The butt chair is actually a log, and its face is bumpy and it hurts my ass.

However, when he hit it, he was attracted. There were more than a dozen pages, each of which seemed to be a set of kung fu essentials. On the first page, he was taken aback because four words "dodging bullets" were suddenly written on his face!
You’re not cheated, are you?
Chapter seventy-five Give him a gun
Xie Cunguan took the "bullet-dodging method" and looked at it with a bit of a smile, but it was immediately attracted. There were not many words in it, but the core was that once the bullet hammer was fired, it was impossible to hide, because the bullet root could not be hidden by human reaction at the initial speed of several hundred meters per second and nearly one thousand meters.
Avoiding bullets is the same as fighting on the other side. It is possible to flash the opponent’s bullets at the moment when the positioning of the opponent’s gun is completed and the firing is completed. Here, there is even a line of bold words. Note that it is possible, but not necessarily, because you are not good, you may not get shot, but you will be hit by someone else’s shooting error. Finally, you finally want to understand and laugh.
After reading this section of Xie Cunguan, I really feel that there is still some truth in listening to incredible kung fu at first sight.
Because the average person takes 5 seconds from the time the muzzle is positioned to the time the pick is fired, while the average gun master takes 33 seconds, and the best gun master takes 2 seconds, that is, five minutes and one second.
From this point of view alone, it is impossible to hide from the pistol base.
However, this paper also goes to the point where the average person locates the gun, and there is still a process of positioning and re-alignment.
That is, after the gun is positioned, the shooter will be able to judge whether his gun is in place or not, and he can think. This ability is usually 2 seconds, which is 1 second. A gun master takes 3 minutes and 1 second from positioning to hitting the base, and sometimes the reaction time is 2 to 33 seconds.
That is to say, if you want to react quickly and have a good posture, there is a 1% chance for a person to avoid the bullet of a master and a 3% chance for an ordinary gunman to avoid it, a 3% chance for him to avoid it and a 7% chance for him to avoid it. However, it is also learned that if a limb can be super good and predict the opponent’s gun handling process, the dodge rate against a master can be increased by about 5%.
That is to say, there is a 6% possibility of performance flash gun and high pistol.
Xie Cunguan couldn’t help but feel extremely surprised, which was unthinkable to him.
Finally, the probability is that the probability of a fast and irregular moving object being hit by a gun expert is also 3%, so it seems that the gun is not so terrible for people with fast reaction.
Seeing this, Xie Cunguan carefully studied the possibility mentioned on this page in his mind, and combined with his recent shooting training, these data seem to be reasonable.
And he couldn’t help but think of Shanghai’s mind that Lu Songgao’s predecessor had a conflict with an policeman. As a result, the gun was fired by Lu Songgao, and his wrist was almost discounted. At that time, he had always been a master of Shanghai’s mind, but at the moment he saw this thing, he was a little convinced. Because Lu Songgao’s predecessor was a four outstanding men in Zhoukou, he was light and quick.
With a grain of salt, Xie Cunguan will turn over a page.
This article is the first one that the old man suggested to him just now. That is to say, the flying skill is not long after reading the article, but it is divided into three training methods. One is to stretch your feet and really put your hamstring. Lamian Noodles asked that you really want to put your instep on the head-on bone in order to be successful in one step. The second is also a cliche. It is to wear lead clothes all the time from 50 kg to 150 kg, which is almost ten kg heavier than Xie Cunguan’s weight. Moreover, the table attached to your face is obviously afraid of being hurt by practice. The third is to wear a look at your big spine. Something similar to Dai Jia’s monkey pile, but there is no specific method in it. It is said that we should pay attention to the abdominal pressure, tighten the waist and abdominal muscles, increase the abdominal pressure, and give support to the lumbar spine. Of course, in the end, we must achieve a joint strength of the waist, abdomen and thigh muscles, and make the pelvis soar to the lion and the tiger. Only in this soaring state can we practice as ghosts.
Xie Cunguan looked at the first two easy-to-understand ones, but the last one was not white or white.
However, he didn’t care whether it was white or not, but went directly to wear the lead coat.
As a result, the face of the lead-clad official turned red and it felt so heavy! It is estimated that there is a hundred pounds, so he will sit down again when he moves his body and continue to be a hundred to ten thousand! But after sitting for a while, I feel that I can’t stand the lead coat. It seems that the lead coat is heavier. Thank you for sighing. It seems that it is not good to pull out the seedlings! He took the lead out of the lead coat and stopped when he felt that he was carrying about 30 kilograms.
It won’t hurt the body and the festival for a long time.
Then continue to be a hundred to ten thousand small! There are many things behind, such as hand skills, foot skills, darts, rope skills, body skills, bayonet skills, machine skills, car skills, rock climbing, and even the latest network to see Parkour, but the last one is a trick, and this one has a name and nothing else. Some of them are even a bunch of nouns, but there is no chapter.
After reading these faces, Xie Cunguan’s expression changed a little, because he has found that these are either assassination or escape techniques. It seems that it is indeed a terrible organization to enter Yan Pei’s body.
But it’s over, thank you, officer, but it’s imminent, so I have to break it, and there’s no possibility of regret
Then he saw the handiwork, which is actually the old man’s saying that the kung fu of pimping is Xie Cunguan. Originally, he also heard Huang Shihong say that because someone in Huang Shihong’s hometown practiced this kung fu, it was simple to tie the dry pimp tightly and then soak it wet. Every day, when these wet pimps are tightened, they swell together at the sight of water, and it is very difficult to add water to make it wet and slippery. It is very difficult to practice it often. After practicing your fingers, you can tear live meat.
And with this pimping kung fu, there are also two achievement methods, one is crane work, the other is tiger work. Seeing the principle of achievement method, it is a bit like a part of Xiong’s vigorous Yijin Sutra.
Finally, he saw the dart technique, which made Xie Cunguan’s eyes stare.
There is nothing unusual about darting. Huang Shihong is a Jianghu traveler. This kind of hidden weapons has also practiced and taught Xie Cunguan to play darts. Although he can’t say that he is at the peak, Xie Cunguan still has some basics, but this darting method surprises Xie Cunguan. The main point is that he practiced darts almost before, but he asked to practice ink pens and coins in the back. In the end, he said that all this should be combined with body skills.
Xie Cunguan can’t help but turn to the body art, which makes Xie Cunguan stare even more. It turns out to be a set of jumping, rolling and jumping, which is a bit similar to lying boxing or army tactical moving things, but it’s even more incredible. Some Xie Cunguan looks at the name like street dance.
After reading the whole thing, Xie Cunguan took a long breath. He knew that there would be a big day of relaxation in the four years of college.
Early the next day, Xie Cunguan even formally trained him. He wore a 30-Jin heavy lead suit early in the morning, and when he arrived at the mountain, he missed being late. He was able to run to the registration place to find the old man and kindly receive his sister, pointing to a lonely corridor not far away. "Qian Lao and his trainers are generally in that building …"
Xie Cunguan was very depressed. He hurried all the way to the building and saw a hall when he entered the door. The difference was that a young man was sitting there reading the newspaper. The old man Qian still slowly folded the newspaper and then walked with his hand on his back and said, "Are you finished?" The young man immediately looked at Xie Cunguan with one side.
"hmm!" Xie Cunguan nodded.
"That’s good!" The old man actually smiled and didn’t look at the movie like Xie Cunguan. The instructor was fierce and full of swearing garbage. The old man handed me a key. "This holiday, I trained dodgeball every afternoon! Train driving skills every afternoon! Practice marksmanship every night! I told you a few other things, such as light fit, darting and pimping. You can take time to practice them yourself. These things are the foundation. If you practice early, you will suffer less … Oh, by the way, you can also add this thing to your body skills. You will be taught by Xiao Kong! By the way, a small hole is my assistant, and he will do all the training while I am away. "
Xie Cunguan took the key and held out his hand to introduce himself to the small hole, saying, "Xie Cunguan!"
The young man surnamed Kong reached out and shook hands with him, "Peng Kong!" A wave of Xie Cunguan felt that the young man had a lot of strength, so he looked at the keys in his hand, a total of three keys, two door keys and a car key
The three of them came to the building together and went to a front door. The old man Qian glanced at Xie Cunguan and Xie Cunguan. He took out the key and knocked on the door just now. There was an old man who was separated by glass in a narrow hall of more than 100 square meters. The baggage and take the journey: "When are you qualified for the preliminary training of small holes and equipment? When will you enter live-fire training!"
"Ah?" Hearing the live-fire training, Xie Cunguan was taken aback and said, "Can this really hide the gun through training?"
The old man’s eyes narrowed and the officer could not help but feel a deficiency.
Just listen to the old man Qian. "I heard that you are from a martial arts background. Haven’t you heard a word from your master?"
Xie Cunguan can’t help blushing. It turns out that in martial arts, learning from a teacher pays attention to a letter, that is, you can make every investigation before you learn from a teacher, but you must trust the teacher after you learn from a teacher! Only a believer can believe in art, and only a believer can believe in art.
Imagine that the teacher taught you a trick that can make you hit people like this, but you are afraid that you can’t hit people. Then this trick really can’t hit people, because you don’t believe in the teacher’s belief in art and face the enemy, you naturally have a cold heart.
But the old man didn’t say anything to Kong Peng. "Give him a gun!"