"how about it? Feeling good? " Dodi smiled at me and said

"wow! Uncle Dodi, I’m counting you … "I sincerely looked at him and said that he seemed to be very upset and replied," Of course. Otherwise, how can I teach you Kung Fu? "
"Yes, I’m here to be stronger. What can you do?" I just remembered that when I looked at him and asked him, I smiled faintly. "Of course, after the guarantee, I surprised you constantly …" I couldn’t help but feel a little ominous.
"Well, since you are so active, I will take you to your first practice place now. You hold me!" I couldn’t help wondering and looking at him. "What are you doing?" But Dodi didn’t say much to signal me to hold on to him. Although I didn’t know what he was doing, I held on to his sleeve as he told me. When I saw him, I suddenly disappeared in the same place and then a dark forest appeared! Look at me dumbfounded.
"How spooky here? You won’t tell me that I will practice here, will you? " I looked at the gloomy forest, swallowed my saliva and asked to meet. This forest exudes the smell of death everywhere, but it is extraordinarily quiet and quiet, which makes people feel chilly. I grew up in the forest and felt that there was a huge crisis hidden inside.
"Well, this is the first place for you to practice. You have to go from the mountain facing the distance. The purpose is to get the Diablo Stone in the biggest mountain pass there. I’m telling you, there is a powerful Diablo beast house. You have to be careful. After you get the Diablo Stone, I’ll take you to the second place. I have prepared five places for you. You have to pass me before you can teach you how to practice. You must work hard and I won’t help you no matter how dangerous you are. Do you have to rely on yourself?"
"ah? Well … don’t worry, I will try my best. I don’t want to die young! " I vaguely felt the danger, but I also threw caution to the wind in order to become stronger.
After giving me a satisfied look, Dodi said, "Well, go ahead. I’m waiting for your good news. My horse will pick you up as soon as you get the Diablo Stone." Then he threw my wait for a while away from half and waved at me and disappeared.
"No! Don’t say! Want to kill me? !” Obviously, there is no time to complain now. I quickly shipped the wind magic and shouted "Wind Wall". After I shouted, the wind elements immediately gathered around my body and wrapped me up inside, which made me stop.
"Hum so you want to kill me? No way. "I left the pie mouth and slowly descended towards the ground. After a while, I reached the ground
"Can’t you? It’s dark everywhere! It’s just that I can’t see my fingers … well, let’s go first anyway. "Just half a moment ago, I found out that I was going to my destination, because it was the brightest place. Stupid people can find that I put away the wind magic and then transported a small fireball to drag my hand towards the destination …
"Can’t you? Why is it so quiet that it won’t be so easy to let me go forward? " I wondered in my heart that many flutes wouldn’t let me fly directly, saying that it was a foul, and I couldn’t be careful when I complained. When I was thinking, I suddenly heard a bleak cry … It made me numb all over. It was simply a ghost cry … As I kept moving forward, the bleak cry became more and more obvious, and I obviously felt that the front was more and more dangerous …
"hey! Which monster is screaming here? Come out for me, don’t be scary … "I took a deep breath and shouted at the front with courage, but there was no reaction … When I relaxed a little, I suddenly found that the desolation turned into insidious smile, and then I made a cold sound.
"Hey hey … I haven’t had any guests here for a long time. This time, we must treat them well …" insidious smile keeps ringing. At this time, I feel cold. It won’t be hell here, will it? I barely trembled and said, "Who are you? Come out if you are scared. Do you know that scaring people will scare people to death? "
"Hey hey … I think your blood must be very delicious … you don’t know that I haven’t tasted blood for thousands of years, which makes me forget …" insidious smile suddenly rang again. I secretly transported the fire element and slowly raised my body temperature to make myself as comfortable as possible and then continued to shout at the sound "Do you want to eat me? That’s embarrassing. I can’t die yet. Please let me through, or I’ll defend myself. I don’t want you to get hurt … "
"oh? It’s a big breath … that’s about to see if you hurt me … "After insidious smile sounded, there was a strong wind blowing all around, and I had to close my eyes for a moment. After that, the strong wind finally stopped, and then a body slowly emerged from not far in front of me. I saw it was dark and I couldn’t see its appearance. I waved a pair of black wings behind me, holding a sickle in my hand, and my hair was messy and shawl. When it came out completely, my first thought was that I really met a ghost this time …
Chapter 33 Curse angels
"You … who are you …?" I looked at him and trembled, but he still had a burst of insidious smile. After the meeting, he replied, "I didn’t expect to meet human beings here. God is so blessed to me. Hey, hey, I can have a full meal today …"
"What did you say? Want to eat me? I won’t be so stupid. You kill me here … "At this time, I have realized the danger. If the other party dares to attack me, I will never be soft. It’s been bullied badly enough these days. I didn’t expect even ghosts to come and gather together …
How? Do you still want to resist? Man, I advise you not to be afraid to struggle. Can you make my Hama food or do you make it for your generation? Hey, hey … "The other party said to me that it seemed that my strength was not enough for him to look at.
"Hum! I’m sorry. I can’t just die. If you want to fight, come. "How dare you look down on me? Then I want to see how good you are."
"oh? You want to compete with me with this little strength? But it’s not easy to meet you, such a human being. It’s a little rough when you eat it. Let’s play with you first. It’s not too late to eat it when I’ve had enough … "Hama continued with a contemptuous tone and said, I can’t stand it and let people look down on it …
"Hum! Since you want to play, I’ll play with you. "I said, and I punched the quarrelling hand directly at him. Since the other party despised my strength, let’s see if I can catch my punch!
"Hey hey … not bad … it’s a pity that you met me today!" Hama also directly waved his right hand and rushed at me for a moment. Two fists containing powerful quarrelling collided together, and a piece of aftermath was instantly set off around them. All the trees around him were not lucky to be directly cut off by the strong aftermath … I felt that the hand quarrelling was rapidly weakening, so I had to get hurt and had to carry the fire element to strengthen my hand quarrelling. After the hand quarrelling met, the quarrelling instantly turned into a fierce red and lit up the surrounding area. I immediately put away my fist and retreated, but I punched. Pisces around my head have formed a fireball of quarrelling. I use this force to wave it at the other side, and the other side also reacts quickly. I raise my hand and draw a light speed in my sickle. When the other side draws the light speed, my fireball of quarrelling wants to hit, which instantly causes a big explosion. I was violently shaken out and knocked out. It took me more than five meters to barely stop. The other side seemed to be fine. A pair of glowing eyes kept staring at me. After a pause, I said, "I can’t believe that you are still a magic weapon double major .."
I barely got up from the ground and wiped my mouth with a trace of blood and sneered, "Hum … so what?"
"oh? So you’ve figured it out? You’re not calling? ~ Then please let me enjoy it. Hey, hey … "Hama heard my words and then he laughed grimly."
"It’s one thing that you are strong, but I won’t fight because you are strong. Unless you kill me, I will keep fighting!" I hate looking at him and saying, I can’t see the depth of this enemy at all. There is still a trace of fear, but I won’t just bow my head and admit defeat.
"That you are still want to play? ~ Well … then I’ll kill you with a single blow … "After Hama finished, he burst into a powerful black gas! I was forced to retreat repeatedly by his powerful black gas, and finally I managed to hold my heel. The other party seems to want to solve me with a blow … Then I can’t just sit back and die. I also burst into magical energy and quarrelling. At this time, my body is extremely uncomfortable. Two forces are crazy. My body is rushing around the meridians and being expanded in an instant, which makes me spew out a few mouthfuls of blood. I endured the powerful pain and finally delivered the two energies to my hands respectively. At this time, the other party seems to have completed something, and then looked at me with a smile. "Now, human beings will let you ! Eat! " After that, I threw my hand at me with that huge black ball. I deeply knew that if I was directly hit by this kind of power, I would definitely die. I quickly combined several different magical energies to form a colorful light ball to hold my right hand, and then I lifted my left hand with a strong grudge and forced them to mix their light balls. When the light balls were mixed, the color quickly turned into golden yellow. I didn’t hesitate to fly to the other side and shouted, "Fight!" ~ Then I threw this huge ball of light at the opponent’s black ball, and then I collapsed physically and fell heavily. But I finally hoped that if I couldn’t resist the opponent, I would really be finished …
In an instant, the other side’s black ball collided with my side’s light ball, and the powerful energy overflowed a light wave, which rose straight through the sky like a light dragon, and then it seemed to hit something and there was a strong explosion … and all around us, a wave of dense trees disappeared and turned into a wide hole, and I was lying in this hole with a depth of more than one meter, with a little force left to barely support myself from fainting.
I struggled to lift my face buried in the ground and looked vaguely at each other. I saw a figure coming towards me. When the other side approached, I found that he was also a mess. The tattered black dress became more tattered, revealing that skinny body slowly came towards me …
"Ha … ha … you are really strong. I can’t believe that I can slightly hurt you with a blow all over my body …" I shook my head hard to sober myself up and looked at him weakly, but he stared at me without saying a word.
"Why? Don’t want to eat me? … now I have no strength to resist. This is a great opportunity … "I think he hasn’t spoken, thinking that the other party may consider how to eat me. Don’t laugh at himself and say.
"Ha ha can hurt me like this, I admit defeat, but you can pass from me …" Just when I was about to be skinned alive by him, he unexpectedly said these words that surprised me.
"What? Did you just say … you gave up? You’re not fooling me, are you? Kill me if you want, and don’t insult me any more … "I obviously don’t believe the other party’s words and have mercy on me after beating me half to death, which makes me want to break my head and think impassability …
"I’m serious … young man, I just wanted to test your strength, but you didn’t let me down, forcing me to give up …" Hama sighed and looked at me and said no! ? Just now, he made six successes? Then if he wanted to kill me, wouldn’t I have died? I was surprised and looked at him with a puzzled face.
"Hey, hey … this is a small step for you to practice. Someone stronger than me is still waiting for you."
"What? You said this was practice just now? Isn’t this too realistic? Do you know that I almost died? "I looked at him in surprise and said, but at this time I have believed what he said. If he wants to kill me, can I still lie here and talk to him? I’m afraid I’m already dead …
"Yes, this is a practice … so you have to be strong and face many things …" Hama said and took out a small bottle from behind and handed it to me. "This is your reward from me, but there are three pills that you have to cherish."
I reached for the bottle and looked at him doubtfully and asked, "Do you think this is my reward?" He nodded his head gently and didn’t answer. After I was confirmed, I didn’t hesitate to make a bottle. I poured out a pale yellow pill from the inside and threw it into my mouth. I closed my eyes and swallowed it. As soon as I swallowed the pill, I felt that my physical strength was recovering rapidly and my body energy was also active. I quickly sat up from the ground and exercised my breath. Soon after, I felt that my body was full of energy, which seemed to be stronger than before. I was surprised and looked at Hama with my eyes open and gratitude.
"All right? Well, just keep going. There are more experiences waiting for you ahead … "Hama said in a gloomy tone when he saw me recover.
"Thank you …" I looked at him gratefully and thanked him. He waved and said, "Don’t thank me. We are still counting on you to save us …" After listening to his words, I looked at him in doubt and asked, "What? Wait for me to rescue you? I can’t even beat you. What can I do to save you and you don’t live well here? "
"Hum! Do you know how much I want to get out of this hellhole all the time? How much I want to kill those guys who threw me here! " ~ Hama suddenly got excited and shouted at me. I was suddenly startled by him … but after a pause, he continued to ask, "What? Are you asking someone else to deliver it here? How is that possible? You are so strong … "
"What’s strong … you can feel the pain of giving up your heart when you know that you have been betrayed by your closest friend …" Hama suddenly trembled. I seem to feel how sad he is at this time …
"You betrayed by your friend? ~ "I looked at him doubtfully and asked him to answer me slowly and calmly." I am the guardian of chaos in heaven, but after a disaster, our chaotic gods were completely sealed by the two families of gods and ghosts. I was cursed by the underworld and turned into a’ cursed angel’, that is, you see this ghost now … Well, I can say so much anyway, I want you to know that you are the only hope for our chaotic gods to see the light of day again. You must be strong in the shortest time and then lead us to fight back, okay? ~”!
After listening to these words, I froze stupidly … and my head became confused. Is this the protoss that I have never thought about? Ghost clan? ~ Isn’t that illusory? Is it true?
Chapter 34 Man-beast War
"You mean protoss and ghost true?" I looked at Hama stupidly and asked Hama to nod his head gently and replied, "They are indeed despicable guys, and I will definitely get justice from them one day!"
"Do you really hate them so deeply? Since they must be very powerful, it’s not that simple to beat them …? " I sighed and asked if it was really a ghost. It’s impossible to defeat them …