"It’s not necessary for the old lady’s bone clan Night Kui to stay alive, is it?" Yang night smile eyes that kind of calm anger almost faint dark red light.

Mrs Yang Lao one leng then shook her head "of course! He is a disgrace to the bone clan! Now it is obvious that he betrayed the bone clan at the beginning, betrayed the night attack and the baby dragon, and he betrayed them to the lords! "
"That good" Yang night nodded.
"You … don’t want to deal with the West Tomcat, Shadow and the three of them by yourself at night?" Mrs. Yang Lao was a little surprised that she had not seen Yang Yexian’s strength and was naturally worried in every way.
Yang Ye just laughed and didn’t answer the calm and relaxed expression as if he were going to a banquet instead of a life-and-death struggle.
"The old lady is not in danger for the time being. You take her to Monsieur beaucaire Ling and Xiahou Chaojun to protect them carefully. I’ll go and solve those wastes first." Look at the demon chop.
Yang night talked with a smile and blinked.
"Red Bi be careful, I’ll wait for you." The blue demon chop expression is still a little worried, but I took a look at Mrs. Yang. Although Yang night’s expression was relaxed, the blue demon chop also saw Yang night’s eyes, and there was no doubt that there was a way to stop it.
Yang Ye nodded and smiled. "I am sure that I have established a long-term friendship with you. How can I be willing to have an accident?"
Orchid demon chop has even finished blushing shyly. Face this feeling calmly and pretend to stare at Yang night. Smile and stretch out your hand to slowly pick up Mrs. Yang.
Yang night turned around and was about to walk over to Mrs. Yang Lao’s blue demon to cut her arms and asked earnestly, "Night! You, me and the ghost clan … before me … have you forgiven me? "
Yang night listened to the original place like a dazed, then quickly turned to look at Mrs. Yang and grinned. "The old lady talks about when you are my closest relative."
Say that finish Yang night turned a jump toward the ghost clan shadow, bone clan night Kratos and orcs west from the male cat jumped over there in the past, leaving a beautiful dark red arc-hidden blade red smelting has faint his left hand back out of the blade tip.
Mrs. Yang Lao looked at Yang Ye’s back and her eyes got wet. She gently said to herself, "Night … is really like a hidden blade."
Lan Yao beheaded Yang Lao’s wife and jumped in the direction of boulders. When the Guiling and Xiahou Chaojun were in the direction, Yang Ye had come to the front of the three ethnic masters not far away with sarcasm.
"Ah? Want to run? " The shadow raised my hand and pointed to the blue demon to cut away. The figure stared and cried.
"You can’t run away today. These little shrimps have to die here." The west male cat squeezed half of his cheek and smiled and picked his eyebrows. Yang Ye, who had a calm expression in front of him, "sloped" and smiled.
"Hey, are you the ghost red dagger?" Bone clan night Kratos cold eyes looked down at Yang night and asked.
Yang night nodded and continued to approach the three men.
Ghost shadow leng one eye a little surprised and puzzling to laugh "ah ah I said ghost red Bi what do you mean? Are you going to deal with the three of us alone? "
Yang night nodded and didn’t stop whispering "enough"
"ah? Hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe, hehe … "Shadow is one leng, and then it seems like hearing a big joke, and finally it bursts out laughing crazily.
But the night Kratos of the Bone clan didn’t laugh. He suddenly felt that the red eyes of the ghost clan in front of him were strange. Was he angry? But what is so calm? Is he here to fight us? But what doesn’t feel a little murderous?
At this time, Yang Ye has stopped. Night Kui, west of Tomcat and Shadow face to face, is close at hand.
West distance male cat coughed a step forward and said, "I’m here first to try how strong this little guy is and dare to be so arrogant!"
"Depend! You just want to take credit! " Shadow oblique west from the male cat "good good to you! Don’t lose face! "
Night Kratos silently staring at Yang night some strange in my heart.
West distance male cat turned to the shadow and smiled, "I’ll leave him half-life for you to play, right?" Then he turned his head and clenched his fists, and the black animal teeth instantly grew all over his fists and arms.
Yang night was still motionless, and his eyes were calm. He didn’t even hold his fist, just like watching the fun. He didn’t defend himself in front of the male cat.
"Ha ha ha look at the dead cat this little shrimp root, there is no respect for you! Ha ha ha ha ha ….. "Shadow see Yang night this kind of big laugh at the west from the male cat.
West from the male cat face transient ugly eyes a malicious raised with animal teeth fist shouted a "I can solve him with one punch! !”
Taking his word, people have jumped up and punched Yang Ye alongside of.seem.
"Bang" one!
Night Kratos and Shadow stare big eyes at the same time, stay in the same place, and then dodge to the left and right. The male cat from the west pounces on Yang Ye, but suddenly flies back and falls back!
From the west, the male cat fell heavily, but the horse turned up and raised his hand over his chest. A face of pain was mixed with amazing shadows and night Kratos surprised to look at Yang night.
And yang night in situ or just that posture root didn’t see any movement.
He did it! ?
Shadow and night Kratos slowly turned to look at each other in surprise.
How is that possible? He beat back the male cat from the west? But … What speed is that? How could we not see him! ? Is he that fast?
For an instant, two people’s eyes were surprised and unbelievable.
Of course, Xixi Tomcat won’t be content. Although his chest hurts badly, he forced himself to believe that he was hit by carelessness! That’s just a ghost clan, a junior scholar and a shrimp!