenly shocked the field when his body broke out in a moment.
"The imperial level knows both the ground and the ground?" Zhang Tao heart horror at the same time not idle bully level qiao qi hair also instantly turned into a red "Sunday ice body!"
Qingyang once said that Li Tian was fierce, but now it seems that Li Tian is stronger than expected.
Looking at Li Tian approaching Qingyang gradually, he seemed very calm. He knew that Zhang Tao needed to support a few moves nearby, but for a moment, there were still a few meters away from Qingyang and Li Tian suddenly disappeared.
As soon as Qingyang’s face changed, he suddenly felt a sharp murder behind him. "So fast!" Qingyang at this time, the mind only flashes such thoughts, and the body has not responded.
With years of experience, Qingyang knew that the other side was close to her attack and sighed in her heart. I didn’t expect this first day to be so powerful.
There was a bloodthirsty smile on Li Tian’s face. "The first one!" He seems to have been able to see that the martial arts master was killed by himself.
When! But a moment! Everyone was once again surprised because a red-haired man stretched out his right hand and blocked Li Tianwu.
Chapter 447 Crazy World War I for collection
In the windy day, a halo visible to the naked eye spreads and the surrounding clouds are blown away. Many Zhang Tao hands block each other’s blows, and two people’s true qi and power collide to cause shock waves [Ka "/
However, Zhang Tao obviously underestimated the power of Li Tian’s three orifices, which made Zhang Tao unable to control his body shape and fell directly like a comet and plunged into a volcano.
Boom Crater burst. Obviously, Zhang Tao has entered the magma! But suddenly the volcano erupted and Zhang Tao came out safely, and a gas mask visible to the naked eye protected himself.
"Is it him?" It seems that the most powerful person in Sanxiu has always been hidden deep. I didn’t expect this point to come out with Li Tian.
Just now, everything that Li Tian showed let everyone know not to be enemies with him, and among all people, Zhang Tao was the only one who knew Chen Mu, but he was also quite surprised that the momentum displayed by Zhang Tao was not weak at all.
"Young master, is this the man who defeated you that year?" Morning Jose people around suddenly asked
Morning Jose nodded his head in the first world war. He won’t forget that "it’s a good show. It’s a good chance for us to see the bully and powerful Zhang Tao. There are also many cards. It’s a good chance for us to fight with two mysterious people."