Different from the palace, the layout of the palace is equally rich, but it is a little more. There is no leisure in the palace, and it is a lot easier to walk there. I feel that it is really boring to get sick in the Fengyang Palace all day.

Jun Mo Ying took a look at her and guessed what she was thinking. She patted her head with a smile. "After the festival, it’s almost spring inaugural. If it’s shallow, take care of yourself now and don’t make a fever and cough. I’ll take you with me."
Phoenix shallow eyes cried a bright "how come! The second fever was definitely an accident. Don’t you think I’ve never been sick again recently? "
"Well, it’s almost the New Year, but don’t be sick and be careful."
Phoenix nodded like a chicken pecking rice.
It was almost time before the two men strolled around the Wangfu Garden, and they went to the front hall together.
When I walked to the front hall, Feng Shao earned the shadow hand of Jun Mo.
Unexpectedly, she will suddenly be like this. Jun Mo Ying leng leng is the palm of his hand when he reacts.
"What’s the matter?"
"It’s not good to be seen."
Feng Shao thinks that although she has been tempered as thick as the wall by this man, don’t you think it’s just playing "broken sleeves" with him in the street? But this time in front of his civil and military officials, it is better not to do such things that are detrimental to his face.
But if she really said that, the man wouldn’t understand, so Feng Shao quickly added, "I want to maintain my quiet and gentle image in front of everyone, so don’t sabotage it!"
Then she ran off into the crowd.
Long Wei’s side princess, although married to a sovereign, can’t be married. After all, Duan Wang already has a princess, but she can’t fill a concubine. Even those silks and satins hanging in the palace can be pink instead of red.
It’s more appropriate to say that it’s her wedding day than that she’s coming out to make a photo and have a meal with everyone.
Phoenix caught Long Wei’s figure in the crowd at a glance, and it made people look brighter and brighter.
I wonder if she always feels that Long Wei is not the same today as before. It seems that she is a little more cramped and less free and easy.
Phoenix shallow sip sip lip eyebrows a slight clot is soon she will restore that smiling sample goes to the Long Wei.
"Wei Wei, you are too boring to get married and don’t let me know earlier!"
The princess side smell speech quietly looked at her eyes, color gradually turn 165 Chapter 165, singing along.
She didn’t want to see her when she had offended this shallow princess empress earlier, but now … Things don’t seem so simple?
It seems that it should be good for the shallow princess and this inexplicable Long Wei not to know each other.
So, is it suspected that the shallow princess is also involved in Long Wei’s becoming a side princess of the sovereign?
Or is this just a match between the shallow princess-because she is not pleasing to the eye, she specially found a woman to give it to the report to stop her heart?
Long Wei’s identity, she knows, is just a little escort’s daughter, and it is really convenient for such a woman to control …
But for a moment, the princess’s heart was already full of twists and turns. The other day, she went to Phoenix Central Palace to apologize, but Phoenix Shallow didn’t want to meet her, which further confirmed her thoughts.
It seems that this shallow princess won’t let her go.
Long Wei was obviously surprised to see Feng Shao, and her face was cramped and finally faded. "It was just decided that I would go to report to the emperor the next day, and the emperor said that if you knew it, you would definitely know it."
"Oh, so that’s it," said Feng, raising his eyebrows lightly. "Do you think this is called forgetting justice when you see color?"
Long Wei instantaneous red in the face "root no such thing! Didn’t I explain it to you? Jun … "
"Yes, yes, yes, look, I’m stupid. I’m called a husband and a woman!" Before she finished, Feng Shao interrupted and laughed more happily.
Long Wei is going crazy.
One side of the princess almost went crazy, and she didn’t believe that the shallow princess had not seen her for so long.
But from beginning to end, don’t say hello. The other party didn’t even give her half a look and gave her a thorough look.
Now Long Wei has just entered the mansion. The shallow princess has been treated differently, and she doesn’t leave herself a face. If Long Wei is favored, wouldn’t she have no position in this palace?