So Yang night also sank into the sea and swam quickly from the bottom of the sea to the shore. His speed was much faster than that of the sea monster, and in a blink of an eye, his hands could touch the sand on the bottom of the sea and he had reached the shore.

How come the monster suddenly turned around and disappeared, and the monster’s back was gone! Those people on the shore are still wondering. Yang suddenly emerged from the sea not far from them at night, and the seawater has not reached his knees.
◎ Yun Xin and Yang Shan came to Jinshi Islands.
◎ Yang night makes the sea again.
◎ Cold brothers have ulterior motives.
Joe San Leng’s brothers brought him to the Jinshi Islands this time, and it was that night that the second island of Jinshi Islands was left alive by Yang night. He was also a cold old man, especially after the cold sunset, he made him do a lot of backstabbing things with the cold sunset, and he didn’t miss every time, so he was ruthless and cold. The sunset was also a trust to him.
I didn’t expect to send Joe San and several of his best men to Island No.2 to explore the actual situation and actually come back, and he was deliberately put back! This annoyed the cold sunset and felt that things were a little complicated. There were still many black hands involved in the Jinshi Islands.
But the cold sunset is not so simple. He always feels that something is wrong. If Joe San says that the other party can get himself unscathed, it will be solved in a few cases. Joe San and those witnesses prove that this person is quite powerful and can have such a powerful hand. I’m afraid it can also be five families. But he is really daring to say, don’t talk to the Mu family. If Mu Ming is a wind hand, how can he expose himself so easily? Mu Mingfeng shouldn’t be so bold. Could it be impeded?
But if I guess right, who will frame the Mu family? I can’t think of this cold sunset, but one thing is certain: he won’t doubt Yang Yetou anyway.
If you can’t think of an answer, it’s even more cautious when it’s cold in the sunset. Brother Lengtianya hopes that it’s not a simple-minded person. Cold in the sunset looks down on Lengtianya the most, just as Lengtianya can’t stand his sissy the most.
The first group of people went to Island No.2 to find their way. I didn’t expect that almost all the troops touched the cold sunset and got Joe’s report. Ma has arranged the second group of people to go to the Golden Stone Islands. Islands No.2 and No.3 are heavily guarded, but it is not very difficult for Island No.1 to sneak into the holiday resort. In the cold sunset, the second group of people have already arrived in the nearby waters by plane and then sneaked into Island No.1 by speedboat.
At the moment, Joe San is guarding the southeast Huangling coast of No.1 Island and coming to meet the second batch of troops according to the command of the cold sunset.
Actually, Joe’s heart is quite annoyed. He never misses his actions, let alone being beaten so badly. His ribs are broken and he hurts his kidneys. These days, Joe’s walking is limping, and he is lying in the room with a cold sunset. He is not allowed to go to the resort hospital for treatment. He is also afraid of being exposed and suspicious.
Today, the cold sunset asked him to meet his partner on the southeast coast of the island. He reluctantly agreed that there was no way for the cold brothers to have him as a follower. We can’t let the cold brothers pick him up in person, can we
So Joe quietly came to the southeast coast of No.1 Island in Jinshi Islands, clutching his waist, sat on a disorderly reef, recalled his humiliation, picked up a rock in front of which was engraved with rhetoric such as "Don’t report this revenge to you", and chatted in every way, waiting for the second batch of people to sneak into the island boat in the cold sunset. He could well imagine how those people would laugh at him rudely when they saw him and heard about his affairs.
After more than an hour, the motor came closer in the distance, and some motors disappeared. Joe saw a speedboat in the distance, and all seven people rowed here with oars.
"quite cautious cowards!" Joe three murmured softly and slowly came out from behind the reef.
When the speedboat docked, people stepped on the beach, covered their eyes with their hands and looked at each other complaining.
"Ah? Why hasn’t Joe San come yet? "
"It’s true that he fucking owed us to wait for him!"
"Ha ha, now that we’ve been recruited, it must be Joe San who can’t handle it. He also claims to never miss. Ha ha ha …"
Joe took a gloomy face and slowly retreated behind the reef, thinking that he deserved to let you bask in the sun for a while!
Just then the motor came to the sea in the distance, huh? It’s more like an animal howling than a motor!
Those people who just landed, like Joe San, looked back to the sea one after another. All faces changed from curiosity to loss, from loss to doubt, from doubt to surprise, from surprise to fear. Their expressions changed quite neatly and tacitly. Where have these people seen this scene in reality-
A monster that is bigger than black bulges out of the sea, revealing a huge black fin and darting towards their side, which makes these people open their mouths even more. They can see a person riding the monster that swims rapidly!
Shore, these people looked at each other and learned from each other’s equally gaping and surprised expressions that what they saw was definitely not because they were dazzled, but could it be people?
That’s right. Seriously, it’s not an ordinary person, and it’s not sold. Everyone guessed that it was Yang Ye.
Yang Ye rode the sea monster and was excited all the way, but he wronged the sea monster. He cried and swam with his life at a slightly slower speed. Yang Ye punched his head and finally saw the island far away. If he didn’t estimate the mistake, it must be the No.1 island of Jinshi Islands. Yang Ye was happier to stay in the sea for too long and see the land. It was really exciting. He didn’t eat for a day and a night. He was really hungry.
Yang night sea monster back a channeling a channeling mouth shouted "quick! Quick! " Suddenly, I saw the shore far away, and some people wondered why there was anyone on the shore when the No.1 Island of Jinshi Islands was on vacation and so desolate.
Closer to the shore, the monster slowed down and was afraid of injustice. He squinted at Yang Ye for mercy. Yang Ye leng leng understood that this guy was afraid of stranding himself too close to the shore.
Thinking of this, Yang Ye smiled, stretched out his hands and gently pulled the monster’s neck to stop the monster in the sea, then slipped from the monster’s back into the water and patted the monster’s face, saying, "Okay, okay, it’s hard for you to go back so far!"