"…" Qing-shan Song brow slightly frowning at Gu Jin sunseeker that palm-sized face more thin in the mind is also uncomfortable tight but there is really no way to "wench pulse condition is not abnormal but …"

"Song Dafu, you say" Gu Huai closed his eyes and took a deep breath. His throat slid and swallowed hard.
Gu Ji didn’t speak. He slowly put Gu Jin Sunseeker in his palm and felt the biting cold. He felt that his heart was hurting and put his little hand in the quilt and turned to the side. 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!
On the inside and next to the servant girl down voice told to Gu Jinxi after filling two hot water bottles, this just looked at Song Dafu eyes with full doubt and puzzled.
Song Qingshan sighed deeply. "You should all find that Gu’s body is getting worse and thinner, but you can’t see any abnormality from the pulse condition. I remember that there was an witchcraft in the Jianghu that absorbed the essence of others, but this witchcraft has long been lost. Gu’s girl is not a martial artist, so this should not happen."
Little did he know that Gu Qian didn’t beat and scold him in an instant, and Qin Ruiwen’s body suddenly stiffened. His teeth clenched and his eyes glowed with thick fire, and his hands in the sleeves were firmly clenched into fists, and the veins stood out on his forehead. How could she do this? How could she do this? She promised herself.
The room flips, Qin Rui’s eyes are full of disbelief, and he feels as if his chest has been squeezed hard by someone, and the tears in his eyes fall down the corner of his eyes.
"Hum!" Gu Qian grumpily let out a cold hum from his nose when he saw it. Did he make a fist or did he drop it? He said coldly, "Go!"
Qin Rui suddenly became stiff, bowed his head and pursed his lips. "I will give you an account of this matter!"
"I let you go!" Gu Qian eyes wide stare bursts with thick fire eyes are red, pointing to the direction of shallow pavilion gate "I let you go don’t understand people, isn’t it? We don’t welcome you at home. You and my sister can do everything. You should never think of this engagement! "
"Prince Regent, please leave." Before Gu Huai bowed his head, he was optimistic about Qin Rui’s disappointment with Qin Rui’s hope, and he had to have such a precious daughter in his life. Who in the family doesn’t spoil and hold it for fear that she is a little heartless? Who knows that this person is good? His precious daughter hasn’t been married yet, so he can’t bear loneliness and take over his concubine. That’s all, but they are also cruel to the Regent’s Palace.
It’s just a little aunt who’s pregnant, so what’s the point of sending candy and red eggs to their Heng Wu Garden? Show off or show off? Is it true that their family members in Heng Wuyuan are all mud-pinched and have no temper? This mud is still three points earthy.
Qin Rui bowed his head and pursed his lips, setting Gu Huai’s eyes. Gu Qian and Gu Ji finally fell into bed. Gu Jin lowered his voice and said, "I won’t let go of Sunseeker." One day they will be painstakingly, and one day they will understand themselves. He turned his head and said, although it is very shallow, it is very clear. "Sunseeker is not well. Take some blood-enriching medicine and I will ask Yang Fan to send more medicinal materials."
"No need, we have nothing but a lot of money!" Gu Qian didn’t good the spirit tunnel even if Heng Wu chamber of commerce closed for standby, he was not afraid of losing some silver, but what was compared with his baby sister?
Doctor Song’s mood is also very heavy, and he doesn’t even know what medicinal materials should be. But looking at Gu Jinxi’s increasingly thin face and listening to Qin Rui’s words can also give her some medicinal materials for promoting blood circulation and nourishing qi. The whole Heng Wu Garden fell into deep condensation and seriousness because Gu Jinxi fainted again, and everyone’s face was worried.
Back to the regent’s palace
Qin Rui didn’t come to rest. Even no one took a sip and ran directly to Rong En Ge An Taifei. At the moment, she was lazily leaning on a soft chair and looked comfortable. Two maids next to her pinched her legs, and the other maid peeled the fruit for her and fed it to her lips. It was very comfortable. When she heard the noise, she raised her eyelids slightly. When she saw Qin Rui, her eyes closed again and her face smiled faintly. "Come back?"
"What?" Qin Rui’s eyes were wide open with deep incomprehension and doubt, and he kept shaking his head.
"No big or small, no rules" An Taifei gave Qin Rui a grumpily stare, and then her expression still didn’t change at all. She stretched lazily. Recently, due to Xue’s lack of frequent pregnancy and sex, she ventured to take the essence from Gu Jinxi through the original media. I didn’t expect Gu Jinxi to look at her thin and delicate body and be so pure that she felt lazy and relaxed every time she smoked it. "It’s a good thing that my son is pregnant. Is there anything wrong with me giving her a job?"
Qin Rui’s mouth is slightly crooked, his smile is shallow, his eyes are burning, and his tone is somewhat bad. "You promised that I would do what you asked, so you wouldn’t move. You broke your word."
"If you didn’t break the agreement to see Gu Jinxi, how could you find that I broke my word?" An Taifei also raised her hand slowly and sent several maids away. Then she got up and looked at Qin Rui. "I don’t understand what’s so good about Gu Jinxi. I didn’t come back by sucking her a little energy through the magic work. Are you making such a fuss?"
"But you promised me." Qin Rui felt as if his chest had been severely pinched, which made him feel breathless. He kept shaking his head and looked at An Taifei with thick disbelief. "You promised me you wouldn’t touch her!"
"Is she dead?" Ann toffee asks.
"…" Qin Rui suddenly broke pursed but couldn’t say a word.
An Taifei sneered, "Don’t forget that you promised me that you wouldn’t go to Hengwu Garden to see Gu Jinxi again. Now you have broken your word. If there is another time, don’t blame me for being a mother!"
"Niang? Ha ha ha! " Qin Rui immediately smile at. 116 Xiaoxiang fans carnival, about the great god, grab the gift!
Staring at Princess Ann with a sneer is like hearing the biggest joke in the world. "I don’t have a mother!" What kind of mother in this world would cultivate essence utensils by herself? What kind of mother would force her son to do things he didn’t want to do regardless of her wishes? What kind of mother would take care of herself like her?
"Anyway, don’t forget that you still have half my blood!" At the beginning, Qin Rui was born soon after leaving the cold, and there was not much emotional benefit for Qin Rui. There was no ideological obstacle. Her voice fell to the ground. She snorted, "Now I am still pregnant with your child. If this child can be born safely, it is good. If this child is not born safely, don’t blame the mother for being rude to Gu Jinxi!"
Qin Rui suddenly turned his back on Toffee An, and his hands clenched into fists in his sleeves. For example, it has been three months since the beginning, and he still accepts that his mother was so selfish that he was eager to take her back. If he had known this, he would have preferred that his mother had died decades ago! He closed his eyes, took a deep breath, quickly pulled out his waist dagger and slid violently toward his wrist. Immediately, the whole room was filled with a bloody smell. After the blood flowed through a whole bowl, he stopped. "Here is a bowl of blood. Let me know what you should not do with Sunseeker or hum!"
"Well said!" An Taifei’s face became more and more smiling. She looked at the bowl of blood that had just been released from her son’s body. She drank it all at once without thinking obstacles. She even stuck out her tongue and licked her lips. Her face was full of smiles and her smile was very strong. Her coquettish tone was somewhat strange. "Sure enough, your blood tastes the best!"
Essence and blood are the most pure strength of human body.
Qin Ruishen suddenly trembled. He felt a little dizzy, but he choked back. In the end, he turned around and went out from Rongen Pavilion without looking at Ann Toffee again.
After Xue Xi was sent back to the Regent’s Palace by Mei Hong and Mei Xiang, she felt that her back neck was still very painful. Her face looked at the two maids in front of the bed with deep doubts. "Well, what’s going on?"
She remembered that she had fallen in a garden outfit. Brother Rui got angry with Gu Jinxi, the close-fitting maid, and then Brother Rui tried to hug herself. But she couldn’t remember what happened later. Her neck was so painful that even if she moved it gently, it was very painful. She swallowed hard and her mouth was hoarse. "Water!"
"Aunt Xue, be careful." Mei Xiang and Mei Hong have four eyes relative to each other. Although they are not sisters, they have stayed together for so many years, and they almost need each other’s eyes to understand what they want to say.
Mei Xiang immediately put a soft pillow behind Xue Xi, knowing the load, and then cut and asked, "What do you think of Aunt Xue? Does your stomach still hurt? Do you want the handmaiden to ask the doctor to come again? "
"Well, what’s wrong with me?" Xue cherish bowed their heads and pretend that they don’t remember anything. Looking at Mei Xiang with her hand and sipping several mouthfuls of water, she said that her tone was full of doubts. "What happened? Where’s Brother Rui? Where’s Brother Rui? Why isn’t he here? "
Mei Xiang bowed her head and had no expression, even the tone was faint. "You took your handmaiden sisters to Hengwu Garden to compensate Miss Gu. No one knows that Miss Gu is in poor health, and Miss Gu’s personal servant girl is a little excited. You tripped and fell, just met the sovereign, and then you went directly to the palace. I think it’s something important."
"Is Mei Hong like this?" Xue precious little drooping eyelids eyes color flash seems to have a strange feeling of integral.
"Well," Mei Hong’s face smiled faintly. She took it from the side and sent it early. After that, she kept the stove hot and the cake face smiled very lightly. "Aunt Xue, how do you feel now? Does your stomach still hurt? The report told you to ask Dr. Bai to come and see you again if your stomach still hurts after you wake up. "
Xue precious little smell speech suddenly face appearing somewhat confused taste looking at plum blossom plum blossom immediately knowingly explained "because miss gu fainted, Dr. Song went to Heng Wu Garden to feel miss gu’s pulse. Let’s invite another doctor in the Song family to be named Bai"
"What?" Xue precious little smell speech face immediately sank to now his identity is more noble than Gu Jin sunseeker, but which Song Dafu would rather run to feel Gu Jin sunseeker’s pulse; It seems that Xue Xi’s face is unhappy, and Mei Xiang bowed her head and explained lightly, "It is human nature to hear that Miss Gu, but the granddaughter Song Dafu, who has entered the family tree, will be anxious to refuse to make house calls."